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I like sets outside:-) Good job from Leonardo!!! Anjuta=little Anna make me complete crazy:-) Everything from Her is sweet, from Her head to Her feet... It seems to be a big sweet strawberry this Anna... Romantic kisses all over dream Girl from Switzerland, the chocolate country (also sweet)...

This is the most interesting exchange I've ever read here although I don't read it that much. No particular reason other than just not having the time. I only got this far because I felt compelled to share my thoughts regarding Anna.

In my opinion, not just one of the "top ten" to have appeared on Met-Art, but perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the world. Adding to her beauty is an aura implying a level of intelligence and confidence that leads me to believe she would be as comfortable at a State Dinner as she would at a backyard barbeque.

Most men (at least most men who might read this) including me, occasionally enjoy seeing photos of a relatively attractive 18 year old stretching her pussy with a finger up her ass. There's a time and place for just about everything in the adult entertainment industry.

However, it is rare that a woman of such classic beauty allows the outside world the opportunity to view her in such an erotic, intimate fashion. I'm thankful for her decision to do so.

This set highlights Anna's pure grace and elegance...I love the first page....any time I can see Anna's beautiful long slender belly and sensual hips in all their glory I know there isn't another reason needed to join metart...

Ok so I'm a fan of Anna and she's been on my 'fave' list. But this particular set bugs me. Why? Because it follows the same formula a lot of Met sets. Beautiful model. Great setting. But when her clothes are removed where is she? Sitting on the ground. Not one single picture of all of Anna standing in any way. Why? Why does set after set follow this same formula? Is she tired? Scared of standing nude? I don't understand. Anna is a beautiful young woman and I wold love to see ALL of her.

good reply
i fully agree. i usually grade Leonardo 1/10. i requested met art on several occasions not to limit the model to just one photographer.

I, too enjoy the full nude standing shot. I like to see the hourglass profile of her body, among other things. That simple pose will not fit into every set, but it certainly would have in this one. Anna has a lot of curves to show and such a pose would be very flattering. I guess you'll have to see this in one of her other sets.

When Anna's first pics popped up in the internet, she was cute. Not special but a cute face.

She aged well. The face becoming more angelic, high brow ladylike.

But... looking at her sets I have to fight the urge to offer her some burger.

HALL OF FAME? Here goes the argument. First of all lets get some thimgs out of the way. 1.I think we all agree Met Art is the best site of this type which currently exists. 2. Met Art has both the greatest photographers and models available in the world today. 3. Met Art is still growing and getting better. 4. Met Art does listen to its members. (This feature we are now using was credited as a member suggestion when it was introduced.)

So my first question is "How did it Get Here?"

I have been a member since, if I remember correctly 2005. So I have watched it grow and have had my favorites since then.

As a caveat Anna AJ has never been one of my favs. so there is no part of this argument meant to "boost" her. She is simply a perfect example of the problem I see.

In my opinion the current rating system has gone to hell. I personally don't like "rating" these models at all! At least one artist, Rylsky, agrees with me. Each and every model brings her best here. They all are very good. Each of our like/dislikes are based on own bias. Any RATING is SOLELY our individual opinions. With all that out of the way, lets review Anna's record.

When she was 20 she first appeared here on May 16th 2008. That set was shot by Voronin. (I think he has now retired.) She had 8 appearances with him shooting her before she fist made the Top Ten on September 21st, 2009. (Over a year after her 1st Appearance.)

She then began being shot by Leonardo and hit the Top Ten again on November 1st, 2009. The for her next thirty five sets published, all by Leonardo, she stayed in the Top Ten. That is over three YEARS.

Now where is she? Not even listed in the Top Models Tab (Which includes 150 models). As of today 11,104 members have voted for her over the years.

Anna AJ was obviously one of the models that helped Met Art grow. I don't know for sure but I would guess those years were during Met's greatest growth.

Thus my 2nd Question. Should we have a way of honoring models kike Anna AJ with out just letting them slide off of the Top Model list with the way the Top Ten has, in my opinion, become ridiculous.

The following is NOT an attack on Emily Bloom but included only as an example. She is now featured as our #1. She has been here less than a year, has relatively few sets published, And has a total of only 2296 votes as of toady. See the difference. Rylsky just posted his theory of how this is happening and why he is against any rating system. I have to assume the the Met powers to be are OK with how it is working or they would have changed it. We are stuck, because the current ratings are there and we can't change them. However...

What I am suggesting is a "tab", call it whatever you like, but essentially a way to honor the Models that got us here. Rather than boo birds just giving thumbs down, what I am after is debate on this issue and comments about how to do it. I have my ideas but I will not bore you with them today, but SOMETHING should be done.

Please join this debate....

Wow, I can not be out of this topic.

Let me say that I am not against system of voting of MetArt.com, because this is METART who is the judge, not me. Who am I to change or propose the new rules here? MetArt was very famous and will be famous without Rylsky. It means they know better what to do with all the things here.

I said that for me personally and for my site I will take attention and make decisions based on all the stats, not just "1 to 10" vote buttons, because it is much easier to cheat with.

My excuses to photographer and model for my post here.

I think it would be nice if Met Art would display a set from a model or two from years past each day to keep these models "fresh".

I think too often the models that gather votes (or popularity if you will) are those who are most active.
Obviously earlier models and their sets tend to fade for anyone other than their biggest fans.

Just my .02

  • 2 years ago:


I do my best to feature an assortment of old and new models every day. Of course this isn't always possible due to availability. Anna AJ is obviously an example of that as she has since retired from nude modeling. Jenya D is another example. If anyone has any special requests I am happy to search our database to see if this is possible. I am in the same position as most members, I would love to see an assortment, however some models are just not available any longer so it is disappointing to all. Any suggestions please send to K@met-art.com.

Thanks for engaging these comments. Know you stay very busy.

To be honest with you I suspect many more models are retired long before their sets are published.

I could be wrong (and often I am), but I have a feeling most models had quite a few photos taken at (or very near) the same time and these photos are then published over an extended period of time (released to the public/subscriber gradually).

BTW, thank you for your email address.....I do have a private question for you.

Okay "SW" you asked for debate, so here it is.

What I think you are proposing is some addition to the top pull-down menu, such as in the "Best of MET" area that would have another top rating based on the overall lifetime of the model here. What Rylsky has said about the ratings recently made me think hard about how they could be improved to better reflect overall popularity and less susceptible to manipulation. I really don't think it can. I rate the individual sets and models according to my preferences and really don't care how others rate them. I am often curious to how my score compares to others, but that's it. I don't let others scores influence mine, and I don't expect vice-versa.

As far as "Honoring" these models, I wonder how many of them would want such an honor. Honestly, I wonder how many members really would be interested? Not trying to shoot you down, but statistics are probably not the main reason people join. I think you have good intentions and I understand your point; I just don't know how much benefit it would provide overall.

Rylsky basically told us to look at the pictures and nothing more to respect the model's privacy. Well, every site I have ever been to has some degree of model info. Why do they put it on there? There must be a demand for it. It's natural to be curious. How tall is she? I feel that this is type of info is harmless, as is rating the models. I am sure many models want to remain anonymous, and anything that calls more attention might be objectionable. That is why I feel MET may not even consider your request.

So there, you have my input.

  • 2 years ago:

To swplf2 and kilroy,

I would like to start by saying it is comments such as yours that we have added this feature. We want to know what our members think, like, hate, suggestions, etc. Of course it would be great if it was always relevant to our site, not simply picking on another member who doesn't agree with whether or not a girl should have tattoos.

That being said, we do read all comments and swplf2 does have a point with the new rating system. I can give you some background as to the change. We used to take into consideration that some people who see a model or set simply not being their taste and they rate it a 0. I have always argued with that not because I think all of our sets are perfect, but honestly even my own tastes of not thinking a girl or photography is for me I could never pick a 0 on the site. Even before I was in charge of all the MetArt content if I didn't like someone or agree with the style the worst I could ever come up with was a 5. What we did in the past was to eliminate the 0's as for us those were just wasted, disingenuous votes that were not given a second thought. After watching for years what our members want, the main thing was always this, for every voice no matter how much we disagreed to count. The rating system in return changed because every vote has been factored in as it was not before. This means that some models with the most votes have more 0's than the others who just have one set.

It is also the same with our new commenting sections. We don't delete comments unless downright false or utterly offensive because as paying members, everyone should get to put in their say. I just read every day hoping that we have insightful debates that relate to the arts that we take so much pride in producing. This doesn't always happen amongst some members who take advantage and berate others with differing opinions. However I am confident that eventually all of us will realize that even if you don't agree with the other on specifics, we all agree that we enjoy to see beautiful women featured everyday. :)

I want to thank you, too, for being here, replying here and explaining a few things. FWIW, I've been an off-&-on member here for more years than many members have been adults. And since a few years back, the site seems to have matured, broadened and deepened its scope, I've been a continuous member.

I don't much rate a set on who I think the model is, or get into shades of gray and compare the set to how close it is to satisfying my taste. I know she and the photographer have created something hoping for my pleasure. I usually will like a set a lot or I won't say anything. ("If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything...")

The fact remains that more often than not, I get into the models' and photographers' stories/fantasies, their work. So many times I've gone into a set and looked, one by one, at pics (rather than cherry picking) and been pleasantly surprised. My taste in beautiful women has broadened, thank you.

The fact that MetArt has always responded to my emails, and now uses this space, and even encourages its artist/photographers to respond too, gets my thumbs-up and I vote with my recurring membership. I support you guys because you support some of my favorite women in the world and also my favorite catalysts for enjoyment and appreciation, the photographers.

I also thank "SW" and "Kilroy" for making this one rare, meaningful discussion. I usually steer clear of the rabble. So far, I agree with all that's been said. I'd always figured the ratings (and comments) were solely for the members themselves sounding off, but hoped my positive marks might help. Like votes at u-tube, the viewings and downloads are what count.

  • 2 years ago:

We always listen to what our members have to say. However this does not mean that we can always please all of them. We publish so many sets per day for a reason, so that everyone can find something to make their day better. I challenge all of our members to send me their favorite models or photographers to k@met-art.com. We may or may not be able to fulfill these requests, but there are over 2000 models on our site and surely we can find a style/model that our members have a preference for.

K, we have talked many times and I miss your feedback but it sounds like you got a nice promotion so all is well.

So to the point. I think the new system is working. The top 10 is no longer dominated by the same old models as the year before. Yes it has dropped many models in the standings but is that a bad thing? There are new models coming on line all the time and seniority should not be a factor. There are many models still on the charts that are long retired. I for one think that if a model is no longer active she should be removed to allow newer models to be seen. The old system gave the more senior models an unfair advantage as they were at the top of the list so they always got more hits. Lets face it, if a model isn't on that first page she doesn't have much chance of getting there. Unless she is new and exciting enough to get guys to vote. Which brings up another point. Many members never vote, others only tend to vote for the girls that that catch their eye. (this is something I am guilty of) If a girl is not my type I simply move on and don't bother to vote or look at her set. Another problem is the 1 to 10 system. Lets face it if you don't vote at least a 9 then your voting that you don't care for a model. Any vote less than 5 is indeed the same as a zero and any vote less than a 10 is a minus vote since there is only a .25 % difference between #1 and number 100 so if you vote a 9 you are saying the model is not in you top 100 and if you vote a 10 you are saying she is better than any other model on MA? A sad choice for sure. A simple thumbs up or thumbs up would be a more fair and easy way to pick a most popular. Then rate the girls on an average for all their sets so the girls with one set would be rated the same as those with many sets or you could limit it to there last set. This way it would be a real measure of the members feelings for that model and there could also be a thumbs up or down on the artists to so the viewer could say I like her and the photography is bad! This would be much fairer in that the current system lumps the 2 together so the model gets docked if the photography sucks and that isn't fair. You wouldn't need to post the thumbs up and down on the set but the computers could give you a very accurate rating of a models REAL rating among the membership.

Ah well just my 2 psi (divers language)

MetArt could also get around one problem by having a "Current Favorites" and "All-Time Favorites" sections, as well as just "Members Favorite Sets."

I know, this maybe solves nothing but it might give a more accurate message. (Tho daunting for the IT dept.)

Thank you very much, I always believed that the staff listened. This proves it, no matter what others have said. I wasn't wrong. Your response on the rating system helps. I guessed it had changed but had no idea how. Now I get it. Now if some of the other "regular' commentators, note I don't preemptively say "top", would just join in and let us both know if the issue like about Anna AJ, Caprice, etc. has any one else disturbed. I also need suggestions on how a Hall of Fame would work. Thanks again

Thank you very much for your response. It is nice to know that someone is indeed listening.

MA has so much variety to offer. That is one of it's main appeals to me. There is a variety of models, shoot locations, photogs, etc. that you don't get on most other sites. I have my preferences, and honestly, I don't enjoy every single set. I feel obligated to say what and why, for how else are you to know?

Tell me that MET listens, and it makes the comments much more meaningful to me. I will strive to provide meaningful input, but there will always be some who call a set trash only because the model's personal grooming isn't to their liking or because she has tattoos or some other narrow criteria. But yes, I think we can all agree that there is much beauty to be seen here daily.

the only thing I have to add:

saw some examples of a set Katherine A (Anjelica, whatever...) did for another side. That was.. high art.

MetArt has become very porno-ish. I hate those, 'girl on back, legs in the air, big toes touching' photos - they are just meat displays. If you want that, there are many sites to fullfill that. Even on the met-network. And it is not bad. But I am so tired of them. MetArt should be about beauty, creating fantasies, art (and the occasional pussy shot wouldn't hurt). But at the moment it is just a big pussy parade. And those who demand one pussy shot after the other are the most vocal in the comments.

Several days ago, comments were made for a set with a partially-clothed model that "This is a pussy site." I don't entirely agree with that, but one of the appeals of this site (to me) is that they often have vulva shots and closeups - but without obscene stretching, insertions and other distortions. That is the difference between porn and erotica. The model is shown in a natural arrangement to show her beauty without penetration or sex acts. I want to see beautiful nude women and the vulva is a part of a woman and part of her individuality. It should be included (tastefully) in any complete set.

please show me where I wrote that pussy shots should be banned?

I am just tired of the fact that porn won over art&erotica.

My thoughts exactly v-man_ger.

Met-art is and always porn. I beat off to the pictures. If you don't, you're weird.

So you're the one that puts that tag in "jacked off to her beauty" LOL

But how can we do so a boring photoset, without crativity???

She is one of the reasons I joined Met.

I can't think of any compliment that Anna has not already received, and deservedly so. Beautiful is safe, right?

Anna AJ deserves to be in a Met Art Hall of Fame, Oh wait, there is no Hall of Fame! Later today I will use Anna AJ to show, all of you, why there should be one.

Wow. This is one one my favourite locations and served as an excellent backdrop in Liza's 'Tigris' (one of my favourite ever sets), just as it does here. It nice to see it at night too I might add, it's a good contrast. Now add in Anna, also one of my favourite models and well, you've got something very, very special. But wait... There's more... Let's have Leonardo photograph it, and what we have is perfection. A gorgeous set. Thank you.

Anna AJ = perfection

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