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Another killer 10/10 set.

But I was so excited when I saw the nail paint on her fingers as I thought she'd have some on her toes as well. Unfortunately, that was not the case. :(.

I started with the oldest sets, and have yet to see any set with black/white/red nail paint. :(.

Nice tits and pussy!

Anna would be perfect if she has a pinkish labia, clits n nipples.
Well she's still very great though.




I was beginning to think none of them knew how to put on high heels!

Anna is one the most beautiful woman of the world.
She is my favorit since many years. Good job!

I bet she's got a fantastic smile; it would be so nice to see it. However Anna is devine and I love the set.

less darkness and more pussy pics...wtf

Another Opportunity lost. Leonardo at his most obstinate. A perfect example of doing everything right but failing to deliver.

The model is awesome, the set is elegant, the colors and lighting masterful and all the shots are crisp and nicely focused but here as usual he looses his way. 162 pedestrian wide angle photos with not one single closeup of any body part, 74 photos before you get his only pussy shot, that's right, his ONLY full view of that most important body part, very few rear shots of the spectacular butt and those are ALL long shots. How can you do everything right and still produce boring lifeless sets? Doing a set of 162 photos was total folly when there is so little erotic content.

Two things: 1. If morovka is correct, that might explain it.

2. I was polite and just called him a rigid task manager. You hit the nail on the head. "At his most obstinate" And that my friend explains all of your other insightful bitches.

I like this set from Leonardo. I like much more the sets outside, but the blue on this set give me a sensation of relax. And Sweety Anna make the set perfect:-) She's the perfection on Earth. I have to go on holiday to Ukraine, the Country with so many beautiful and stunning Girls like Anna:-)
Kisses Anjuta...

! super women !

Anna is very delicate, very slender, look at her hands. She is also incredibly beautiful.

Very gorgeous..she truly would look great or fit perfectly in a Victoria Secret commericial.

Honestly, although Anna is always divine, this set was mundane and the poses monotonous. Not one for download, I'd say.

Very disappointing set.

Anna is one of my favorite models on this site but even she looks bored.

Enough with the shadows and lighting and covering the models with sand and various liquids.

This is a site dedicated to beautiful naked women.

Forget all the other crap and showcase the models incredible bodies.

And oh by the way, Anna would it kill you to smile once or twice during your sessions. The expression on your face makes it look like you're having a root canal done.

Cheer up.

There are much more difficult ways to make a living than posing nude for a popular website.

wgworld, It is interesting that both the set today here and on Sex uses the "shadow" effect. More severe by Don on Sex. I comment over there that it is always a risk. But as I said about Lorena over on Sex, If you have Anna in front of the camera you can't really have a "bad" set. From what I understand Leonardo is a rigid task manager and thus the lack of smile was probably his call. But I agree she connects better when looking happy. Just be happy that you got to see her, again, today.

I always look forward to any set of Anna which is why I was so disappointed with these photos.

She is an absolutely beautiful woman with an incredible body.

I'm just getting tired of set after set of some of my favorite models being ruined by the photographer's artistic interpretation of how to best present the model.

It's happened twice now in the last week.

Crappy lighting.

Another model that I would really like to have seen all of. So no 10.

Incredibly beautiful & classy! Here's to more of Anna AJ.

If "those" are too thin, I'm in. Still on my top 10 list. Very good set. Well, she is a favorite. IMHO.

Sailor probably wants to "taste" her also...

Anna was a top ten for a very long period. She has made the "almost to thin" thing work for herself for a long time. She always delivers excellent sets including today. The black hose and panties work great with her dark hair. Maybe not her best but still very good.

Actually none of today's offerings are really "home runs" all four are hits but not four baggers. Sorry, Just had to use the baseball analogy since it is now October.

Anna in shadows is just perfect.


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