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Top Body

It seems impossible that Anna is these days not even in the top 150 of the rated models. I wasn't that long ago that she was no. 1. She'll always be no. 1 for me; she is simply breathtaking, almost always.

Best curves on Met-Art. Just all sorts of beautiful.

Anna is one of my longtime favorites, so it is hard for me to say anything less than flattering. Unfortunately, this set is not her most inspiring by no fault of her own. With such a great slender figure, Anna always looks good in standing poses, yet none today and as one member put it she was chained to the lounge chair. This set lacks spark and any uniqueness, and is definitely carried to higher ratings by Anna herself. It's not a bad set, just mediocre compared to most.

How can we make a so boring and repetitive photoset?!

Hmmm, I'm struggling to imagine how a body like this deserves a "meh"? I would give anything to play with her slender frame, what a treat to see her naked!

Oh no. Another Leo poolside lounge chair seet. Meh.

On the lounge chair or not, Anna is dream Sweety:-) I like the sets made outside. I like the colors in this set from Leonardo, but the poses are not 100% to my taste. Kisses all over Flower Anjuta:-):-):-)

bad lighting, bad posing - Leonardo must have an off day. Model is beautiful and deserves better!

Beautiful model, gorgeous photography - I didn't want it to end! Thank you for your good work!


Anna is one of my favorites , unfortunately it seems she been chained to the lounge chair - meaning she doesn't even stand up once the entire set . Leonardo is a good photographer , so I don't know what he was thinking with this set . Maybe more about the set , than allowing the model her freedom to express herself . Anna AJ is a very beautiful woman and her previous sets shows she's a little wild , but this set was a disappointment .

ATF: Anna. She's incredibly beautiful. Perfect! But, this set show no passion, no emotion, and little more than about 5 minutes of thoughtless shooting. With an stellar environment to work with, great natural light, and the woman of your dreams, how could you screw it up? But, in this set… while Anna is still every bit as beautiful as ever, the photography lacks spirit, heart, and passion. I was really looking forward to seeing Anna today. Still loved seeing her! But, deflated from the a non-"wow" shoot.

She's so beautiful it hurts me!

Imagine, if you will, aliens came to earth, and they didn't understand the concept of a beautiful woman (let's say all the female aliens were identical), and they were like: "What's a beautiful woman? Show me the worlds most beautiful woman." I hope you agree that, basically, we have to choose Anna. I mean, you just have to! How could you not? So we'd bring her along and put her on a sort of revolving pedestal-thing in their spaceship. And hope they don't eat her or something.

She's the second most beautiful woman in the world (the one I consider most beautiful will be kept to myself).

On the issue of the quality of the photography, I have to disagree with those who say it's mediocre. I think the quality is quite good. The problem I see with the set isn't with the pictures themselves, but the quality of the upload to the site.

For instance, there is a recent set with Indiana A that had much better quality. When I looked at the quality of those images using the image properties tag, the DPI for that set was 350. The DPI for this set is 72. I think that is the biggest factor in their lackluster quality.

If Leonardo has higher quality images on his computer, it would be appreciated if he would upload higher quality images.

Snake, you get the award for the most unusual post of the day! Thanks for the laugh!

Don't you just love it when Anna gives us a peek at the goodies?

Yes indeed. If only her inner labia would part a bit for a peek inside...

Anna yes, set no .


I have to disagree; it should be Anna yes please. Set bloody awful. You must always be polite to a beautiful woman.


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