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Hello Anna AJ :)
You always look great. I like your a new set.
Well done Leonardo.

Anna is possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She is flawless. Part of her allure is the fact that she always maintains her distance, and projects a slight air of mystery--as a goddess should.

To my eyes, her thin frame makes her more exciting, I love it! I'd say Anna has one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen. For those who prefer more blubber, just find another model, why suggest Anna should gain weight?

I've never been a fan of oil on a girl's pussy, if it gets wet it should be from her body. Just my preference. But I'm grateful for the amazing close-ups, thank you Leonardo!

This is a very 'balanced' set. At the same time it's extremely boring AND extremely exciting!! What could be better than Anna's wet pussy, NOT in a "water" set!? Was Leo drooling on her?? LOL I would have been!!! And that face...she could launch the Russian Navy!! (uhh...she IS Russian isn't she? lol Can't recall offhand...shame on me! I could go check before I post this, but my confidence level is high...;o)

DRAT!! Ukraine! Well her gorgeous face could STILL launch the Russian Navy!!! lol

Russia's Navy is a whole lot bigger than the Ukraine's.... LOL

Sets made outside are very nice. Thank You Leonardo:-) Anna is a perfect Angel beautiful as She is:-) Some Girls can eat a lot, but they stay skinny. I don't know, but I think Anna eat normally, but She has a naturally predisposition to be skinny... It's an advantage for Her:-) I love this Dream Girl and She deserve a lot of Kisses all over:-):-):-)


Anna has always been thin. Her long & slender body type accentuates this. I do not feel that she is in ill health because of it. I was trying to find the set (a few months ago?) where she was thinner and had some ribs showing. I didn't go trying to find it, but I do think she looks better in today's set. Some women are blessed to be thin and others are "a little chubby" as some of us were discussing with rags25 the other day. MA gives us a variety of women in attempt to provide something for everyone.

AAJ is in my favorites and will always be, regardless of weight or other variations. I do like, as swplf2 points out, that she is smiling more today. Not just because of that, this is a better set than her last one, IMO.

too skinny ... eat something

Eat HER!!!

I agree Anna is a little too thin and could use 5-10 more pounds. she is too delicate in build for more. She was just right in Tongues with Sharon E, who has picked up some muscle weight

5-10 pounds? Try 20.

Anna you are PERFECT just the way you are, always be the person you choose to be and I will always love you.

Anna has actually picked up a little weight but I agree she could use another 5-10 pounds. She was just right in the two sets she did with Sharon E who has picked up some muscle weight since she was terrorizing wheat farmers with Andrea C Met's ftrst supermodel.(This was waaaay back, when Met was Most Erotic Teens and only had bandwidth for 2 page shoots,so they had to run serials, and Natasha Schon would drool on the camera lens)

I was trying to find that one, 5seadog, with no luck. I did go back and look at her "Presenting" set from May 2008, and I think she had a more ideal weight back then. Amazing how many sets there are from her over the years.

I was amazed this morning to see how many tags are on her home page!! She 'may' be thin, but her 'body' of work certainly isn't, as you point out!!

She used to be refreshing! Anna has lost so much weight that I fear for her. I am just sad towards the set itself. Boring!

She does look very thin in this set, which is unfortunate, IMO. However, she does not look scrawny or emaciated to me.
I hope she never does, she has always been an exceptionally beautiful woman.

I beg to differ, fer_realz. She looks damn near bulemic to me. My initial reaction to the cover shot was shock. She looks less emaciated in later pix, but still borderline anorexic. I don't recall ever posting anything about her, because I was never moved by her. But I remember being amazed at how high her rating was when I joined MetArt last spring. I'm only posting now because Ingoodtaste raised the issue of her weight. I too fear for her health. I don't see Audrey Hepburn, I just see skinny.

I wonder if you're equally concerned about girls that weigh 300 lbs...(?) Every family of mammals on the planet has their 'thin' and their 'thick' members. Anna's being thin does not reflect her health, just her genes. I have two cats that have the same activity level and eat the same amount of food, yet one is twice the weight of the other... It's genetic and humans are the same. But you certainly have the right to believe what you wish to believe Sailor... I'm just sayin... ;o) Remember the song "Boney Maroney"? lol You DID admit to being a "geezer", did you not? lol

"Just her genes," Rock? You're probably right. At least, I hope you are. I just think that some of her pix seem beyond the pale.

And who the hell said I was a geezer? I'll beat him over the head with my walker. : )

Dammit, where's my Hoveround when I need a quick getaway... ( ;

I am impressed. This gorgeous young lady was first published on MetArt in 2008. She has done many shoots since then, mostly with Leonardo. So this lady has it all, innate beauty, a stunning body, talent, experience and aclose rapport with a talented photographer. And one more thing, in her biography profile, she wrote that she does not like overly nice people and oysters because they both are slimy. So my guess is she has a sharp sence of humor.

I just love to see her smiling, so refreshing...

and I agree!


Got that right!!

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