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  • Sten
  • 9 months ago:

Photo 107 looks frightening.

There will never be any model to come close to the unique beauty of Anna S. How she could totally disappear from the ranking of top models, after being # 1 for eons, is beyond me. Who really determines these rankings anyway?

The votes of the community, I think. :o.

Super hot chick, all the way around. In general, I love the shoot as well. But cigarettes ... wow ... what a turn off. I'm sure they have just the opposite effect for some folks, and I'm OK with that. But for me, wish they'd excluded that.

Wow.... At her best, inspite of the braids that should be abandoned past the age of 15. No.91 cracked me up with that look on her face, and then 112/113 had me coming unglued... Anna's always been one of my favorite girls here, and it's great to have her for Xmas eve... Inexplicably, I really like this set! Love to you Anna, wherever you've retreated to...XOXOXO

Too skinny,

Anna is truly lovely. I hope she did not retire, but if she did I can see why as she is incredibly delicate in build, and a perfect, classical beauty. She has such a delicate beauty that Leonardo is right in making her face the center of many shots in this set.

The Ice Queen returns!

Anna is extremely attractive. I wonder if she ever allows herself to perspire or to show visible signs of arousal?

I appreciate the stretch shots showing a hint of ribcage, and the in focus closeups of Anna's lovely vulva - thanks Leonardo.

Even though she's one of my favorites, she has limited range: no display of personality whatsoever. A slight variation of a single facial expression is about all she ever shows.

Anna is just wonderful, no more, no less. I really hope those rumours are not true. We simply cannot live without her.

In the thumbs that thing looks like the all in one girdle/foundation from years ago. Maybe when it happens,(They run out of unpuplished sets.) they should flag it the last Anna AJ set ever... And put her in my imaginary MET Hall of Fame. It will be a shame. But who can we blame. Sorry that was lame. She was such a dame.

Incredible...even the Met-Art content manager said that Anna AJ retired from nude modelling some time ago. And they are still coming out with new sets. I only wonder how big their "war reserves" are.

The way these sets can be cranked out in about 2 minutes, the supply could be endless!

Anna AJ can survive a nuclear war (well, at least some of her images will).


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