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Anna AJ is always a 10!

Why does it look like she has burn marks on her inner thighs and on the end of her spine? Hate to think how she might have gotten those....

I think the blemish on her butt is Photoshop. Maybe a tattoo removed?

She really does have scars. Here they are mostly photoshopped out, but in her many sets on other sites they are clearly visible. I have no idea how she got them, but in my mind, they do not detract from her beauty at all.

Anna is totally beautiful, unfortunately, she does not seem to be comfortable with anyone but Leonardo.Her delicate beauty would be totally fabulous if she were photographed by Rylsky or Flora or or Catherine. I gave her a 10++++ anyway,the poor set is not her fault

Sometimes models sign an exclusive with the photographer which doesn't allow them to freelance. Good for the photographer but not always good for the model or us.

Aww man, why did the most beautiful woman in the world have to quit nude modelling?! Life isnt fair :(

5 years and 64 sets is a long time in this business. and that's just on MA I don't know how many sets she has done on the other sites.

Anna is a great model but, again, a very very poor inspiration of this photographer...

Anna, when you smile a heartfelt smile, as several times you smile here, your already stunning feminine beauty ascends above a simple perfection of substance and form and transcends the limits of ordinary experience.

When you smile your beauty is... aesthetically eternal.

Thank you, Anna, for sharing that with us.

Perfect Absolution

Image #090 is corrupt.

I looked. I may be as well.

OK, this set is interesting, two young gals, Ennu and Nikia, both cute and adorable, but then comes a real woman Anna, the sensuality just FLOWS in each shot, what a face...that's not saying if I were that lucky enough would I kick the other two out of bed!! The difference is quite startling though.....

A very disappointing set. Anna is a beautiful woman, why would Leonardo be stupid enough to photograph with clothes? She should be without a stitch of clothing from beginning to end.

Nobody looks better from behind than Anna.

What a babe !

Outstanding !

Well done Leonardo:-) Anna is really born to be a Model... Thank You Angel to show us Your Dream Pearls and thank You to exist Anjuta:-):-):-) Your Beauty makes the World more beautiful... Kiss kiss Anna:-)

Nice t'aint in # 114.

Thanks. Your directions lead true.

What an absolutely gorgeous woman!! Anna sits next to Lorena in my top five! Nice set.


Yes...very WET dreams...;o)

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