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Anna AJ should have stopped when she was ahead. She used to be rated #1 a few years ago, and now she's not ranked at all. Pity. She still has some oomph left, but she seems too jaded now. And the ravages of time are taking their toll in various ways. She definitely is no longer the stuff of dreams in my universe.

I think the ravages of time may have taken their toll on your eyesight.

Superst, Anna! A 10+!!. So lovely soaked wet in your blouse, showing your tits hanging out of your wet blouse and bottomless giving a total view on your complete shaved pussy! Gorgeous!

don't understand the low rating. clearly a top model. Professional I'd guess. a solid number of excellent shots. very good set/beautiful model

A nicely shot, highly erotic set of this stunning woman.

Anna is sheer female physical perfection & in this case the perfection happens to be steamy & wet - what's not to like...? 10, 10, 10,

10+++ for Anna. 1----- for Leonardo. i wish to give him less than 1. worse photographer on Met Art.

Only 9 full length shots in the while set!

WAAAAAAAAAAY too much cutting and cropping. Gives the set too much of a chaotic feeling.

Besides, it less work for the photographer if he learns to "frame" his shots before snapping the shutter.

i rate Leonardo 1/10. he is the worse photographer on MA

I've seen some pretty damn funny tags since joining over a year ago, but "door" takes the cake!!!! LMFHO!!!

"Belt" and "blouse" aren't far behind either. Lets try "plants" & "air" too. ;-)

very funny

10 for the location!! 10 for gorgeous Anna, but points off for poor framing in too many shots. I really don't like it when the models face is cut in half or her entire head is cropped off in full body shots! There's way too much of it in here, but after I clean those out I should be left with a fantastic set of Anna---one of my very favorite girls! And all this crap about her slight build being "unhealthy" is getting really tiresome!! Love her or leave her alone!! Anna, you couldn't be any more desireable!! XXXOOO

Agreed on all accounts. She is slender and has a small waist. That doesn't mean she is not unhealthy!!! She is one of the most desirable women on this site.

Just a small footnote...in the world of "PP Clubs", THIS is the standard by which all others are measured...at least in MY world.

The most beautiful female human being of our lifetime.

Thanks for sharing your incredible feminine beauty, Anna.

Now, hit Mickey D's and have a good laugh with some friends!

Beautiful colors and lighting. Beautiful body and face, but an occasional disarming smile would not go astray.

Anna is, as always, breathtaking. She only gets more beautiful and alluring over the years.

Not a big fan of "wet sets", but this one is very erotic.
Anna you continue to be a fantasy above all fantasies!


wet or dry, its still Anna AJ, the subject of many dreams!

I couldn't agree more! Cheers indeed!

So fucking beautiful. The all time most beautiful girl on the internet.

Gotta love the enthusiasm! ;o)

Leonardo what did you heat that day? This is your most inspired shot, I just do not understand why the score is not a big ten with everybody I will definetly put it in my favorite.

Leonardo gives us another piece of Master:-) I agree with Relvis:-) I think all fans will subscribe forever when Anna will have a own site... Even if She's 100 years old:-) I'm a fan of Her since Years and I will be fan of Her forever. Anna, You are born to be a Model, and all fans will never have enough of You. Please stay with us forever Anna, You are the Angelic Beauty in Person:-) Kisses all over stunning Beauty:-):-):-)

Damn! I have always found Anna to be extremely sexy, but this set is one of the best yet.
Thank you for sharing your beauty and sensuality.

I love Anna without pants.I really like the outdoor shower stall,it beats standing in the rain, because you can change the water temp. I like most of the soft focus shote, but there are a few too soft,not enough to matter. The soft look in the obvious early morning goes with the theme. I think Anna retired as she found something else to do. (that's me talking,I just don't see Anna giving up,I can see her finding something she likes more) I gave Anna and Leocont both a 10++++

Nobody looks better from behind than Anna AJ.

I could look at her butt & pussy all day long and dream about what I would like to do with both !

There's something very odd about this set. Anna AJ seems skeletal or cadaverous; unhealthy.


Anna has always been slender and had a thin waist like this. Sometimes people are thin because that's they way they're made, doesn't mean they are unhealthy. I suspect that she takes very good care of herself.

Love at first site.
Why retire? Why can't she have her own site? I would have a subscription for forever.

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