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Image 23 gave me a real hard-on that lasted more than a couple of hours, my girlfriend had a lot to thank Anna for..........

This is one of those priceless sets of Anna where I can take a selection of shots and arrange them in my own way to tell my own story of a time with her... her actions, her reactions, her responses. Thanks. Her mixture of subtlety and honesty is a hook. No model evokes the subtle grace, elegance, authority and feminine power in popular culture as Anna does.

Probably my favorite model, so high expectations and medeocre set

a poor archived set of Anna is better than most

This loveliest of women always looks as if she has a secret that she's not yet ready to share with you. I hope I never find out what it is.

I hope to find out that she had a good time at my place last night...;o)

mmm, mmm, mmm; 23 shows an impressive pubic mound

One of the best here at Met!

WOW! WOW! I know Anna is one of the most beautiful girls here, but who knew Leonardo was capable of such...."artistry". Of course, much of the appeal of this set is Anna's posing, but the photography is exceptional...for Leo. In fact this set gets a ten from me which is possibly the first one ever for this artist. Spectacular set of a spectacular woman!! Thanks to all involved for THIS one!! Anna...the term "Goddess" is used quite often on this site, but fits few as well as it fits YOU. You are absolutely Divine! XOOO

I kiss her pussy!

...and i lick also!


Since Anna is retired, this set just proves that K holds back some sets and keeps them in the closet to drool over. Anna proves in shot 15 that girls can rub up against about anything and make the mommy parts tingle(that's why so many tree huggers are girls.)I love Anna's delicate grace and always give her a 10++++ even when Leonardo's being an idiot instead of half-way decent like he is here.

Great new facial poses/shots. However, the best thing was this set did not get through the Photoshop grind. As always, love you baby for showing off your hoo wee.

Anna spent the whole shoot hiding out in black drapes...two thumbs down!

Nice also to see Anna's pretty white teeth - she rarely shows them.

Lady Anna: great as usual!

This set really emphasises Anna's lovely legs, as well as some stunning shots of those great pins gloriously parted. Nice set.

On a side note does anyone know who the blonde on the ad on the members homepage is?, the one in the white top with the big tits.

Uhhhhh.... Viv Thomas???

C'mon guys!....that was funny!!!

Thank You Leonardo for this Set:-) I will download Anna's Sets even if She's 100 years old!!! She seems to be every day younger and more beautiful:-) A Stunning Angel to die for from Head to Toes... Kiss kiss Anjuta and thank You to be back!!! I'm waiting for Your next Set...

Wow! Anna is as beautiful as ever!

as always.... a pleasure to gaze upon Anna's beauty.... some unique facial shots early in this set

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