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What a face! What an Body! I love her so much!

Best girl ever

I find it interesting that when Caprice does what Anna does, Caprice gets a lot of complaints about never smiling. I don't remember very many complaints about Anna not smiling... Hmmmm.
(Not that I think it is a real issue in either case: a model might very well want to seem cheerful, or she might want to seem sultry, which to some, will come off as looking grouchy. In either case, it's her choice as well as the photographer/artist who is shooting her. Hence, in my mind, the difference between the way Caprice models here on MA, for example, and the way she shoots on ALSScan.com; with a lot of smiling)

I have many sets of Caprice having a great time(not from here). I'd love to have a set of Anna having just as much fun, but I'll take her as she is...the same as you will. lol She's gorgeous whether she's smiling or not...but it sure would be sweet to see her "let go". That reserve seems to be her trademark here.

Her best set ever.

Plastic surgery can do wonders.

What kind of plastic surgery? Boob job? Face work?
I'm not a huge fan of Anna's, so I don't have a dog in the hunt so to speak, I'm just curious to hear your opinion.

Anna - still the greatest beauty to have ever graced MET, or any site for that matter. Ms. Sbitna, we love you!

Wanna free oil change, baby?

Anna is Very beautiful, and Leonardo has done a great indoor set here. K must have found some more sets in the Met closet, since Anna has retired from modeling. I gave Anna and Leonardo buth a 10++++

Once again Anna AJ shows why she's one of the top models on MetArt.

She has the most delicious looking pussy I have ever seen, a perfect set of boobs and as I have posted here before, NOBODY looks better from behind than Anna AJ.

It doesn't get any better than this !

Anna is a long time favorite of mine. She is incredibly beautiful in every way. Beautiful tits, pussy, ass, legs, face and overall. Love her. Please continue to present more and more photo sets and movies of her. Thank you for bringing this great beauty to us.

omg--oh my god

In my poor opinion, This set is the best of Anna AJ ever.

bktick & Relvis,please teach me what omg! means.
-Tokyo Sukimono-

OMG = Oh My God

Thank you so much.

You're welcome. ( :


She is absolutely divine.

Yes it true.

OMG! All I can say.

omg! what a set!! Anna, I give up... you win....you have my heart and all of my willpower... you are the true goddess! I could never have enough of Anna! so sexy!!!!!!!!!!

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