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Alas, Anna is WAY past her sell by date. She can't live on her past glories forever . It would help a little bit if she thought of some new poses; she's been using the same tired ones for years now. Better still, why not find some nice guy or gal, settle down, raise a family, and take up knitting.

Wonderful set of this stunning angular beauty. Anna is quite superb

Always a turn on to see a slim girl like Anna with lovely full round breasts & the extended panty sequence in this set was particularly uplifting !

More G-strings please - 10/10

♥ ♥ ♥ Anna Sbitnaya ♥ ♥ ♥
It my number one!
I like it so much that I have her photo on the desktop (my laptop)
and her eyes in my profile fb .
I greet her and all her fans on the web.
Waiting further for another successful set of her.
I hope that this will be.
Leonardo keep it up!

Once in a great while, the gene pool comes together magnificently.

Anna is magnificent.... That's all there is to it. I prefer her early sets with Voronin. I wish she had been willing to work with other artists throughout her reign as "Queen of The Met". She will be sorely missed when finally all her sets have been released. I unreservedly envy the person that possesses Anna's affection.

Anna is one of the reasons I signed up. That will be a sad day when there are no more AAJ sets.

BTW, even though Voronin hasn't done anything in years, he is still #5 for most sets posted on MA from 2005 on.

I'm not surprised...

This girl is perfect, ono of the most beautifull women in Met-Art, but she's articles are allways very contained, restricted.

Anna has one of the most beautiful faces on the Met Art site but my God, check out picture #67, she has NO ass, she desperately needs to gain another 10 pounds....

That sweet little ass is all I need!!

Maybe no ass, but legs out to here and what a lovely mound between them (#24-26)!

Anna AJ is always so beautiful that there is nothing really more to say. I hope K can find more sets of hers since she has retired from modeling.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Seadog,

I do have other sets of Anna AJ remaining in my database though they are dwindling quickly. I wish I had a lifetime supply with her but unfortunately all good things must end. I am not sure exactly how many I have left but I will try to stretch them out a bit.

K, It doesn't have to end. We could have Anna cloned!

If YOU haven't cloned her by now, you have some catching up to do! lol ;o)

Anna AJ is tad too skinny for my liking but her legs are la-la-love. Her erotic appeal is also amazing as evident in these pictures

Nobody looks better from behind than Anna AJ.

Outstanding !!!

Like always, ♥Anna♥ shows us the Perfection on Earth from Head to Toes!!! ♥She's♥ completely adorable and kissable all over and forever ♥ ♥ ♥ Every day sweeter is this ♥Angel♥, without any doubt:-) Thank You Miau ♥Anjuta♥ to be here...

Anna looks as good as ever. I wonder how many more sets Leonardo has of her?

Every day with more Anna is a holiday!! I like the tee-shirt...it adds a cute playfulness to the set... and oh ya... the most perfect pussy : -) The lighting and picture quality could have been better....but Miss Anna always shines through..

Every day with more Anna is a holiday!! so beautiful! I like the tee-shirt...adds a cute playfulness to the set.... lighting and picture quality could have been better though...but Anna always shines through...

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