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Outstanding set of this elegant, flexible, sexy girl...

More of this adorable woman please!

OMG! Ballerina! Thank you dirty girl.

Herrlich, sie ist ganz nackig, spreizt ohne Scham die schönen Beine und zeigt ihr nacktes Fötzchen, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

one of the most Beautiful women I have ever gazed at, Thank You, Annett

Some very nice moves!

Unlike a lot of the fake ballerina sets, Annett is a true ballerina because she can do the toe thing. Love it that she is also so uninhibited.

Great set. One small criticism, would have loved to have seen some of the earlier leg lifting poses repeated without panties.

I would like to see her in sex art. Im sure it will be magic set

Fabulous, clear images of a stunning model. Superb. More please.

I can't believe this set is still running only 8.5! What more could you ask for? This is so magnificent I just can't stop going back through it again and again. If I had hand written a request to Antonio I could not have begun to come up with something so all around perfect as this set. For me she wouldn't even have had to take anything off. The choice of colors and the the way they contrast with that beautiful hair and accent that amazingly conditioned body. I would marry this one in a heartbeat!


"State of the Art". Excellent!

Truly amazing, Annett.

Thank you very much for sharing your feminine athleticism with us.

Stunningly beautiful.

Thank you.

The best part of Annett is her attitude. She is bursting with joy and confidence. She has beauty and erotic appeal of course but her attitude is what makes her great as a model.

Love those last few pictures, sweet smile, nice ass

Awesome set!!! Annett brings the fantasy of a naked ballerina to life!!! So hot!!! Thanks Annett and Clemens!!!

Woah! That is one very limber and very pretty chica!

OMG! Be still my beating heart. Antonio hit all my buttons with this one.

I am in love with this one. She has everything. Grace, beauty, a perfect body and she is the most awesome redhead I have ever seen. If she has any imperfections I certainly can't find them. Seeing that long lovely body doing all those wonderful ballet moves makes my knees weak. I have seen many ballerinas but none this lovely. This is what has made ballet popular throughout the centuries. I am in awe of any woman who has the grace and ability to reach this point. This is a dream come true for thousands of men out there. To see the star of the show as nature made her.

Thank you, Annett for gracing us with this joyous set, And thank you Antonio for presenting us with this wonderful set.

This is what every guy who's ever been dragged to the ballet wishes he could see...

You got that right!
Absolutely Stunning!
I would go to see the ballet if the women looked like Annett
and danced naked!

Hmmm...Classical Nude Ballet, That would certainly be SRO!

Exactly! This is a dream come true.

How many times have we sat there and wondered what that gorgeous feminine body looks like natural.

I'm stunned at the perfection. It's more than I even imagined.

Nice to see this beauty return so quickly, I've always been a fan of the ballet themed sets here on MetArt and Annett is well suited to this, practised skill combined with beauty and a will to completely give herself over to the viewers delight makes for an outstanding set. Great piece.

unlike many of the ballet-themed sets of which you speak, this one not only features a stunning woman, she actually has true skill as a dancer!

Those amazing poses, lovely slim body and fantastic pointed breasts make this a REALLY sexy set.

Wow flexible. I like this set and Annett is a real beauty.

Annett takes flexible to a whole new level in photos 97 to 103, simply breathtaking

Quirky though it may be, I also like 113 a lot. I would have liked to see the slippers come off at the end (unless she has "dancer's feet") as fully nude is my passion, but otherwise a really well put together series of which both artisits can be proud .


Caps lock still stuck!

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