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Annett is completely stunning. More of her please.

Come to bed eyes as she put the panties down - lovely!

This girl is some kinda gorgeous!! One more reason I'm so very glad to be back!

Annett : The queen of beautiful ladies.
Antonio Clemens : Maestro of lights and colours.

annett is pure perfection.

As for colors? I think the yellow bra and panties was way too much. A lighter more pastel yellow would have been much better. I found it irritating and distracting. White panties and bra would have been much sexier. The yellow lighting behind the curtains was also over the top.

Annette is a very powerful model and has pale skin thus she needs to be featured in more subdued lighting to highlight the pale skin rather than compete with it.

I have to agree that although some of the more radical poses are a bit to contortionist like 60 through 64. Featuring several shots of these is not sexy. For me her one glaring flaw is the yellow teeth. I don't know if she is a smoker but she needs to work on them. She has a wonderful smile but the teeth ruin it's effect.

Annett is certainly very lovely; very graceful and charming. I would liked to have seen more of her not cropped so tightly on the bed. I understand this is a set and if they zoom out too far you'll see the lighting, etc. But I would have loved to have seen Annett standing at the foot of the bed or some pose where she is all visible at one time. I love seeing her whole body, not just tightly cropped glimpses of this beautiful young lady.

Annett's posing style is always graceful, but it's also unique in some ways. She's one of the few models I've observed who uses her flexibility to depict power. She's a torsion spring - all this potential energy on the verge of snapping. She's a lesson in physics. Oh, and she's also beautiful and fun to look at.

Just to piggyback on your idea (I totally agree, BTW) Catherine (the photographer) specializes in capturing just the sort of power you speak of, Zakk. Especially in her older sets. She's "softened" her models' poses somewhat, but in those old sets you see a lot of athleticism and sheer power.

Weird coincidence that she also has a new set on FemJoy today as well.

I'm sorry Sailor but I disagree intensely about the colours being just right. The whole fact is that so much bright orange is thrown at us that the model presents no colour contrast whatsoever apart from her hair. All of the comments here are good because Annett is good, damn good. I'm not a photographer but I am enough of an artist to recognise lousy colour contrast when I see it. Antonio Clemens could probably see it as soon as he started but did his best with it and changed some of the colours at the end.

Annett is a total beauty. She looks great in yellow, but I'm not sure about the orange background, I think that with her coloring blue would have been better.

Annett is so beautiful and has a perfect body, I cannot wait to see more of this beauty.

In some pictures the body twist is too exaggerated. A bit less is more erotic.

Agreed on that.

This woman is a dream come true. The flexibility, grace and beautiful lines of a ballerina naked is a wonderful fantasy for most men. Her muscular body moving through all those exotic positions and achieving such spectacular poses could only be achieved by a trained dancer. This is no walk on, This is the product of many years of training and discipline.

That you Annette for giving us the opportunity to view your magnificently conditioned body.

I'm with you, hipshot. This is Annett's fourth photo set and she has a video already, but I can remember her first set well, how I was so taken by her grace and beauty and awed by her flexibility. As you point out, this level of flexibility and fitness is only achieved by years of dedication. Not only that, but it takes daily workouts to maintain this condition. So I admire not only her graceful beauty, but her athleticism.

Using the sheer drapes to make the bed more interesting is creative and effective to that purpose, but I'm just not sure about the orange background coloration. Not that it takes too much away, it's still a good set and a keeper.

Annett also appears -- both in photosets and spectacular video -- on Eternal Desire.
IMHO Annett alone is reason herself for a subscription to Eternal Desire.

Excellent set. The colors are just right, and Annett is delightful—although I was torn between erotic excitement and physical pain at the splits she does in pix 80 & 81. Great fun.


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