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I'm wonder why ,this set has such a low rating . Great light , beautiful model , interesting background , high quality pictures. I really enjoy this model -photographer work.

What a great view of her crotch on #49 !

10 + on everything.

Beautiful old piano! Gorgeous young girl!! Very nice set! 'SirBoni' has done it again!! ;o) (boned me up that is...lol)

Those...LEGS!!! Annett and Alex, always a formula for success.

Got that right homme!! ;o)

Annett, the beautiful ballerina, so graceful and charming, so beautiful and mesmerizing. She takes my breath away with her beauty. She could have me wrapped around her finger with one smile.

It is rare that I am jealous of a piano, but this set has made it happen.

Annett, it's great to see you back here on Met, you look great in these pictures and as flexible as ever I see. You are a very beautiful woman.

What a very pretty young lady. Very sweet face, with exquisite blue eyes and luscious, enticing lips. I love Annett's luxurious light brown hair. Excellent feminine figure. Very nice. I like the dark mahogany brown back grown for Annett. But at times, it looked like Annett did not know what to do with the piano.

What does she need to do with the piano neil!? Just sitting next to it made it look "grand"...;o)

There are a lot of improbable poses in the set . Poses showing her sitting on the key board, kneeling on the keyboard and her feet on the keyboard seem strained. My guess Annett never used a piano to romance her boy friend in real life. It may have been better to leave it in the background.

Neil, over on Stunning 18, Antonio Clemens has shot multiple videos of Annett (at least 5 or 6 by now, I think).
I bring this up not only to put in a plug for Stunning 18 ~ which has some genuinely stunning stuff such as Annett's ~ but also because she does a LOT of athletic/gymnastic posing in her videos, this set is not a fluke.
She is a genuine ballet dancer, and may have had gymnastic training to boot, and she obviously enjoys showing off her skills.
Some of it comes off as outlandish and extreme, but it seems to be what she enjoys doing on film, for whatever reason(s).

I'm getting to seriously love you, you adorable slender angel with those gorgeous blue eyes and that sweet, tight pussy xxx

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