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Herrlich schamloser nackedei, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

Stunning poses. Great job from both artist and model.

Pure beauty . Thanks

I know there are those that are begging for the slippers to be taken of, but the fact that she keeps them on in this set makes it one of my favorites :D

Image 100- the 4 things I love of her's the most, her anus, pussy and tits.

I'd like to see a video for this.

Top job I love flexible women..........

This is the first time I have noticed this adorabe girl. How could I have possiblly missed this lovely lady until now?? Annett is an absolute angel; slender, so elegant, what an amazing lady. I will certainly not overlook this exquisite lady.

Beautiful set! The ballet positions are great, but would be even better if Annett was Barefoot!!

This would have been one of my all time favs if she had taken off the slippers.

Oh my God! One of my biggest fantasies.....a sexy ballerina! MMMMMMMMM...........

I think it is for a lot of us.

A sincere Thank You, Annett.

It is a privilege to view the outcome of years of focused discipline.

Simply breathtaking.

The lovely Annett A: The body, flexibility, training and skills of a ballerina, and fortunately for us, the soul of an exhibitionist.

Sexiest series in many days!

A beautiful finish to a glorious day at the Met!!

Lucia D and Annett, two wonderful girls in one day!
Annett wonderful dancer, lithe and completely uninhibited.
She likes to show himself naked, we look at, admired, in silence ..
10 + on everything

I love ballerinas, The training and discipline that goes into creating that body and it's miraculous flexibility is so inspiring and the mere thought of what those powerful legs could do in the bedroom is mind boggling! She is tall, lean and in fantastic condition. What more could you ask. I like this set, simple, uncluttered focused on Annette and her amazing contortions.

Oh yes, my mind, it doth boggle, but I love entertaining such thoughts ;-)

Don't we all ;-)

An amazingly flexible, supple woman demonstrates her ballet skills for us.
Incredibly impressive set of the delectable Annett, one of the more amazingly beautiful women in the MetArt universe.

Ah, the good old ballerina theme. Not a fan of the attire that goes along with such shoots, but I do love seeing such a sexy and flexible body on display.

As beautiful and flexible as ever. Great set.


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