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  • 11 months ago:


It is so wet in her pussy. So Beautiful!!

Trashy props and oh Gawd......those socks. No,no,no. But Annett is stunning and great poses, as usual. More of her, please.

I have always admired Annett since she first graced Met's pages. Sorry to say that this is not my favorite set of her. 157 photos are too many, as I browsed through the photos, the progression was slow and sort of zapped any spark it might have had. Certainly there are 30 similar or redundant shots that could have been left out. I have to side with many here, those fishnet socks are atrocious.

As for "unnatural contortions" - that is her obvious ballet influence. Some always find this flexibility unappealing, yet the athleticism and grace she displays is admirable to me as the result of years of discipline and training. It is a quality of Annett that sets her apart from the rest. Nice to have a woman that is a little different now and them.

socks = disgusting.

They ruin the set. Every set.

And table lamps. Don't forget about them. Hate 'em, I do. Especially when the lampshades have no fringe. And Oh God Help Us if the lamp is orange. So if this set is ruined by the disgusting horrible scary socks at least it isn't ruined with disgusting ORANGE socks. Plus there is no lamp, which is good. And no tattoo of a lamp, be grateful.

Or, for that matter, pubic hair, but shaved into the shape of a table lamp.

Curses! I should have dreamed that nightmare myself!

I'm sure Dante has a place for the pair of you --


The set is gorgeous. Annett is very athletic and toned and knows how to pose and makes it look easy. The lighting is excellent. But, what's with the clothing creases on her ass? That is an amateurish mistake. Remove underwear a long time before the shoot!

Nasty fish net socks....so unsexy! The rest of you Annett is wonderful!

Highest level of elegance and style.
Ten is too small.

K2 is too short.

An attractive woman for sure. Maybe she is a ballerina, but some very odd twisted poses that look rather unnatural in my opinion. I see women contort their bodies on and around ornate welded cast iron benches every day (not!). I will add though that Antonio Clemens is not the exclusive photographer who does this. There are a few other photographers who photograph their models in unnatural poses and/or like to use odd props.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Ceska,

I don't think this is specific to Clemens as much as it is to Annett. She is very graceful and you can see an obviously lovely dancer. My thoughts are that should would look more amazing in a video. The posing would make more sense if we actually get to see her in motion. I will see what I can do here to make that happen.

Clemens has several videos of her dancing in (and out of) ballerina costume over on Stunning18.com. They are well worth watching if you can afford the subscription.

Thank you K-Content Manager. Obviously Annett is in excellent physical shape and very athletic, but the poses do not show up in photographs well at all in my opinion. I agree with you, I'm sure she would look much better if this was a video.
I do hate to be critical, but sometimes it is difficult not to be when stating an opinion. I try to never attack or be critical of a model's (or any woman's) physical appearance. I feel that is unacceptable in any situation.

K - not to reiterate my comments above, but I appreciate Annett because of her ballet influence.

I would prefer no changes in the treatment of our model to mucking up what was great by trying to "fix" some small aspect I thought was not too my perfect liking. I would not discourage further creativity, either.

  • 1 year ago:

Hi Magwich,

I won't change anything about Annett in her actual photo shoots. I think she is lovely and poses the way she wishes. I do however want a video if I can get one, to show her also in motion.

K - Annett does have two videos posted.

I once thought I could never be disappointed with a set by this magnificent woman... I was wrong. Three or four really excellent shots cannot save this one! One man's opinion...

Thirteenth consecutive monthly appearance by Annett - and I've never really noticed her before. Obviously there's far too much hot on this site. Beautiful lady with an all-around excellent body.

"Looks a bit like..." - Tatum O'Neal

In the first half a lot of extraordinary erotic photos (esp. the standing topless Annett).

In the second half some extremely unnatural body contortions (as always).

But all in all a pretty nice set.

A sweet way to start this week with ♥Annett♥, Miau:-) She's absolutely Gorgeous♥ with a perfect Body from Head to Toes!!! This all completed by an amazing Smile:-) Thank You to be soooooo Sweeeeeet ♥Annett♥ and come back soon, please ♥ ♥ ♥

Wunderschöner Nackedei mit feuchtem Fötzchen, mein Spatz steht sofort steif hoch...

und das wollte wirklich niemand wissen.



You wouldn't put us on.. would you??? ;o)

The socks were a bad mistake. From the looks of things she has been treating her feet badly and is trying to cover it up but those socks just emphasize the red and irritated look. None the less she is still a lovely woman.


She's a ballerina, you better believe she's been punishing her feet her whole life!
As you say, the rest of her is LOVELY, and no mistake about that. ( :

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