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Outstanding photo set. I love this girl. Please, lets have more of this magnificent young woman.

Please more photo sets and movies of this magnificent creature. She is so wonderful.

...those beautiful natural breasts....amazing

Annis is a gorgeous girl. i started with her on on Eternal desire.

good work for both of you

A. Both of your sets of Annis are from the same perspective. Yes she is young but her sets on Eternal proof she can do more. Bring us more like she did in Bambu. She is obviously very comfortable with the extreme explicit but she has so much more to offer. Bring it here...

Yep, they have something in common. Let's wait for others :j)

Very nice follow up from Annis. Love the breasts1

Stunning set, well done Arkisi! Annis is a gem, some man is very lucky.

Wow... This girl should be illegal, or available only on prescription.

Soft, warm, and feminine combined with submissive, open, and inviting.

Great setting, great posing, great photography... plus, the FDAU shots are breathtaking.

Fantastic erotic photography, right here.

Thanks, Arkisi and Annis.

Heavenly babe.

Thanks, I'm glad that men here (and sometimes women) like my photography.

Pretty face and great poses...

Gorgeous model, extremely hot set of pictures. She may have the most inviting, arousing, and photogenic bottom I have seen. Incredible the way her anus slightly gapes open with no penetration, damn that is hot.

Beautiful model with amazing breasts. I also love her gaping anus and vagina. I love her freckles - but the light and overexposure fade them out. I have noticed this frequently in sets of freckled models, it's like the photographer is deliberately washing them out. Not sure if that was the intent here but it was the result and it detracted from the model.

These are red hot poses. Those sweet dangling breasts and that wonderful rear end. What an angel.

Annis! Delighted to see you back so soon—and more beautiful than ever. Every shot in this set is a 10. Kisses to you and kudos to Arkisi.

A perfect 10 for Annis. I love this set.

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