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1) what's with hands on hips and butts
2) why in seven hells do this beautifull girls allways have to stand on their toes, their legs are and butts are fantastic without doing that - all photographers, please stop !

I went through the set twice to make sure I wasn't missing something. I didn't, it's just not there. I don't find much that I like about this set. This is rare for me and I'm not going to list the reasons. Hipshot, Gary and others have already said it.

A fine bright crescent, poised to be a shinning full-moon.

since some are rating a set just by the pussy and ass, I have to chime in:

this is not good. I am sorry. But that face? Not beautiful. Not pretty. Not cute. Just nothing. Does not work for me at all. And I am not just harsh because of her teeth or that nose or the way her lips are parting when she curses one with a smile. It is the whole package. A package that screams:

this is not beautiful. Not sexy. Not erotic.

Thats YOUR opinion, not mine! Wonderful presenting of very natural and pretty sexy girl.I'm looking forward other galleries or even a video?

Beautiful girl but I also am not a fan of the haze filter.

That's very clean sand.

She's a very sexy woman...

The photography in this set is aweful! Poorly focused, washed out, no color. Not a good way to introduce a new model.

Pretty girl with a very hot body!!! Most of these photos have a washed out look from the overly strong back lighting, and many are poorly focused. Not your A game Alex!

Damn what a hot set of pictures, cute model, love the way she shows off that sweet little ass

Nice body but not very cute.

I'd say this is a very nice debut and a great find by Iskan! I like Aprilla's clitoral hood, great labia,camel toe when seen, bubble butt, glass cutters. . . the list goes on.

Aprilia's a beautiful girl. I'm not a fan of the photographic effects though. Would love to see her in a fabulous location in natural light. Shame there wasn't a mixture here.

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