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Love the disembodied legs in #45. Very avant-garde! ;-)

#57 is the reason why more women should be photographed with their hair "up." Extremely sophisticated look!

Whatever the secret I just hope that it keeps creating these ravishing beauties. If I were traveling to eastern Europe to find a wife I would certainly tell the travel agent that the Ukraine was the target where I would find her.

The combination of black hair and blue eyes is so alluring. The body is shear perfection in every detail. Like her country person Macy this is shear seductive WOMAN in every way.

Arkisi must be located in the perfect place. He seems to find these lovelies on a very regular basis and thankfully he is blessed with the talent to recruit these marvels of perfection and present them so beautifully.

mujer de explendida bellleza, mirandola no cabe duda que existe Dios y Ardelia es una de sus maximas creaciones.
Espero ver a esa belleza en movimiento en uno de esos videos que tan artisticamente saben hacer. Gracias.

Nice photo set. Love the way you every so often throw in a shot of Ardelia with her pretty panties on or half off. Especially #77 & 99. Her beauty makes my heart flutter!

Awesome photo set!!! Ardelia is just perfect!!! More of her please!!!

Now this IS a beautiful woman! Beautiful face, stunningly beautiful blue eyes! Perfectly proportioned body! Arkisi, This is Great photography! Great poses, too! The close-ups are just simply amazing! Thank you, Ardelia! Eres tan especial! Muy Buena, Poco Señorita azules ojos, ahora creo que estoy cayendo en amor con usted!! ¡Gracias, Mi querida mujer encantadora!

Beautiful eyes. beautiful pussy. very arousing girl.

Ardelia is a major food group all by herself.

Adrelia has great sexy long legs,erect nipples,smooth creamy skin,firm breast,sexy blue eyes the bedroom setting really sets her body off in a very sexy sensual way guys glad you like it as well as i do too;) love image #37 and #38 image #120 is priceless as she bends over backwards her long black hair flowing down her back well that's my opion as a female member cheers Fellas:)

Ok... Me tienes a mí sonriendo ahora de seguro! ;)!

Great set, Ardelia is absolutely stunning, Arkisi brings us some breathtaking poses and captures her beautiful eyes marvelously.

That's got to be the quickest shedding,of knickers seen on here in a while, loved it.

The fact that they kept showing up is a bit distracting... Must be REALLY hard to get the pics in the correct sequence... There are so many sets in which they are NOT. Must be 'rocket science' huh? ;o)

Hear Hear, incorrect sequencing is spoiling things

A stunningly beautiful girl! Those gorgeous eyes! Ardelia is just perfect in so many ways. This set is also perfect...in so many ways!
It's a beautiful Monday at the Met!! :oD

as in the Met orriface!!

Adorable! Wonderful poses, too. Those rear shots at the end ( so to speak :) are to die for.

What a beautiful woman. If she were my girlfriend, I'd be late to work a lot. ;)

I'd have been fired long ago! ;o)


Would you please turn off the caps lock? It's poor etiquette.

For the eyes of theaterdreamer only.

My thinking on style of commenting has evolved over time. I initially responded like you that all caps is recognized the world over as rude netiquette. Many people in my neck of the woods refer to such comments and the people who make them as as shit disturbers.

Other people march to the beat of the “fuck you, its my right to say what I want in any way I want”, drummer; as is their right. I got bitch slapped once by an “its my right” proponent for responding as you have. Now I ignore all rude netiquette and use my thumb button.

If a person comments in a polite way then, and only then, will I consider reading their comment(s). I know this may result in me missing many valid points, but that is my choice.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course! A person can be for or against rude netiquette and say so. A person may also choose to just enjoy the naked women. For me and I can only speak for myself; shunning is so much more calming than tilting at windmills!

Clearly I am not the person to whom you speak, but I've been chiming in on this issue occasionally, and choose to do so at this opportunity. I spent 30 years in the printing industry and have set more type than I care to remember. Never did I, or anyone else that I knew, take 'all caps' to mean anything other than copy that needs to draw attention to it's importance/relevence in the context of the document it appears on. This silly notion that it indicates "yelling" and goes against all "etiquette" has evolved over a few years of kids and the "social networking" they do with each other. It seems, to me, pretty damn silly that anyone here takes this guys 'all caps posts' as "yelling". Are they THAT sensitive or insecure? Who knows. And besides, if someone wants to come on here and yell his brains out, how could that possibly detract from anyone's experience here? And I couldn't agree with you more about being here to look at beautiful naked 'women', not critiquing the comments left by others. And please accept that this guy is NOT YELLING! Like I just did... It's all about "context". He's most likely using different keyboards at different times and places. I'd sure like to know that either of us, with either of our 'philosophies on the subject', have gotten through to these whiners, but I seriously doubt it. There seems to be no end of whiners these days... CHEERS! ;o)

Just a random thought. During your 30 years in the printing industry you must have had occasion(s) where the client or boss wanted a print job in all caps; yet also wanted some part(s) of the print to be emphasized? How did you accomplish that emphasis? Here at MET our comments can be in caps or lower case or some combination of both. So far as I know there are no other options such as bold or different color. IF a person wants to add emphasis here, all caps seems to be the only option. All caps makes it extremely difficult for this reader to discern if and where emphasis is intended. Hence I no longer waste my time reading and trying to determine if the writer wants to place emphasis somewhere, everywhere, or is just (fill in the blank).

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