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Ardelia is gorgeous, need more please.

What a gorgeous and totally hot woman!!!

Don't know what they do in the Ukraine but these dark haired blue eyed beauty's just blow my mind and they just keep comimg!

WOW! Absolutely mindblowing! What a gorgeous creature... Best set in quite a while.

Fabulous once again, Ardelia is just superb and Arkisi as always captures her perfectly, great stuff.

Ardelia is a real treat, thank you for this set. An added bonus is that her labia parted enough to get a tantalizing peek into heaven on earth.

Clean shaven and ordinary, with a gaudy necklace. Not worth the space.

Another exquisite set from the top artist on MA. Wonderful moist closeups, crisp clear focus, great lighting, beautiful setting. Arkisi knows what we like and never fails to deliver.

As for Ardelia A, exquisite seems inadequate. Eyes, face, hair, breasts, overall body, each is a work of art in its self and that pussy is the most perfectly formed, deliciously moist flower one could ever wish to see. When I look at those awesome closeups my mouth waters and my tong longs to reach out and taste that sweet nectar.

Awesome work for model and artist! A 10+++++

Feminine and submissive yet confident, knowing, and fearless.

Breathtaking feminine sexuality.

Excellence in erotic photography.

Thanks, Ardelia and Arkisi.

Arkisi, Great photoset of one the most beautiful women on MA! Thanks, Arkisi. ¡Y qué hermosa mujer ella es! Una espectacularmente hermosa dama! Asombroso ojos azules! Tal una cara encantadora y una cuerpo perfecto! Número cincuenta! ¡Qué un increíblemente hermoso de la fantasía! Ardelia, eres justo tan increíblemente hermosa! Eres perfección! ¡Gracias, Ardelia! Dulce Ardelia, me justo encanta la forma que eres extendiendo abierto tus piernas y eres sonriente tan hermosamente y tus rosa es abra! Mi dios, dulce dama, me justo encanta a ver tu hermosa rosada rosa venir abierto! Tal bonita pétalos rosada. Y Usted tiene algunos néctar dulce en tus pétalos, también. Eso es maravilloso, dulce Señora! Querida, dulce señora, que tiene ha hecho mi día! Ardelia, gracias!

Images 45 53 and 89 are very erotic for me. Makes me think of 69! Such a sweet smooth lickable pussy just makes my day! Thank you both for posing and for shooting in focus!

#'s 38 - 50, does it for me. Spectacular!

Absolutely crazy about this lovely lady. They're all fantastic shots, but #115 is just pure sensual beyond words for some reason...I'm "this close" to adding Eternal Desire to my lineup for Ardelia alone!

Well worth the price of subscription, Goldentrout.

Well done. Best set I've seen in a while..

As Ardelia's confidence increases, she able to relax more in front of the camera. Her eyes, Especially in the previous Synepia set, could have ignited a fire of wet timber, in pouring rain:)

In this set though, it was her provocative and alluring pussy that lit my fire.

If Ariel Piper can work continuously from 2005 thru' 2013, Ardelia can work continuously until she's 30 and beyond - IMHO. And I hope she does.

Thank you Ardelia and Arkisi, for yet another perfectly exquisite set of erotic glamour.

Ardelia is pretty fine, and this set shows her off well. A lot of PSFB and rear poses and why not? She definitely looks good from that angle. There still is a decent variety of other poses and even a few closeups (thank you). A simple nude set, but its done properly so as not to be boring. Overall, this could be the best set of the day.

I am not one for whom the success or failure of an erotic set rides upon the presence or absence of "doggy" poses... but OMG my eyes just about popped out of my head!
Ardelia does it like no other, and with a coy smile on her face.
This set is an easy 10 for me.

this set is why i subscribe to metart. it doesnt get better than this

I couldn't agree with you more.

What an absolute babe !

Really neat looking woman. She has that, "You seriously need to get over here right now" vibe. Very sexy. (Also, the Ardelia + Arkisi combo results in some beautifully seductive poses.)

Ardelia is beautiful; from her great eyes, glass cutters, puffies, love handles, camel toe with a difference, beautiful big butt, all the way to the soles of her feet. Kudos to both Ardelia and Arkisi for this great set.


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