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Boring set, why the extremely small image size. Must be still using a Kodak Brownie.

Incredible stunning beauty. I love her.

you are sooo beautiful, i hurt with desire....

Not enough photoshopping.


What kind of model has skin so smooth that not one pore or wrinkle or hair is visible? Why hide her imperfections? Its her imperfections which make her unique and alive and honest and real.

When I see photos of a model with skin that's so smooth that not one pore or wrinkle are visible then I feel as if I'm looking at a mannequin. Why photoshop a model's imperfections? Its her imperfections which make her unique and real and alive.

You are mistaken. No one smoothing filter applied. Retouchers remove only blemishes and sometimes moles. The model has a laser epilation. Switch to High Res - you will see several stubs. Relatively narrow DOF smooths the skin though.

BTW this is photography not dermatology!

((; LMAO! BTW, This is photography, not dermatology!

You do alter model's appearance in post production. As any critical thinking person looking at the model would wonder: how much and to what degree of P-P "smoothing" have been applied? Is this what this model really looks like? Not one blemish or wrinkle? You see that only on mannequins and anime.

There's a fine line between modifying sub-optimal exposure, brightness and contrast, etc and modifying to perfection the subject of the photograpgh itself. Its a line that separates an honest photograph from a misleading one.

I see, you write on and on...

Ardelia has almost perfect skin. Wish you to meet such a girl some day. Watching her movie at my site EternalDesire will stop your vain insistence, I hope


Arkisi, I have an idea! Just a little suggestion... How about filming a movie of Ardelia for MA! I think that'd be great, since Ardelia's not featured in one AND you Could prove your point about her "ever sooo soft, smooth skin" ! I'd love to see Ardelia's electric blue eyes sparkling as she's undressing in the bedroom! And then to see her lying down on the bed on stark white sheets with her raven black hair cascading down the pillow and then as she's spreading open her beautiful legs and she gives us that captivating smile of hers, your point would be proven!

You read but refuse to understand

Bonne courage.

I personaly think Arkisi portayed Ardelia A very well :) just using a simple indoor setting and natural lighting he really showed of her true beauty with this series have to love her sexy white stockings they really show off her 5ft 3" body specialy her firm inner thighs spread wide open revealing her vagina,labia lips,breasts,erect nipples perched up on her chair per images #101-#103 my favoutie shots by Akisi have to be those lovely close up of her gorgeous face per image #68 of her sexy blues eyes that would make any man's weak at the knees ;) with just one breast,nipple exposed just as images #13 #32-#34 of Ardelia hiding behind the pillar just showing her lovely face,sexy blue eyes one breast exposured with her gorgeous silver nacklace love Arkisi's close up of her breasts,nipples per image #36-#55 i loved images #78-#84 with her perched up on the chair facing backwards her long dark hair hanging down revealing her curvy firm round ass vagina,labia lips to me Arkiis' truely favoute shots of Ardelia have to be image #97 with her perched on her chair with her hands above her head her dark hair flowing over breast and image #97 there might be some explicite shots of Ardelia but Arkisis but some very serene shots of both her face and body per image#38,88,110,that made this series truely,sensual,beautiful to view ie images #112-113 by both Ardelia A and Arkisi well thats my point of view as a female member on this truely remarkable series :) :) i look at the sensual side of a model wether it be within a series or movie Arkisi did a very lovely job of this series hope to see both of them together again they just click together well :) :) Thanks MetArt of another great series once again it's no wonder you have been online since 1999 !!

The thigh highs need to come off. They ruined this set for me. Some like, some don't. Perfect reason to remove them at some point.

Ardelia is fantastic! The only objection I have is to the thigh highs. They are pure white and in some shots, together with the lighting, they make it look like she has no legs. I'm sure that is purely from the lighting,she should be wearing thigh highs with a slight contrasting figure or tint.

My only objection to the stockings is the bows and frilly top. Makes her look like she is wearing buccaneer boots. White knee highs are fine but they should accent the legs not obstruct them.

Absolutely gorgeous, what a beauty!.

Diene Augen sind Heilig!!!

Now this is my version of a beautiful woman....curves in all the right places...amazing set...more of her please..

Arkisi, again, great photography! Ardelia, Beautiful! That wavy jet, black hair. Those electric blue eyes. That beautiful face and awesome body. Pero Ardelia, cuando eres extendiendo abrir tus piernas y tus rosadas coño labios están empezando a abrir y estás sonriendo tan bellamente, eres justo asombroso! Ardelia, Eres muy hermosa! Gracias!

Electric—perfect adjective for those eyes.

Strikingly Beautiful and Totally Mesmerizing!

It is amazing that such a tiny girl can be so magnificent! 5'3" 99 lbs of total perfection. Of course she is from the Ukraine, With that gorgeous black hair and those hauntingly beautiful blue eyes where else could she be from? That face is magnetic, I have a hard time looking further down because those blue windows into paradise keep drawing me back. Of course the entrance to paradise is below and it too is irresistibly perfect and perfectly photographed by Arkisi as usual. Arkisi never fails to give me the perfectly focused and superbly lit closeups.

Another fantastic set from Arkisi and this Ukrainian Goddess.

Couldn't have said it better! Excellent set all around.

An incredibly beautiful girl! Very pleasant setting, and great set of photos.

Ardelia is just flat disconcerting, even unfair—the jet-black hair, the beautiful blue eyes, the delectable body and a pussy to die for. She's too much, and Arkisi has done a wonderful job with her in this set. Kudos all around. Perfection.


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