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Rare beauty

I usually hate fishnet stockings but on Ardelia I have found my exception to that rule. After looking at the way that spectacular butt looks in #26 all bets were off. She even manages to make them look classy which I didn't think was possible. I think a potato sack would look fantastic on her though I would cheerfully strangle anyone who tried to put one on her! ;)

This is 100% goddess and photo 26 really validates that view.

I hate them too, but at least they came off half way through. gorgeous lady.

What a beautiful woman!

Oooooooooooh --

Get's my "10" for today AND yesterday !

Image #1 and #9 were deal-closers !!!!!

How can a woman that is only 5'3" have such lovely long legs? She may not be tall but she more than makes up for it in physical presence. This is Ukrainian beauty at it's best. One look into those amazing blue grey eyes and I am hers to do with what she wants. That shiny black hair accents that lovely face and those eyes and her body is pure perfection. Every facet of that splendid body is sublimely perfect. If I were young and single I would be booking a trip to the Ukraine to find my bride! Arkisi has found so many of these beauties and I thank him profusely for his skill in bringing them to us. Ardelia is a true goddess.

She's obviously a dancer - you can always tell by the legs (calves in particular and thighs). And a true goddess is not very far from the truth.

Very well said.

Great set, great model with a wonderful body and eyes full of life. Does anyone know whom the painting was done by? It looks like it is in the style of William-Adolphe Bouguereau. That was a nice touch. Art is coming to life. The mirror was good too, and the many poses from different angles.

I don't know where my comments go. Met must be censoring more than they say.

And here it is! must be having more problems than I thought I was.

Ardelia is very beautiful, and quite skilled. I would point out that this is Plenty of room for a skilled model. If there is enough room to swing a cat(if the cat doesn't mind a few nasty bashes about the head and shoulders)the model has plenty of room. Bijou did "Verdure "for Tin Fox on a stair riser, also explaining to an annoying crew person that person's ancestry and probable destination in perfect English.Arkisi is quite correct that a eabletop is plenty of room,Ulya I worked a dumbwaiter once. Since Ardelia is quite skilled,she has turned in a perfect set zzshe and Arkisi both get a 10

The set is by Goncharov , and ie is"Nass" starring Ulya I, who is working a dumbwaiter to organ music yet. Ulya is the red head stacked like Sofi, who wears a V instead of the generic landing strip, and makes the viewer sweat for the very few subtile smiles she gives.

Wow.. I'm speechless.. words can not describe the effect this beauty has on a man...

THis girl is entirely edible.

Ardelia is totally hot in a little package. Although I enjoyed the fishnet pantyhose to open up with, I was glad they came off about halfway through. I was also happy to see more overall frontal pose shots, starting at about #89. Don't get me wrong, I love her pretty pink parts, and Arkisi still gives us plenty of it. Just nice to see more of her than that. A good balance of the shots in that regard let me appreciate Ardelia a little more this time.

Sure, she is also a wonderful dancer as you could see in her video at EternalDesire

You can always tell a dancer by their legs and especially their thighs. And cloaking them in black fishnets only exacerbates the situation. Where you find these raven-haired, blue-eyed beauties is beyond me. But whatever you do, do NOT let this one slip away. She's a beauty and a rare treat to look at. VERY nice work!

From start to finish, Ardelia is Tantalizing and Delicious!
Loveliness Personified!


I remember Arkisi commenting to me on Marisol's last set that he used the same room to shoot an upcoming set with Ardelia and explaining how confined an area it is to work in. This doesn't look like the same room, but he did also say it was a four-room apartment, so the same restrictions probably apply. Either way, I am not completely falling head over heels with the result, but I do find myself looking at this from a different perspective and definitely appreciating what I see.

It is much more spacious room ;)

There isn't really much to say about Ardelia. Her facial features are perfect, and her electric blue eyes and black hair are devastating. But her pussy is merely glorious, and her anus only totally rimmable. Big deal. The fact that she's a foot shorter than I am and has me wrapped around that lovely little finger doesn't impress me. Nah, she's just one of the most beautiful women on MetArt. Who cares? I do. 10s by the carload. A great set.

You forgot to add, "and, of course, she is Ukrainian!!!

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