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Everything said about this woman in the positive, is spellbound. Glorious figure, sharp curves to figure, a delight. Eyes, oh yes the eyes, entrapment comes to mind, she has at her command all the influence required

Nice set Ardelia, looks so edible!

A lovely lady with black hair and blue eyes, a good start.

Then I saw a superb bum, mesmerizing eyes, large areolae, and very nice labia; all nicely captured and presented.

Ardelia, thanks for dropping by to visit, well done Arkisi!

Ardelia is beautiful,and the set is perfect. I gave 10++++ all around.


Hubba Hubba ding ding baby you gout everything! :-)

gout is not imagery suitable here. ick. ouch.

Easy on... not so easy off.

Whoops, funny story behind that completely inappropriate comment...
I was thinking "grout" i.e. caulk.
Then, AFTER I hit enter my brain belatedly reminded me of the difference between "gout" and "grout."

Spell check is not necessarily your friend :)

Image 110...time waits for no man!

The eyes of this lovely are better than this. And so is our artist. They have gone well together before.

The last, 121. Look at that cleavage, wow. Then follow curving line to the neck. A fine effect that affects me. So a nod for this one.
And a clod for most of the rest.

109 is a crime. Clearing the desk would have saved our model the time spent with bar from heel to butt. If we did not know that was a lamp, what could we guess? Yikes.

Even nipples weren't safe from chopping (62). 89, 94 -let's keep parts attached. What happened to the face in 104?

And on it goes.

p.s. See #48 and add to pose book, in the chapter on framing.
Hair perfectly framing face. The tilt of the head with loose curls falling in line with body. On the other side, swept back just enough to see a hint of the ear and showing ling of jaw and neck. Who can not smile at that curling loop, a small thing that adds so much. Can that effect be duplicated? I hope I will see it's like again soon.



Ardelia you are so beautiful. I love the stockings.

Hot damn!

Another lovely set from Ardelia A our sweet little black haired blue eyed Ukrainian angel. So delicious and totally dreamy. Perfect 10s down the line head to toe. 100% kissable. Nice revealing poses nicely captured by Arkisi in all their intimate glory. And yes I can almost smell her tantalizing essence. ;)


In addition to her lovely face she has the perfect set of breasts and an awesome vulva not to mention that great butt!

I certainly hope the current violence in her country is coming to an end and there will be peace and safety for all those magnificent Ukrainian beauties once more.

Just perfect, Ardelia is amazingly gorgeous and what a fabulous display she gives us here.

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