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If you will write a new manual for sculptors and painters Ardelia should be an example of perfect breasts to be imitated.

But not only the breast.
Her face, her beautiful blue eyes, her smile.
And .... its small, delicious ass.

tables suck

...until you need to eat...



Nice bottom!

I prey that Ardelia and our other Ukrainian beauties are safe and that the turmoil in their home country passes by them and their family's and loved ones.

Fortunately, as yet, very little actual shooting. Neither side really wants a war. Let's hope it stays that way.

PEACE is a good thing --

Unfortunately, I think Me. P wants a little PIECE of this and a little PIECE of that -- until he gets everything he wants. I think he's borrowing from a playbook written in 1939.

Ironic that we're a few weeks away from the 100th anniversary of WW I. Tell me history don't repeat itself.

Fully agree!

Ardelia and Arkisi= auto download! Auto 10+++

Now this is a set with beautiful girl and great photography coming together for a great set.

Ardelia is an incredibly beautiful and desireable woman! Those eyes....as previously stated, are devastating! I consider Ardelia to be Arkisi's Premier Model with incomparable beauty!

Picture 87....here it is an I'm proud of it!!!!!!!! And we are so thankful, having this beautiful woman as a girlfriend vicariously thru the lenses....well, yes, we can just imagine! Those blue eyes are devastating......

Arkisi treats us to another set of the immaculately beautiful Ardelia. I would have appreciated a few more shots like 17, only without the thong pulled to the side.
While Ardelia seems as reluctant to give a full open mouthed smile as the legendary Kristel, she is so generous in her poses that I can't hold it against her. Come back frequently, Ardelia, you are gorgeous. ( :

Ardelia is a beautiful woman, complete with beautiful eyes, glass cutters, a superb bum. . .

I need help to categorize the pink fabric; is it a thong, panties or a very mini skirt (wouldn't that perk up anyone's day to see Ardelia wear it on a walkabout?).

Thanks to Ardelia and Arkisi for another very pleasant collaboration.

That would be a thong with a ruffle waist. Between the cheeks but not a string. What to call it is less important than its unjustified neglect.

Oh, for one with a panty fetish, it is VERY important what to call it. :D
It frustrates me no end to look up the tag "panties" and find 99% of such tagged sets are thongs or g-strings, which are fine enough but usually do nothing in particular for me. I think they're supposed to be sexy and risque because they show more than panties, but I think they've been way overdone.

Verily, for realz, much more creative presentation of panty potential is possible.

You are hereby granted the title Pontifex of Panties, or Pantifex.

With the indulgence of the Pantifex, I will give some suggestions on your upcoming Pamphlet on Panty Propriety.

Categories of panties:

Skirt boxer with low hanging narrow crotch with room for peek and reach
Bikini - narrower with less cheek coverage.
Jock - fabric stops at the band but has coverage front and back
Thong - with subcategories for amount of cheek coverage
Open or split versions of the above.

Panty Rule #1: Use it or lose it

Baggy, I personally call it a thong, because it doesn't cover her bottom as panties would. ( : The mini-miniskirt is a nice variation on thongs, I thought. And I really like the satin-like fabric.

Baggy, I personally call it a thong, because it doesn't cover her bottom as panties would. ( : The mini-miniskirt is a nice variation on thongs, I thought. And I really like the satin-like fabric.

I call it a "panty". To me, a "thong" is no more than a string with a small hammock hanging from it.

That's a "g-string," Rock. Panties cover the entire butt.

That might be a G string.

Whoops, please pardon the inadvertent double-post. Those gremlins are really busy this week! ( :

Surrre... Blame the "gremlins"!! LOL "Patience Grasshoppah"...

Perfect breasts, amazing nipples, lovely eyes xxxxx

Another great set of the gorgeous Ardelia, I can't get enough of this elegant beauty.

PP for sure!


No doubt about it.

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