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I always look at all models' eyes, with or without glasses; you never know what you will see ~ from the artist in any sunglasses to beautiful Ardelia's eyes which today resemble a total solar eclipse complete with solar flares.

In addition to her fantastic eyes, Ardelia also possesses great eyebrows, beautiful lips with smiles that bring cute dimples, puffies with glass cutters, translucent skin, a pleasing transition from waist to hips, superb butt cheeks, puffy outer labia (often an indication that there is a camel toe waiting to be photographed), said camel toe plus, delightful inner labia with clitoral hood, well defined and muscular calves, and an occasional love handle or two.

Reading what I have written, I must rate Ardelia as a favorite ~ steady on there, veteran campaigner, you have done so since early days.

Many thanks to Ardelia and Arkisi.

A very erotic woman, most beautiful body, she is edible....

Ardelia is the summit where natural, delicate and elegant beauty collides with rampant, unabashed exhibitionism, a real delight, there will never be close to enough of this beautiful girl.

Eloquently stated Mr Hat... Quite poetic... A tip of my hat to you sir.

Ummmmmm "Mr. Hat"... ?
You might want to re-think that one?

(You have seen South Park, have you not?)

Several nice face shots in this set. Ardelia's hair looks great, her eyes sparkle and she's got some killer expressions. I love it how she cups her titties like in 24. Such a sexy woman in every way!

I agree with Rock, this is the catch of the day, and Ardelia does epitomize Ukrainian beauty.

112 would be "suitable for framing" if he hadn't chopped off the top of her head!!

And another thing!...lol I just noticed that her head is chopped off in every close-up of her face, except the one in which she has her finger in her mouth!! And that's not really a "facial" close-up... Arkisi!! A few too many "beverages" before this one?..? As my darkroom supervisor would say..."shame to you"!

or 71 without the hand.


I see Ardelia as one of the "truly gorgeous" models presented here.
If I was forced to whittle down my 600+ files to 10, Ardelia would be one of the 10 without hesitation! Through much fault of my own, I recently lost many files including Ardelia's, some of which had been backed up, but Ardelia was not one of them. So I just spent a few hours re-acquiring all of her sets...well except for the second one, which was pretty bad in my estimation...and would have spent days if necessary!
To me, Ardelia epitomizes the beauty that has emerged from Ukraine in recent years. If I haven't already, I would like to thank Arkisi, in spades! for finding and bringing to us one of the most desireable women I have ever had the pleasure to set eyes on. This set is one more gem to "protect" with all her others, from the "heavy hand of senility"! ;o) Beyond that...I'm speechless! This is the "Catch of The Day"!

You said it, bro!

Yes I did!! lol ;o)
(You mean the senility part....right?)

Ummmm ...what "senility" part?

Well, maybe that too ;o) but more about Ardelia being one of the truly gorgeous models.


Ardelia is an exceptional beauty with awesome eyes and perfect body. Supremely elegant.

Ardelia is a word: "perky!"

Could she have more captivating eyes? I submit that she could not!!! Absolutely stunning!


I probably would give you a thumb if I knew what 652 meant.

Then again, if I did know I might give you the finger...?

Ardelia, You are absolutely Divine!
Image 16 had me gasping for air... so Sexy!
Thank you and visit often!!


Silly Ardelia, that's not how you're supposed to wear a tank top. But please, by all means, carry on.

My 10+++ for tonight! Gorgeous girl, fantastic figure. beautiful breasts with those big firm nipples and a spotlessly groomed pussy! I love the hair the highlighting really complements her face and makes those big blue eyes even more bewitching! I could look at that face for hours!

Excellent lighting and color nice composition and great posing. This team wins tonight hands down!

I especially agree about the highlights she's displayed in her last couple of sets. They really brighten her face very nicely.

The highlights are great and how her hair is styled, feathered back lower, framing her face.

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