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Another one of those sets where the cover is worth a 10.

Photo set of the day by Arkisi! Thanks, met-art makes life worth living.

yes it does!


I Love those frilly ankle socks!

She is pretty but her belly button jewelry is dumb.

Nice set! Ardelia looks "Super-Tight" and sweet! Need more please.

Seldom do I see a set where the model fits so well into the setting that she's being photographed in! Ardelia looks better than ever in this beautiful setting. It's too hard to put into words, what effect this girl has on me... This is truly a "Goddess"! Suffice to say, this makes my day!! Thank you both for such an amazing set of photos!! This is to be my "sunshine" on this cloudy stormy day...;o) 10's hardly seem adequate.

Awesomely beautiful and beautifully uninhibited, Ardelia is glorious once again, there's never going to be enough.

Bedroom setting, beautiful brunette, blue eyes, incredible body, please, all the other photographers, LEARN from this set, A perfect 10 session with a perfect 10 woman.

Incredible job Arkisi, THAT is how you photograph a beautiful woman to bring out total sexuality and beauty.

Ardelia and her photographer seduced me. I'm not complaining. :-)

Ardelia shows her elegant body in this beautiful bedroom set.

While I'm no fan of boyshorts, the ruffles were adorable... and so were the socks, Ardelia got rid of those way too soon. ( :
The rest of the set was absolutely smoking hot. Ardelia is a darling... a very sexy darling. ( :

Ardelia, Lady of the piercing blue eyes! What an awesome woman this is. Lovely from the beautiful black hair to her sweet toes. Washboard abbs, firm breasts, Tight butt and lovely legs. I like the daisy mae top but those frilly panties just didn't move me. One look into those big blue eyes and I would follow her anywhere!

The Artist is Arkisi so I know it will be full of great shots and there was no disappointment here at all. A nice mix of near and far and with excellent color and lighting. So glad to see another flawless set from Ardelia and Arkisi. :)

An outstanding set of pictures.

I LOVE BED SETTINGS! Love the fancy bed, sheets, comforter and mood lighting. Who doesn't fantasize about making love to a beautiful woman in a millionaire's mansion? Ardelia brings the standard MA elegance and grace to the explicit erotic shots. LOVE #74 with a wide-open rectum. Beautiful blue eyes, nice round butt, medium breasts, cute thighs, & I love the curls in her hair. Those overly laced socks REALLY turn me on. I wish she had kept them on for the entire shoot! GRADE A

I agree about those socks, they were too cute for words. ( :

Those sox....................

I am a sucker for those! *_*

#74. Put it in my ass, baby. Please.

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