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Very nice but Indianna needs to liven up a bit. Lorena is amazing as usual!!

This set should have come with a warning label. Ariel, Indy and Lorena TOGETHER is heartstopping... Thank you Met-Art. Thank you!

Ah, Girl Scouts. I wonder if they need a den father.

Ah, Girl Scouts. I wonder if they need a den father.

In the world of photo shoot design, their are bad ideas, average ideas, good ideas and FANTASTIC ideas. :)

Ariel remains a Perfect Goddess.

Three of my all time favourite ladies in one set what a way to start my day. Each lady is a 15 out of 10 = 45 out of 30.

These pics are outtakes from the movie "Girlfriends," done about 2 (?) years ago. You can tell because Ariel has gone back to putting body make-up on her birthmark on the inside of her left thigh. Indiana is now working under the name Bella in several parts of the Met universe, and Lenora Garcia is breaking hearts with that killer smile. I have noticed that Ariel is a producer on some Met universe videos. They are all three so beautiful that I will take pictures like these any way I can.So much female beauty in one place is a treasure.

Girlfriends is the last movie I find where Ariel doesn't put make-up on her thigh.She does now days

How will I ever be able to fall asleep after viewing this set! That's right, I will be able to dream of these three women together. Ariel Piper Fawn & Indiana A & Lorena B are easily part of the top ten of MetArt. This was truly a treat!

The movie of this set is still available on MetArt! It is even more playful than the stills portray! I just downloaded it a short time ago and it was great fun to watch. APF was and still is as good in front of the camera as she is behind it. I know Andrej is the directer, but as my post over the last several days, IMO the excellence of her work here at SexArt, be it in front of or behind the scenes, is elevating the level of excellence for the site.

That was supposed to say, "Here at MetArt and at SexArt" The posts I refer to are over on SexArt. Too early in the morning to keep everything strait.

These are stills from the old movie "Girlfriends," and they're just as much fun — three of the most beautiful women at MetArt horsing around, a delicious romp. Were three more beautiful bottoms ever gathered in one place? Doing the math: 10x3=30.

Looking at those three explosive women toghether in thesame set is a real

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