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I don't care what Ariel does as long as she keeps on doing it. The effervescent quality of her interaction with the camera is wonderful. Keep giving us new sets to enjoy my dear beauty!

Over the past few years I have watched Ariel/Ariel Piper Fawn/Faith Lightspeed develope into one of the most outstanding nude models of all time. She has actually set the benchmark for nude modeling. Her amazing boobs, her flawless skin, her absoluetly perfect feet...Add to that a real awareness of what the camera is seeing! She is perfection.

Her cute feet should never be incased in ugly footwear!

Arial is in this session like a pagan goddess of erotics. In the North of Europa, we'd name her Freja. Other cultures have names like Aphrodite og Venus. I'm sorry I do'nt know the name i czech.

Very beautiful! Nice to see these photos!

Ariel, regardless of what others have to say, you're still one smokin hot babe and I hope to continue to see new photo shoots of you.

I agree 100%.

Show us your nice butt hole

Luca continues to teach. He's earned lifetime tenure. Professor Emeritus. And Ariel is simply top 5 all-time Met-Art. Head to toe, just a voluptuous, gorgeous figure. And I like redheads.

Not a bad set....not a great set. I have so much of her work, going back to '04 that it seems redundant. Still one of favorites, and one of the prettiest faces in the business. Not to mention that gorgeous ass.
"Retirement" (as mentioned above) seems absurd!! Ariel outshines many of the "new" girls. And I prefer her without make-up.

She suffers from overkill !!
Retire now and give us a break from her! Aries is all over the Internet and I'm bored of her!

You're and idiot!

Ariel does not suffer from overkill...I want MORE!

Aries not Aries oops!

If you are familiar with my comments on Sex-Art I am somewhat long winded so here goes. Ariel has been working with Luca since 2008 and most of what we have seen of her has come from him. Adam has ""blogged" about Ariel five (5) times, and while I try to take my fathers advice i.e.: "If you don't have something NICE to say, shut up!" Adam did question the choice of "colors" imvolved. In the commentary he invited Luca to participate on his blog. Hibshot and I kicked it back and forth. If you didn't notice this set today was shot in the same setting as the one from December. It is almost like Luca or maybe Ariel read what was said then, The grey outfit today is perfect, and she kept it on to give us some of the best "dressed" photo's of her ever. After five (5) years and countless set today may be the best solo set by her ever. Everything about it works. Her make-up or lack of it, her expressions, her body positions, the balance of headshot, dressed, explicit, is just right. Her playfulness shows, as does her sense of style. Yes with her reclaiming pubic hait we have proof her signature "red" hair does come from a bottle, but every thing else is real. Including we now have her full name "Ariel Piper Fawn". There are so many shots her that could stand alone as perfect it's unreal. The part I like the most is she just looks happy. We all should be happy that she is a part of family at Met, as a outstanding not only model but as a producer over on Sex-Art. All I have to say is "Thank You, APF."

Her collaborative work here with Luca Helios, but also on Femjoy with Stefan Soell is all absolustely classic. This young woman is the bench-mark by which others are judged!

Ariel looks so much better since she gave up xxx porn and just sticks to girls. Having a photographer that treats her like a human being helps too,since she is incredibly beautiful.

time to retire

Ariel is still the hottest thing on the internet!

No armpit stubble.

Thsnk goddness!

Another great set of Ariel. Luca captures her beauty well in some great full body shots, as well as a couple of great close up shots of her gorgeous cunt. Very nice.

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