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Ok, saw this set for the first time today as a new Arina set appeared for the first time since I re-joined MA...

And this - THIS set - is imho The Very Best of 2013, anywhere! Totally deserving of some kind of award or commendation. EVERYTHING about this set is sensational, sensual, sexy, perfectly posed & photographed, the lush scenery, the coolness of the fog, the luscious looks & warm invite of this crazy sexy woman to enjoy a roll in the hay...

Brings a fave outdoors fantasy of mine to life. And as a buttman and leg lover I can't imagine doing 'it' with anyone better than her! Thank you so much Arina. Also of course kudos to Iskan for the work so very well done!

Such sexy pussy lips. Munch on them for hours.

And God created woman! Marvelous set! Classic beauty! Hot young pussy!!

I love the setting. Mist/fog plays into the Eastern European/Carpathian stereotype so often used in werewolf/vampire films.

Yes, I prefer the old mythic horror stories. The west is overrun with zombies. Many of these images look like they could be taken straight from the middle ages, or even pagan times, the mood is so strong and primal. She looks like she has chthonic powers. What would make this set even better is a rising full moon at the end. I haven't seen anything like this in a while. Magnificent work Alex Iskan!

What you mentioned is exactly why I loved Eastern Europe when I was there. I love how much of it appeared to be stuck in time (especially smaller towns and villages). I agree a rising moon with the mist as closing photos would have been incredible.

In my opinion slavic women are the world's most beautiful (of course there are always a few exceptions).

would love to see those hairy beautiful labia spread

Very interesting set. The fog is unique and brings a certain kind of mystic atmoshpere to the shoot. I don't usually get excited about outdoor sets, but I find this one rather appealing. It helps not having sunlight bleaching out the color of the model. Of course, Arina is very appealing in her own right. I love her full-featured vulva, a mouthful for sure.

BTW - Please let Alex Iskan continue shooting this model in the future.

Ahmmm, very creative photography and locale. You know there's nothing quite like seeing a beautiful naked lady spread out on a bale of hay in the fog, when you're out in the morning, on a walk in the country. First time you see anything like this, when you're out on a morning stroll, it's "kinda of a surprise", you know! I like that Arina seems to be smiling through out alot of this set. And I do "kinda of love" the way that she's laying back in the hay, spreading her creamy thighs with her labia rolled open, dirty feet and All! There's just something about that, that "stirr's a primal urge"! Ahmmm! Interesting, creative, but I would now, after this "dirty, little roll in the hay", like to see Arina in the bath, then onto the bed. Then I'd have to ask her;

Man, Arina oozes sex appeal and sensuality. This was wonderfully shot and Arina's true beauty shines through. I'm gonna 10 every shot! Thanks for a great set.

I love the romantic setting, and the mist makes some of the pictures almost like paintings! It must have been very early in the morning......

This girl has a dynamite body especially her ass, hip, and legs. The poses are fantastic and sexy. She is very sexy and charming. Don't really care for outdoor photography but in this case, okay.

The photography sucks - fuzzy, bad contrast, grainy (noise). Seems as if the lens was coated with vaseline. Also what is the big idea of shooting from long distance? I had to adjust the color, contrast, and sharpness of all the pictures in this set. I could have done a better job with a $100 SONY camera than the photographer and I am not even a professional.

Nice change of pace from the usual outdoor photo shoots. Love Arina's gorgeous face, beautiful tits and nicely trimmed bush. Would love to roll in the hay with her...

I like the location, and especially the mist, but most of all those luscious 'lips'...fuzz and all! Very artistic set. Very sweet girl!

This is an excellent shoot, and beats the daylights out of those "Girl on a bed with her legs spread" series that have come to dominate this site.
Were there more like this, I wouldn't be cancelling my membership this year.

I love this set, outdoors, beautiful model and the fog gives it a dreamlike quality. Fantastic.

Photography excellent,but a foggy day

The seller

loved the first set of Arina G, this one, not so much. Not one image has focus or clarity, the lighting and exposure do not flatter the model's attributes. Most images looks as if they were shot from 50 meters away. The model has great potential, love the bush tightly trimmed. Metart needs a few more models with some hair. Keep the photography sharp and focused and detailed please

Incredible difference between photographers. She looked soooo much better in her first set!

lovely model. i love her. images are not sharp. bad work by a good photographer

Lovely setting, lovely natural woman—let's have a roll in the hay!

Oh Yuck! Have you ever been naked in a pile of hay? Nothing romantic about that!

Photographers if your going to put a girl in this sort of set be kind at least bring a blanket!

Hey I wouldn't mind to roll with her in the hay.

I agree to that! A "roll in the hay" is kinda of a stupid saying, really prickly, if you've ever tried it!

"prickly" only to young tender skin...;o)

Rolling in the hay is much more about passion than romance...;o)

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