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Love light skinned woman..which I wished there was japanesse women on here..yes I got yellow fever...they need more asian culture models on here promptly:)

There are few Japanese women on here

Mariko A,Asuka A,Youko Ooysuki,Yuka A,Keiko A,Aoi A,Misato A, to name a few advanced search is your friend.

I think this would be a nice addition also. Although I believe Slavic women are the most beautiful, Asian women are quite attractive too (since I tend to prefer petite ladies).

IMHO, women all over the world are beautiful, it is universal. A pretty girl, is a pretty girl, regardless of ethnicity, hair colour, eye colour, etc.

Wowzers, Arina is looking hot in this set.

Simply "B e l l a"

Arina has a beautiful face. I generally prefer women who are thin and/or petite, but Arina has a nice body and looks great. She's a very pretty woman.

I might be in the minority, but I'm one who prefers outdoor settings over studio settings.
Studio settings are much more controllable with lighting and such, but I like natural lighting and the various backdrops that outdoor sets provide.

I just love nature scenes (especially when a beautiful woman is included).

Thank you Arina.

This woman knows how to look appealing... yum yum!

i love the fuzz around her onion!

MMmmmmmm I love all the rear views....

This is three outdoor sets of Arina, and I'm longing for an indoor set of this beautiful young lady.

Agreed, mincer.
I far prefer studio shoots, but I know that many members prefer "field" shoots. Therefore, I propose a true compromise (i.e. both parties get something of what they want, while neither gets ALL they want):
Half and half. One field shoot of a given model per studio shoot.
Anyone else agree with my "Grand MetArt Compromise"?
( :

I don't know that it has to be 50-50 balanced like that, but having some of the other if the majority of a model's sets are predominately in or out would be a good enough compromise for me.

I have said here more than a few times that I prefer indoor to outdoor sets, yet one of my favorites, Violla, has 20 sets posted here and 6 by my count are indoors. I'm good with that.

There are some models here that have only done indoor or only outdoor sets and it may be models' preference has a lot to do with it. I don't think models or photogs would like to be told where to shoot. Its a nice idea to compromise, but rather than have a formula for inside/outside, what if MA and the photogs took a look at the reasons members prefer one to the other, such as not having bleached out skin tones or standing-only poses in outdoor sets, or bland backgrounds and bed-poses only in indoor sets? What are the reasons you prefer inside or outside over the other?

Just some things to think about.

Beautiful Lady! Wonderful fantasy setting! Crescita; Italian for; Growth. Ah,Mmm, Arina can certainly cause growth!

Arina is beautiful! I appreciate that Leonardo did little, if any, photo-shopping.

Arina is a beautiful, sensual woman. She projects a warm, mature sexuality throughout this gorgeous set. The only misstep was that white ribbon in the early shots; it added an incongruous little-girl touch. I'm glad it disappeared quickly. Come back soon Arina!

Agree with you. That ribbon in her hair makes her look underage.

Gorgeous lady!

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