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I know I'm quite late to the party, but I hope that this comment will at least be seen by the model and the photographer. Arina is one of the gems of Met-Art with that absolutely adorable face. I could spend hours just looking at her smile. Her body leaves nothing to be desired with a more full-figured appearance and legs that just make my heart want to jump out of my chest and chase them all day long. Too few photographers take the time to focus on a model's legs when they are one of the model's primary assets, but this set displayed those strong, shapely legs in a wonderful way. As to the pubic hair, my only qualm is that it strays from her pubic mound and labia majora onto her thighs, which I personally find a little distasteful. Just a shave or wax of the thighs would have made the area much more appealing for me, but as it is, the everything else about Arina is so appealing that it's a minor point.

What a beautiful hairy asshole and pussy. Mmmm...

Wow! What a beauty! Her pussy is delicious! She is near perfection -
in the same class as Zelda! Movie! Movie! Movie!

Arina looks great in this set! That sexy little rag she wore is the perfect color for her!! Maybe she'll "clean up" before next shoot...lol
Oh wait! It's here...and she DID!! Much better, except being outdoors!!

nicest pussy ever

nicest pussy ive ever seen

One of the most beautiful women around!


I don't normal write anything on these posts, but I'm compelled to say this model is outstanding. An absolute beauty!!

Beautiful hairy pussy and nice thick, and suckable, labia.

Once again, a very nice set of Arina. Thank you Alex Iskan.
IMO, Arina is one of the prettiest women on Met Art, she has a beautiful face.

My favorite set (and girl) of the day.

Beautiful hairy anus. Waste of pictures wearing the top though and would've love to see her armpits but the photographer had other ideas. Satisfied all the foot fetish guys I'm assuming though.

Love the hair...don't shave it!

WOW, Love the hairy bush. Major sex appeal. More. more, more....

Arina is always sexy with or without pussy hair.This is a very beautiful set.

I saw some pics of this girl on another site & her hairiness surpassed even Kristel A.

This set for me is a mixed blessing. Had she been cleanly shaved or better yet waxed it would have been far more delightful. She is beautiful for sure but her pubic area spoils it for me. Too much labia for me and I think the black stubble make her look unclean and really makes the lovely hair on her head look wrong which is a crying shame. When a woman's hair down there is that dark it needs to be gone or full but not in between. I know this is a controversial subject but it's how I feel and I try to always be honest. To me it looks like a briar patch and would be very uncomfortable for intimate pursuits.

At least 95% of current nude models are totally shaven so don't bitch about the few who aren't. Many of us appreciate them!

I didn't read hipshot complaining in general, I thought he was specifically saying that the dark stubble was an unnecessary distraction. Which killed any lust he had from the rest of her.I was slightly more polite in only making comment on their lack of match. He noted that otherwise she was beautiful.

Exactly, Metart has to produce sets for all tastes and that is only fair but it is simply not my thing. Being an old fart and having been there I found that making love to a bristle brush is definitely not for me. If you find hair to be exciting when go for it.

I'm an old geezer too, which is why I find shaved pussies unappealing. Frankly, the look is incredibly prepubescent.

Great ass. Love her poses. Nice set.

Arina is gorgeous and I love her pubic hair. This long stubble look is highly erotic. I'd love it if she grew her underarm hair as well.

Then check her out on WeAreHairy.com as Gretta.

It's probably a good thing that MET doesn't announce when a model's next set is due, more than two days out, 'cause in the case of Arina, I'd be doing a lot of calendar watching and counting down. Jeez, is this young lady hot!

Very beautiful model. Love the poses. The photo quality is below satisfactory. I too like the look of a little natural.

fucking discusting pussy. why dont the shooter tell her to make it nice before the shoot.

What a sick and mean thing to say to the model. I certainly hope she does not/has not read your post, Dave Lee. Really poor taste, and a nasty thing to say to a lovely girl.....or any girl for that matter.

Where do I click thumb down for dave lee?

I think you just did...;o)

The only disgusting thing here is your comment. Learn some manners (and spelling, grammar, punctuation...)

Thanks nihil, now all I have to say is amen. I would have jumped if you had not. He could have at lest added an IMO...

lol "lest"?? Was that supposed to be "least"? 'Glass house'? At the risk of repeating myself...it's always good to proofread what we type 'before' posting...not apologize or look foolish after posting...'post-posting'?? Anyway...I couldn't resist poking a bit of fun at this... Hope you see the irony...;o)

P.S. If you happen to return here to see ANY of this!! LOL

Thanks guys, I totally concur. That comment was nothing but rude and crude.

I agree, show some respect. We've been told many of these girls read these comments.
If you talk that way to women you meet you are a pig.

Arina projects such a sweet and happy feeling, it is hard not to feel a part of it.

I love the light in this set. Picture 111 is absolutely wonderful.

I just love this model with pubic hair! Any chance she could let it grow out to natural and then do a photo shoot? Her ass and thigh fuzz with tan lines are outstanding!

Arina has one of those faces that cameras were created to photograph—and any photographer worth a damn will fit as much of her body as possible into the frame. Her feet are perfect. Her bottom is delectable. Her pussy is lovely beyond words. It's almost superfluous to mention that she's Ukrainian.

Her feet are definitely worthy of fetish status. I wish Alex had given us more of them.

Absolutely, although with this woman you can just pick your fetish and she would light it up.

P.S. Did you notice how her pubic hair in the cover photo makes it look like she's wearing a lace bikini?

She is Ukrainian so we know who will love her. A couple of observations RE: her posted stats. Yes that could be brown hair, and it is beautiful, the length works well on her. The cuffs definitely are not the same "brown". If the model is going to play with her hair color they IMO present better closely shaved or waxed. By this set she appears a little fuller than 5'6'/99 lbs. normally looks. That she actually appears fuller works extremely well on this set. Thank goodness they lost that damn hair ribbon from her last set... Good set today, keep it up.

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