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I loved the set. I love the model. thanks to model and photographer for getting out there so early to catch the light. I'd like to buy the lot they shot on. I'd let them come back anytime.

Thank you for helping me put a light on things. Whether a fetish is unhealthy or not, like when your significant other is disgusted,I think that nature's programmed us a certain way so that we have triggers that want to make us reproduce. In my case I think its the first difference I started to notice on girls as puberty started setting in, both them and me. In any event I pride myself on not having been rbrainwashed by the doctrine of tits and ass or the boys in the bathroom type of deal. Thanks again.

mysecret, you put it well; there are certain "triggers" that make us want to reproduce. I don't think they are arbitrary and they certainly aren't universal; in a way, I think that a lot of fetishes or fixations are similar to ducks' automatically "imprinting" on the first moving thing they see after coming out of the egg. Usually it's an adult duck, and more specifically, mama duck, so everything turns out copacetic for them.
Likewise, I think my fetishes/fixations are certain things I homed in on in early puberty and they got locked into my brain and now they're there. For the most part I don't find them troublesome, and I can keep them in check when their expression would be inappropriate ~ so I don't consider a "fetish" or a fixation to automatically be a bad thing. Usually it's just a strong trigger and can be very pleasurable....

Thanks fer_realz, I've read a few of mysecret's posts and I don't want him to feel he needs to defend his position.

There are a few of us who joke around with each other about our comments, desires, attractions, fetishes, etc....so I hope mysecret understands that it's o.k. to take some "ribbing" from others when he comments about his fetish/desire.

Hell, anyone who has paid attention to my posts knows that I think Luiza is one of the most beautiful women on earth.
I don't expect others to feel the same way....and no matter what anyone says, it's not going to offend me (or change my opinion about Luiza).

I've been called everything on earth to my face, so a comment I read in this forum isn't going to bother me.
Call me any name you want....more than likely I'll agree with you.

Ha ha! Well said, Browning. I totally agree, I want anyone who wants to discuss exactly what s/he likes about the models to be able to do so, so long as their remarks are civil and not stated with crude or offensive language and they respect the individuality and dignity of the models.
So long as that is the case, I don't think there ought to be any "off limits" topics... though of course, some other members might find a particular fetish unusual or even gross and will very likely say so.
As long as they keep it civil, I'm OK with it, and you're right, when you're taking part in this forum, you should do so with a sense of humor.
It doesn't make any sense to me to get offended about someone else's opinion about body hair, photoshopping, tattoos, or armpits.
Let's just bounce ideas off each other, remembering that what seems normal to us might seem very strange to someone else.

I hope mysecret reads our exchange fer_realz, no one should feel a need to defend their position....but they should also accept some ribbing (and possible harassment) from some members.

In the end life goes on....who really gives a damn what another members "says" anyway....it sure as hell isn't going to change my tastes or run my life.

mysecret, I do not mean this as criticism....I'm asking this so I might be able to understand why you find a woman's under arm/arm pit attractive.
Can you explain this?

Again, not meaning to be critical....but to me it would be the same as finding an elbow, a shoulder, or behind a woman's knee especially attractive or sexually stimulating.

I don't have a fetish for any particular body part, so I don't understand fetishes to begin with.

I do have certain "physical body types" I find attractive;

Petite/small frame/average to thin women
Prefer brunettes and red head's (but blondes can be beautiful too)
Eye color makes no difference
I like a pretty face and smile
I'm more of a leg man than a breast man
I also like a nice derriere

I never notice (unless something really stands out) a woman's

feet/toes, hands/fingers, or under arms (sorry)

Please, I hope you understand that I am not being an ass....I am trying to understand you better.

Wow! What eyes! What thighs! And what a beautiful pussy! Gotta have more
of her!

Wow! What eyes! What thighs! And what a beautiful pussy! Gotta have more
of her!

No I'm not the only one that talks about armpits. In fact there was a couple references by other members, on another shoot, discussing Alex Iskon's airbrushing and or requiring his models to be waxed. To begin with I brought out my preferences because I was hoping Metart staff would take note and maybe it would have a little impact on the shoots and the models. Its what I pay money for. I was actually hoping that others might also show a preference in this regard. A few did but maybe not enough. Secondly as to people that are judgemental and narrow minded on this I don't see why my little fetish is any more odd then say some guys' obsession with feet. Every thing we find attractive about a woman is really just a play on the mind by nature to get us to propagate. Of course we're all individuals. I'm not your sexual clone Sailor, Browning, or Rashback any more thany of you are mine. I'm my own unique self and I know that what turns me on about a woman isn't because the American media tells me....This is what's supposed to excite you. So I don't allow my tastes to be formed by popular perception or a bunch boys who got a hold of a playboy magazine and started ogling it together in the bathroom or their backyard. As long as I'm not a rapist or am messing around with underage teens then that should be morally and ethically acceptable.

mysecret, I don't think anyone mentioned you by name, so I hope you aren't upset.
Also, you are perfectly correct, there were several people discussing underarms and body hair in quite a bit of detail. ( : So you're not the only one of the regularly contributing members on this forum with that particular fetish, to whatever degree.
And considering how many members there are who don't comment for every regular commenter, there are probably quite a few of you out there.
I for one don't have any problem with your fetish (and please be clear, I don't see a negative connotation to the term "fetish), it seems perfectly natural to me.

Alex Iskan truely revealed Arina G's lovely body within a beautiful seaside setting some very tempting sexy inviting poses with the cliffs in the horizon - I simply loved the way she slowly peels of her frock revealing her firm breasts erect nipples per images #11-#15 with some lovely close ups of her breasts erect nipples ~~ giving us all that sweet nicely shaved pussy (which i'm glad she has unlike some of her earlier sets)under her frock in some very inviting poses ;)I simply love the way Arina poses on the grassy knoll of the cliff face with some very inviting sensual poses both with her legs spread wide open within different photos of Arina not forgetting those lovely rear end views of her firm round derrier large outer labia lips.There are some very gorgeous sensual sexy secerene images of Arina G holding a simple branch with flowers on it but my favourite images have to be #35 a lovely close up of her gorgeous face sexy brown eyes hair gorgeous breast and nipples :( She is a Ukrianeian beauty beauty she reminds me of Lily C in many ways !! Thank You Arina G and Alex Iskan in some lovely sexy 120 images :( :(

For a second day in a row, I find photos like 14 & 97 (among others)
making my tongue hard. You folks say it's not a fetish; perhaps
an obsession? I don't know, but I sure do like shots like these. ;)

How about a "healthy" obsession? :)
I don't know (or can't imagine) any man not being sexually attracted to a woman's breasts and nipples.
As I stated yesterday, I think it's quite normal.
Now, if I was to walk into your home and you had photos/paintings/sculptures of woman's nipples everywhere I looked....I'd say you have a "nipple" fetish or obsession:)

I knew a guy who had a breast/nipple for a door bell....he had a breast obsession:)
I'm not sure he ever noticed a woman's face/legs/rear/etc...all he ever talked about was a woman's breasts.

IMHO, fetishes aren't intrinsically unhealthy.
In my case, for example, I'm sure you'll have noticed I comment frequently in a favorable manner ( : on the sets with panties... I consider myself to have a panty fetish, probably due to the first woman I had a sexual fixation on.
However, I am still able to enjoy and appreciate sets without panties so I don't think it's a "debilitating" fetish.
I have several other fetishes as well, but they all seem to balance each other out.
I think it's when a person requires the fetish in order to feel sexually satisfied that it becomes concerning, and when it interferes with their sex life (for ex. their significant other is disgusted by or gets fed up with their demands) that it is actually a problem.

Windy and a bit crisp is what I see here. Take this poor girl back inside!!

I'd definitely like to see her in a bedroom shoot!

I like that he shows just a hint of a bush to tease those of us that love that.

Incredibly beautiful backdrop, fitting for Arina to show her natural beauty in this natural setting. Alex I does a great job with the photography and the mix of poses are nice. An outdoor set, but I have no complaints, actually to the contrary, it is very good.

Arina adds new levels of meaning to words like "delicious" and "adorable." Like all Ukrainian Goddesses, she possesses her own brand of feminine beauty, and it is uniquely powerful. Look at the gorgeous confidence she projects in image 39, as if to say, "Here guys, wrap your eyes around that!" Same in image 59. Then in 118 she (and Alex Iskan) turns be big drawback of erotic photography alfresco (distant subjects) into a virtue by planting that glorious ass in the middle of a gigantic landscape. And talk about lollipop toes…

You and your lollipop toes... ( :

Love 'em : )

Yeah....next he'll be talkin about arm pits...;o)

rachsbach, there's only one guy (that I am aware of) that talks about arm pits....and it aint Sailor:)

You got that right!

Again, my guess this is the Crimean coast of the Black Sea, a place that seems to be very beautiful indeed. It is a magnificent setting in which to place such a beautiful young woman like Arina. 120 perfectly wonderful photos. A very pleasant set.

An unusually calm day along the Irish coast...? Northern California...?
Lake Baikal...? Timbuk-fuckin-tu...? LOL Who cares Neil!? Look at that gorgeous body!!

raschsbabak just for your info Timbuk-fucking-tu or Timbucktu is a small outback down in New South Wales in the Eastern State of Australia no ocean though but the scenery and the women there are just a gorgeous as Arina G is :)I have been thru that town on a Motorcycle trip with some of the other girls and their male partners as well as my late deceased male partner but this lovely ocean setting really highlights Arina G's lovely body very well :(

Thanks rags but I was referring to Timbuktu in Africa...Mali to be specific...;o)

You Welcome rachsback i guess many countries have the same names as others never the less.You gave me a hearty chuckle at your comment though so on that note this Aussie Chick is going to bed as Dawn has raised its beautiful desert sunrise so has my daughter she can take over the comments for a while she does them at times with me thus the spelling errors but she does a nice job for a 7yr old until next time Take Care Ok ;)

It depends sometimes it is in the Crimea other times the sets are done in other areas out side of Crimea but still along the coast of the Ukraine Odessa for example.If you ever get bored you can try and find land marks in the photos and then use Google earth.You will be surprised sometimes you can roughly estimate the near location if you have some good land marks to estimate from.

For example Leonardo/Vornin(same guy) likes to us the area around Yalta alot.

This set hard to tell no really good land marks could maybe be near Kerch.

My best guess judging from the terrain this set was shot somewhere around Ordzhonikidze.

Yalta and Kerch are both on the Crimean Peninsula. Ordzhonikidze is not on the Black Sea at all. It is a small mining town on the Dnieper River. But the geography of Arina's body is far more significant.

There ya go!! ;o)

Well this comment got hung out to dry!! lol

It would really be interesting to know if Arina reads the comments here and if what we got today is a reaction to the back and forth hipshot and I got into when she showed stubble. IMHO she presents very well today and is totally edible this time around.

Agreed, 1000%, though I think she's totally edible all the time.

Exactly! What's a little stubble!! Nothing!! A full bush!? Now that's something to be avoided! (unless you have a full beard...;o)

Am I the only one who has noticed that stubble can HURT? Maybe I'm too much into rubbing, but I've gotten roadburn from stubble. Sex is usually about feeling GOOD sensations, not pain. (Well, there are exceptions as always, there are some who LIKE pain). Anyway, I vote for smooth shaven (or waxed) or furry and soft.

At last a comment not about bloody geography. Well done Redpilot; lets get back to the real subject matter.

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