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good job!!!(i hate photoshop)

I ❤ hairy GIANT clams!

I prefer clean shaven babe.

Some of the user tags are positively insulting to the models, "blow job lips"!! The web site should dump the user tags. I still wonder what the hell makes for an "edible asshole"? It's idiocy for this web site.

I agree, dump the tags as they are loaded full of garbage and totally irrelevant in most cases.

Yes...idiocy runs rampant here. Comes with the territory Elmer. For the best experience, pay attention to the photos only...you'll be much happier ;o)

Gorgeous set.

Happy MLK Day.MetArt says have a hairy one.

If Arina's bio is accurate, one would think that she must be slender. This is not 100% true as she possesses one very delightful bubble butt.

Thanks to Arina, Alex and K for this much appreciated visit.

Baggy36Pants, I've thought the same thing since I first read her bio.
She's by no means heavy or overweight, but if she is 5'-6" tall...she definitely weighs more than 99lbs.

Regardless, she's still a very attractive woman.

Nice ass, but it is very far from being a bubble butt.

There currently are 15 entries for bubble butt in the urban dictionary. Which one do you think best describes a bubble butt? Or coming at this from a different direction, how would you describe Arina's derriere?

One of the quotes used for a bubble butt is, " a butt you can serve tea on." I wouldn't go that far, but if you're looking at a nude model in profile, she would have a very exaggerated "C" of a butt cheek.

Thanks for your descriptions, that's two more for me to consider when tagging or commenting.

Nice with the bush, but let it grow more soft perhaps...?

Arina has never been more drool-worthy. When I opened Page 2 of this lovely set, image 21 hit me like a velvet hammer. I REALLY wanted to nuzzle that gorgeous pussy. And the same applied to every photo that followed (making appropriate changes of body parts). A couple of months ago, swplf2 and I decided that this young woman was "totally edible." IMO, this set proves it.

i love this girl, but did not like this set. should i wait to page 4/6 to see the girl completely naked???????


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