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I thought the model and photographer did a solid 10. straight to favourites.

Makeup, location, color, and light. Fresh, airy, and bright.

That top is quite fetching (or rather, out model while in it).

But clothing goes up, clothing goes down. To be placed all around, or dropped on the ground.

Hi rez set won't download.

Arina is beautiful from head to toe, but this set... Let's just say I won't be keeping it.

I will, but with DEL here, and DEL there.

lol there ya go...;o)

Arina is beautiful! Love her hair and feet, need more please.

I realize I'm in the minority, but there are many sets of this model on other sites unshaven. It would be nice to have one here.

Minority is fine. A constant repetitive cacophony becomes tedious. As this is currently the sole comment on behalf of a solid minority -not cacophony, but contribution. An expression of hope, desire, and appreciation. An expression, not a rant.

Leonardo, please shoot this lady in a bedroom or some inside cofy spot just once; enough with the nature shots; spend a little bit more money on lighting, geez; she/we deserves it!

I agree, Leonardi is easy to recognized 119 times the same picture but with the best models


Arina G is stunningly beautiful .She is sensuous with raw sexuality and undoubtedly one of my all time favourites. IMO This set does not do her justice .

There are many features I appreciate in a woman. Arina has a lot of those features and Leonardo, in turn, showed me images of them.

Thanks to both.

Kinda tame but acceptable. It took way to long to get that top off of her breasts. I hate when women do that. It just ruins the profile of their breasts. Arina is a beautiful woman but Leo failed to bring that out like he has been doing of late. Maybe this is an older set.

Arina has a very lovely face and a nice body but this isn't her best ever performance.

I agree with you about the top, Hipshot. There's no reason to show more than one or two pics of a top pulled up over the breasts but not pulled all the way off yet. It's a total buzzkill and a very ugly look, IMHO.
What I don't get about that look is that you'd never see a woman doing that in real life. It's gotta be damn uncomfortable!
~ Maybe we should ask the photogs to wear T-shirts while they're shooting, and then when the models pull their tops up but not off, to pull their t-shirts up but not off. Maybe if they realized how uncomfortable it was they'd stop asking the models to do it for half of a set.

Maybe if the models were that uncomfortable with it, they would mention it to the photographer, but I agree...it looks silly.

...tell the guy who's giving you your paycheck "no thanks, I'd rather not pose that way?"
Really? Mmmm I don't think that's very likely.

In that case, you're not thinking about it from the same point of view that i am. Imagine that! We have differing points of view, as well as differing opionions on occasion. How very likely.

Yikes! A typo from me! How very unlikely! lol

I never saw THAT coming, Rock! ( ;

That typo!? I know! Can you believe it!? ;o)

Sheer Perfection.

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