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Where is the underwear
In forty-nine?
Something to ponder for
A good long time.

A must for any artist's pose book.

Arina has the most amazing, full labia I've seen in quite awhile.
So, it is even more frustrating to see shot after shot with her pulling her panties to the side and her pussy is out of focus. Yes, her face and eyes are beautiful, but to ignore the focus of what she is doing is inexcusable.


Excellent photography.

If MetArt chose to ban airbrushing, I wouldn't be heartbroken!

There are so many areas that Leonardo did not airbrush.

I assume you will provide us #s and examples within the # upon request.

Consider this a request. I need help to recognize where Leonardo did airbrush here and, thus, where he might do so in the future.

Thank you.

This model has been on other sites & while I would like to believe her skin is as flawless as it is here, I know better. I just don't like the practice of erasing freckles, moles & other so-called imperfections that make a person unique.

I absolutely agree! The little dings and imperfections of everyday life do not detract in any way and should remain in view.

I will paraphrase something that my favorite photographer once wrote though; and say. . .sometimes it's best to be careful what you wish for. . .


Chateaubriand anyone?

I would not share Arina or her fabulous labia with anyone!

Today blows me away thanks K!

Arina is beautiful! I appreciate so many of her physical features.

Leonardo pleased me by not photoshopping one of my favorite things, a treasure. . .

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