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Dear Arina. Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with us, which can not be described by words. Please tell me what I need to do to get a authentically signed and kissed picture by you. Best wishes for you, yours, truly... E.

Arina G, I love your butt so very much. Love your sexy figure. You are beautiful. Excellent set. Excellent photography. 10+.

You´re not alone,my friend!

The Seller

Nice set, Arina is sooo sweet!

Areina G is the perfect girl to go camping with,and Leonardo has caught it perfectly I gave a 10+++

post script Arina G seems to like the outdoors. I don't see a shoot with her totally inside.

Dear Arina G; I am grateful for any discomfort you may have gone through getting this set for us. You were probably bitten by mosquitos, and I am sorry. I confess though, that I too, think you delicious. :-)

All the important bits are out of focus in almost every shot. Congratulations!

It's a shame that this beautiful girl is not being 'showcased' properly.

Many of every Model's stats from their associated bio appear to have been chosen at random or by throwing a dart at a list.

Arina must be shorter than 5' 6”, or have very light bones to be able to pack so much voluptuousness into her external body elements.

I really like this beautiful woman and the only way to improve her appearance today would be to allow her to retain her pubes.

Appreciation to both Arina and Leonardo.

I'll take "sturdy" over "skinny" every time!

...better yet, curvy!!

Always a fan of long hair on bare breasts. Thank you Arina!

Or... long hair AND bare breasts.

Always a pleasure to see Arina.What a lovely butt in that amazing figure.

Looking forward to Autumn when the ladies will be indoors again

Don't hold your breath --

They'll be posting beach sets in December !!!

The Hague ought to pass an International law that says a model can only do two beach sets per year.

I have never been a big fan of outdoor shots nor of camping... but... Arina does look like a happy camper in this set, and perhaps being stranded at a campsite over a weekend with Arina is not the worst thing that could happen to a guy? ( :
I actually enjoyed this set because of Arina's down to earth beauty and gentle smile.

It is a decent outdoor shoot, and I share yours (and apparently a few others) preference to indoor scenes, yet Arina's beauty and solid photography won me over on this one.

"A camp with a difference,never mind the weather,when you come to Arina´s the
holyday´s foreveeeeer.Welcome"

Pete Townshend & Uncle Ernie & Keith Moon slightly modified by

The Seller

@ Seller:

Arina's treasure trail does what every good one should do and leads even a deaf, dumb and blind boy to a treasure.

It's unfortunate that the treasure is so out in the open! Pussy fans (me) are delighted; pubes fans (me again) are ignored.

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