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  • Doug
  • 11 months ago:

I'd hazard a guess that these give us a good look at the real Astrud :-)
9: Astrud unplugged :-)
10: definitely a foxy chick...shows why you can't beat sunlight.
12: shadows blocking but can also see the textures of her skin.
Astrud, that clipped "bush" isn't big enough for the rest of you.
15-17: nice detail.
Your bush should be as thick and richly-colored as the hair on your head and face. I.e., it should match.
26: I like this "real" shot -- when she's not posing...(but rather thinking maybe "WTF am I doing here :-?")
28 too.
There's no place to hide under the sun -- these are intimate portraits.
28: I'm lookin' thru u...
33: sultry Latina.
41: nice shot. 43: where do you focus? I would go eyes.
45: very pretty. 47: except for the deficient "bush"...
48-57: do we have to? Lacking joy. 58's nice.
63: this one works, because of the light.
65: she softens that hard bed!
66: spicy!
68: which eye to focus on?
70: kinda cute. 73: trying not to smile :-?
77: back in the warm light. Great shot. You'd never know that was her! (me, at least :-)
Having to deal with difficult light...
85: looks unusually girlish here.
89: definitely a striking lady. +90, 93, 94, 95, 96...97 girlish smile :-) Cool gaze...
99: dang that focus!
100: I'd rather look at her face.
102: at your mercy. A very interesting keeper.
103: wow. When in doubt, focus on the eyes close :-)
104: ditto. These are truly intimate shots.
106: outstanding composition.
108: she has a sense of humor :-)
113: peach fuzz
114: I'll say it again: she needs to grow a bush that matches the rest of her.
115 -- dang focus! A problem in this light.
Well, I can see why you love her, Rylsky :-)
121-26: a strong argument for natural light.

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Would there be any plained Movie's , like to see one or two.

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