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Dear Mr. Rylsky! While other photographers provide nice and natural looking photos, you keep editing every single photo, that you post on MetArt.

Whatever she is, Hispanic or Brazilian, she is a fantastically wonderful and erotically sexy babe!

Still confused as to how a girl from Brazil could be called "Hispanic". Hispanic is an ethnic group from the United States...just as Afro-American is an ethnic group from the United States. If you're going to "label" the race of each model, at least get it right. Black, White, Latin, Asian...who cares. They're all spectacular.

Regardless, Astrud is one of the best models to grace the pages of MET. Deep soulful eyes and a beautiful face that angels are envious of. Sleek, taut body and legs that go on forever.

Astrud is perfection :p

Astrud is one of the best and I feel Rylski is too but this set lacked the awesome closeups that I expect from him. I put that on her not him. She has such a wonderful set of labes it is a shame she seems a bit reluctant to do the poses designed to feature it. If she would butterfly that delectable piece of real estate it would elevate this to a fantastic set. Her Dancers body is deliciously firm and tantalizing and those dancers poses are awesome but she is just a bit too conservative and that is holding her back. My favorite shot is #27 with her in silhouette posed on one foot. It highlights her physical perfection perfectly.

She is a shining, bright, and beautiful star, whose performance has established a new standard of perfection.

Her usual deliciousness + his usual crap photography = mediocre set.
Maybe next time...?

I agree with gswkJu, although, I think that the set could have been better. Astrud is worthy of the visit to the site due to her wonderful beauty.

Astrud is a fine young pristine beauty.One of the ten best girls of this
huge site in my opinion.

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