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Video Please of this girl

you are welcome

and more of her videos to come

Very pretty. She would be lovely fully shaven and without the ugly necklace.

Astrud has gorgeous long beautiful hair and I'm almost certain she goes to great lengths caring for it and it certainly shows.....The beautiful sexy stockings add so much to her sexiness in this photo shoot they are just wonderful. I personally would love to see more models wearing sox -stockings they can really accentuate those lovely legs. Bravissimo Rylsky.

Another great set, but I have to agree that it's a bit repetitive. This is one girl that Rylsky always gets right! Such a beauty!! Nice set.

And welcome, all you unsuspecting visitors, to the world of "techno-babble"...enjoy. Better yet..just look at the pretty pictures..;o)

Always the same annoyance: too many photos in portrait format.
In this set are 96 photos in portrait format and 27 in landscape format.
When will the photographers (almost all) realise that METART IS NOT A MAGAZINE???
All of us use our display screen horizontally and we don't like the black margin left & right of the pictures!

Already taken to attention, thank you.

As photo quality - MetArt is a more than Magazine. You can print most of the photos A3 format and more to place in on a wall.

yeah, but you can't use most photos for desktop wallpaper. A bit more landscape wouldn't hurt.

That said, very tasty looking young woman. There is a reason Rylsky is my favorite photographer.

Thank you for one more advice. I use it for my work, sad comments became real at MetArt only this year. It helps in communications.

It is a mystery why all the pictures ## 113 - 116 are shot in upright format. Must be hard for Rylsky to hold his camera horizontally as we use our display Screen.

Too much hair. This is supposed to be a modeling site, not a hair styling site. More and more models are "sporting" so much hair that it covers their bodies. This is annoying.

there is also a woman in those pictures! Horrible! I want to see the nice furniture!

Seriously, too much hair?

Bald women (above AND "down below")! How 30th century! However ...personally, I really like women with short, curly or straight hair - on the right facial shape, "page-boy" hairstyles are absolutely adorable - but you have to have the right facial shape to pull it off. Women with "square faces" i.e. Maria Shriver (the news commentator) or Lucy Lawless and such look bad with this style of haircut. There are more than a few here on M-A and Miledy over on E-B (formerly Met-Models) look great with it.

However, I don't think Astrud would fare so well - as a matter of fact, I think her longer hair is sometimes what makes that special "something" about her - combined with her eyes and sometimes sly smile.

You are free to say whatever you want. Let me just say something as a free person as you.

This site is not styling - true. This site is (my opinion) about all erotic things that girls have. I love girl's hair, I love hair that Astrud have and I love all the other things that she has.
I am not stylist, I am a man who in love with girls (ah, is this not a secret anymore that Rylsky is a guy? nevermind )!
BTW, many top stylists don't love girls even if they are guys:)
Different people think differently. In music, art, girls, etc. I am happy our world is full of different people and they can find whatever they want.



Astruds hair is beautifull and even erotic and I enjoy this part of her very much. It does hide other beautifull parts of her body though. Photos 93 - 96 all hide her lovely hanging breasts, surely 2 of these photos could have had her hair swept over her back to show those delicious curves.
Otherwise this is a lovely set of a gorgeous woman.

I think Astrud is one of the most beautiful girls in the world and her hair, along with everything else makes her look that way. Thanks for sharing these photos of suck a adorable woman with the rest of us. And I could care less as to what format they're shown!

I luv models with long beautiful hair!!!


Another set ruined by nylon stockings.

I would concur if she wore stockings in all pics. But since we got a couple of bare foot pics, I can't see your problem.

Astrud is a beautiful woman and Rylsky captures that again in this set. I like how you did not overly (if at all) air-brush these pictures. I would like to ask 2 questions about resolution. Does a resolution of say 12 or fewer megapixels indicate an older set shot with a camera with an older sensor? Do you keep older camera / lens combinations in service because you like the results they produce?

1. 12 or fewer indicate nothing. We have DSLRs now on a market worldwide that vary from 8 to 36+ MPix. All cameras are useable and I am not a racer in who-will-buy-more-megapixels races. People became crazy about it - phones with 12-24 megapixels? Madness.
And finally, if it was so important - then we all are winners over Helmut Newton or another famous persons who are really legends of Photographic Art but they never used Digital Photocameras. Are they losers?
2. I have multiple cameras and lenses, some are not useable for commercial erotica not because of quality, but because of specific of this genre. Viewers want to see above f/8 and f/8 is almost the same in lenses for 100USD vs. 3000USD.

Let me say, technical things in photography is 1-2% of success, trust me.

Thank you for your reply, especially the "I am not a racer in who-will-buy-more-megapixels races" and your PS.

And my thanks for your interesting questions.


Astrud 9 Rylsky 7 for being repetitive.

I love Astrud, She never fails to please.

Nice job on the photos, Beautiful color balance and lots of nice poses.

Astrud,me gustaria bailar la samba y perderme contigo en el Carnaval de Rio de Janeiro.Rilsky te ha sacado muy bonita,como siempre.10

Wow I bet she is awesome to watch doing those hot Latin dances. That sounds like a great subject for a video. Watching a woman dancing nude is so exciting. I watch you tube videos of dance all the time and long to see some of these moves done in the nude. They are also very nice in photo sets which of course is used much here at Metart. I would very much like to see some of these models do dance in their videos.

Yes, she dances like a dancing queen. And she is one of the reasons why I love Bossa Nova.


Hate your caps.

Hope you will enjoy her in a video as well. See below: "Aguas de Marco" thumbnail of a cover.

I have pretty much given up on metart videos long ago. There are a few that I like where the artist and model got it right but this is usually more a case of the models personality and natural erotic abilities. There are videos here that show the good bits, as you say but the no touch rule makes it difficult. Another thing to consider is the models feelings. There are a lot of the models that want colseups in video and some wonderful models that just won't do video. What people are unaware of is that in order for a video to be posted the model must sing off on it. So if the model is not happy with the exposure she can prevent it from being published.

I would love videos with 'natural' sound. The sound of the sets.

Instead we get cheesy music....

If model agreed to include her voice - we do use it for videos, but unfortunately Astrud didn't agree and most of girl as well. We can only respect model's choice.

Sorry I meant to say that many models are not comfortable with full exposure in videos. Girls don't always understand that guys are fascinated with that part and that we think it is beautiful.

Regarding videos - ALL videos from ALL contributors:- I hardly ever bother watching ANY videos from anyone on this site as I have found all the ones which I did bother to watch boring and uninteresting. I have probably viewed less than 20 and only about half of those did I bother seeing the video to the end as they were ALL worse than watching paint dry. When a photo-shoot and video-shoot is shot at the same time, I do not understand why the pictures show a lot more of the bits I pay to see than the video. Very frequently in videos the camera starts moving down to the better bits then quickly pans away before the more interesting bits are ever reached. Many contributers, if not all (in just about every video I bothered to look at) do this but I just do not see the point of it when the corresponding photo-shoot clearly then shows what the video purposely did not. Are there guidelines saying that there must be no video close ups and that all videos have to show a lot less than the photographs, because that is exactly the situation that exists on this site?

Tintin, at the very bottom of the home page there is a link for "Submissions". It has all the rules and guidelines for photo and video shoots. For video the most important thing is that the video tells a story. That seems to be interpreted in a lot of different ways among all the contributers. The rules about no touching and no masturbating limit what can be done in the vidoes. I wish they would make them all sexy strip tease videos, as there are no good sites out there that actually produce that kind of video. There is nothing in the rules that says they can't linger on the "better bits", and like you I find all the fast panning away quite annoying. But there are some videos that do linger...you probably just haven't come across them yet. The videos represent the one part of this site that could use the most improvement.

1. I just said that Astrud is presented NOW in video too, we wait for this about 3 years. That's all I meant
2. All you said about videos is not my question at all. I know nothing about special guidelines. I am confused you asking me. Or you asking who?

Thank you for your opinion anyway, I will take it to my attention for sure.


I Rylsky, I agree 100% with tintin, the poin is not you but
the videos in general on meet art.

There are just few that I enjoyed.
I would like to see more video like this:

I hope something will change because usually i go in free web side.

Any way I love your work.

Thank you for your additional opinion!

If you show me example of what is good video - I must say that this video of Astrud is exactly what I like. But mostly it is a site of photography. Everybody knows that if we talking about erotic site,not porn site, that it is mostly about photography. If main content on any site is videos then I bet it is masturbation vids and sex vids.
Anyway I think that MetArt (as always been) will listen to members and will try to make vids better and better but style and borders will stays the same. My goal is try to produce better videos as well.
Don't forget, MetArt Network contains many more sites with videos of World famous videographers. Check it if you have time. By the way, no limits there in what girl can do for you to please.

Thank you once again.


I agree that videos are not the main point of attention on this site and I'm happy with that. Fine erotic still photography is what I like to see here, and at it's best, that's what we get. There are thousands of sites that are explicit and often banal along with it. Here we have a celebration of female beauty with eroticism as part of that. I like seeing ALL of a fine woman's naked body, but always with the art side not far away. Rylsky gets this right more often than not.

"always with the art side not far away"

Thank you very much, I really appreciate this.
The art included in erotic feelings and erotic dreams of us is what made us humans finally thousands years ago.
IMHO. Just a thought.

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