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The hottest model ever!!

In my opinion Astrud is one of the top models on Met Art, she's just flat out beautiful. Great smile, pretty face, cute expressions, fine body.....she may be my number 2.

Excellent photography Rylsky....spasibo!

Nazdoroviye, negam!

Oiche by Rylsky

One of the few Brazilian Hispanic girls on met Art. Gorgeous body and medium firm boobs. Perfect legs and ass. Her neatly trimmed pussy is gorgeous and delicious.
Nice set by Rylsky, although I fail to understand why he kept the skirt on Oiche till the end of the set. I prefer to see the girl totally nude showing her beautiful body early enough like other sets like Presenting-Astrud, Mend, and Vertiba. Rylsky to answer

asnwers already said.
in short:
1. updates of Rylsky@MetArt is a mix of my sets made and retouched in 2006-2013 in order you'll never know. the lates sets maybe 2008 and 1 day after it is from 2013, and then it is maybe 2010....etc.
2. Erotica don't mean to be totally nude. I feel erotic mood not only in anked body. I hope you understand. And I have made sets of Astrud the way she wants it too. Sometimes nude, sometimes not fully nude. If we love women only when she is naked - we love her body only. But what is a body without personality and sensuality? Nothing. Tell me if I miss Astrud's sensuality and don't tell me when you need her as a body.

1. Rylsky@MetArt : I have been a member of Met Art, Sex Art, Met Models, Errotica, Abby Winters and many many others as early as 2005. I was not and do not care to be a member of Rylsky@MetArt.
2. If we love the body of a girl, this does not mean we ignore her personality. The female nude is the supreme beauty in the universe. What about nude art paintings and sculptures? Are they all without spirit or personality?
3. I do not want to argue with you. But to me I look at the female nude as a source of beauty.

1. Rylsky@MetArt = rylsky's sets AT metart.com
please read what I wrote, not what you think.
2. different ppl think differently. that's why i made fully nude sets and sets like this one here. if it is about art sculptures, etc - it's always qyuestion of taste, nobody have a chance to win in this discussion. winner can only kill others who think other way to win.
3. 100% agree. but not only nudes.

Astrude A. has wonderful, expressive eyes. I downloaded three facial images just to escape into her eyes in uncomfortable moments. Specifically, they are 194KB, 196KB and 201KB. Thanks Astrude A, for this photo set.

ASTRUD-Fans can find some sets with the younger Astrud in FEMJOY.COM
Modelname: ALANNIS

Fans knew where to find her. At least 3 more sites, why advertise Femjoy only?

All Hail Imperator Commodus Thumper! If you appear in public the crowd will hack down your thumb because you haven't noticed the truth. And then take it and ram it in your...

The only thing that could be better, is a video

Rylsky's post processing is slowly improving, from a completely plastic aesthetic to mere "Playboy" vanilla. That's to say his photography is somewhat formulaic and predictable but technically sound. Historically it's been the heavy handed post processing that left him lagging behind. An apparent overwhelming desire for smooth perfection as apposed to fixing minor defects.

This is a better submission, while still overly processed to the point of distraction his masterful use of the lens and chosen poses in this case have really presented a model with significant asymmetry a photo set to be proud of.

Big thanks for reviewing of my "post processing", but updates of Rylsky@MetArt is a mix of my sets made and retouched in 2006-2013 in order you'll never know. the lates sets maybe 2008 and 1 day after it is from 2013, and then it is maybe 2010....etc.

Austrud brings out her beauty from Latin America.How about a video with Austrud here in MetArt?

I am sorry, her videos are on RylskyArt only. 1 already online and at least 4 more will be in 2013-2014

Beautiful woman! Rylsky, Great photoset!

Hi MET, if it is possible to hide or dispose comments temporarily what leads to further unnecessary comments, why is it not possible to delete all comments of a member if he wishes as I requested the support some weeks before?

please use email, MA will never search in comments from gallery any technical questions.

I used e-mail but I received no answer.

the way she looks at one is so amazing. Real fantasy fuel.

Ps.: Ok. Astrud kommt aus Brasilien. Sie könnte trotzdem Victorias Tochter sein.

Astrud hat mich immer ein wenig an die junge Victoria Abril erinnert. Victoria, Astruds Landsfrau, ist eine meiner Liebligsschauspielerinnen und hat viele interessante Filme gedreht. Bitte mehr rassige Mädels von der iberischen Halbinsel!


Herkunft: Brasilien, Ethnie: Spanisch - macht nichts, die Ähnlichkeit ist auf jeden Fall vorhanden.

Astrud's beauty couldn't inspire Rylsky. Poor set.

Educate me. Which metart photographer would you recommend? Why go to such length to criticize Rylsky? Why not just folow the work of a different photographer who suits your taste? With so much to enjoy on metart, why be so unpleasant?

It seems to me that Rylsky is just trying to ply his craft and create art. Why attack him? If you like his work, great. If not, part as friends.

Neil, it is very easy now on MetArt: everytime when uu sssssseee that someone want model go to "another photographer" - Just see all comments of a member. Now I am out of here for a day or more - I want find a facebook page of Rihanna to ask her sing for me "Yakety Axe".

Sorry Rylsky, but even Rhianna would have a hard time to "sing" an 'instrumental' song...;o) (No lyrics...)


I will send her this one (Mark Knopfler+Chet Atkins performed this):

"Poverty Stricken But Still I'm A-Stickin' To The Things I Know To Be Facts

One Day It's Feathers And The Next Day Chicken While I'm Pickin' My Yakety Axe

Ev'rybody Says That I Never Will Get Far, Keepin' Out Of Work By Pickin' This Guitar

Livin' On A Shoe-String, Puttin' Off Things Like A Shave And A Hair Cut

Money Don't Matter As Long As I Scatter A Little Bit Of Happiness Around
If People Keep A Grinnin' I Figure I'm A Winnin' My Good Old Yakety Sound
City Folks Go Around Turnin' Up Their Noses And Countin' Their Greenbacks And Smellin' Their Roses
But I Wouldn't Trade My Yakety Axe, Even For A T-Bone"

Yes, If I bought CDs of Chet, Mark and Rihanna - they need to do what I want them to. It is soooo boring to play songs of own style and not give it to others. I want it all and I want it now, I paid for CDs!

It is so imaginative...
Next time I will ask Andrea Bocelli to sing something from 50cent's.


Unimaginativ, fanciless and uninspired that's exactly what this set is.
Wonderful Astrud should change the photographer.

Rylsky and Catherine are they only metart photographers who bother to respond to members' comments. They seem to be the only ones you do not like. Could it be that you just enjoy Rylsky's company? Could it be that you just enjoy writing nasty things to two artists who live and work on the other side of the world? Astrud and Ryksky have worked together for over three years and have created a huge body of work. What would possess Astrud to start working with a different photographer.

Metart boasts a large number of photographers but few produce as much work as Rylsky. Many have not released work in over a year.

You seemed to like Irina j's recent photo set by Rylsky but do not this set. Can you articulate the differences?

Deltagamma does occasionally respond to comments, but not like Catherine and Rylsky, who have many more sets here.

My opinion is that the negative comments towards Rylsky are largely undeserved. The man has his own spin-off web site, so he must be doing something right! The only benefit to seeing others provoking Rylsky is that it brings out his sense of humor in his witty responses.

The more people like you - the more people hate and envy you. It is the fact.
As example - Rylsky vs. Abcdefsky? who have more haters? yes, you know who, cause nobody knows who 2nd person is.

Be happy, she already did it.

The amazingly beautiful Latina goddess, Astrud. From, Brazil, the country known around the world as the home of beautiful women. Astrud stands alone, uniquely endowed with uncommon beauty. Asrrud carrys her beauty with such poise and grace. Her beauty is a gift which she is will to share with the world. Magnificent, Astrud, magnificent.

Astrud is one of my favorite Rylsky models. 33 is an example of why I like Astrud and how well she and Rylsky combine. Kudos to both for this pleasant visit, including the walkabout.

Sorry, why 33?

Astrud is looking down at her beautiful body, especially her lovely - wrinkled areolae. The photo is not cropped needlessly.

Dear Rylky as a female member Bagg36Pants meant image number 33 with Astrud A kneeling on the the bed slowly peeling off her top regards from Australia

Dear Rylsky as a female member Baggy36Pants meant image number 33 with Astrud A kneeling on the bed slowing peeling her shirt above her head ok regards from Australia

Thanks for describing and best wishes to our Australian members.

How do you know Baggy is female?

Dear Rylsy i'm the female member from Australia no baggy ok best wishes love your work in MetArts movies love your double exposures within them :)

Dear female member of MA, sorry if I miss something but you wrote it yourself "as a female member Baggy36Pants..." - that's what makes me think Baggy is somebody female too, but maybe I lost in translation.

Thank you for your compliments.
My dream is to visit all continents including Australia for sure.
Master of softcore-glamour photography J. Stephen Hicks said some years ago that the best location on planet for shooting erotic photos is near Australia... So let it be my dream to make it come true.

Come on Down. We'd love you to visit with all the beautiful ladies you wanta bring! Lots of great locations to shoot with the models!

She looks even sexier with her clothes on! Astrud has always been a favorite. She has such a sexy presence. Clothed or naked it makes no difference. She is just plain HOT!

Wow, there are some really mouth watering closeups of that lovely kitty not to mention some great portrait shots too. I love this girl.

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