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Madre mía, no eh podido evitar tocarme con esta garota impresionante!

Astrud is another model I joined Met for. Her body is amazing.

Ry is, of course, correct. Astrud is not the ONLY Brazilian. However in the last two years I think she is. And I just went back and reviewed his others, hands down Astrud is the best Brazilian yet on Met-Art. As always for you boo birds, that is just my opinion. But from the comments today, this time I am not alone regarding this wonderful model.

Astrud is so photogenic, time seems to come to a halt with me while I'm watching her. Her movements seem so graceful, intentional, charged with sly sensual energy. An intimate invitation to share with her... Time with her is like one of those evenings of slow kisses, butterfly touches, feeling the oncoming rush of the avalanche as a deliciously prolonged downhill run. What a wonderful set of Astrud, Rylsky. Time stopping.

Astrud is a perfect 10 and beautifully photographed by rylsky.

Maybe the Rylsky can explain how the sequence of this set got botched? It's hard for me to enjoy any set where the sequence has been screwed with. I've always thought the fault was with the site, but not sure, so would appreciate an explanation. Not that I expect it will ever be corrected... Not a bad set of pictures, despite the disjointed 'set'... Astrud is always a pleasure to see.

I miss what your question is about? why 2 locations used in 1 set? why not?
is it better to see 4 sets of same model made in 1 location to see it through the months and years?

My guess is it is not the multiple locations, that confused him but the sequence, you start on the balcony then go inside and then back out. You have read and responded to enough of rockhard's comment to know he sometimes gets confused...LOL

I see no trouble personally when girl posing inside and outside room. see what she use on a balcony - it is a part of bathroom, you know:)

Astrud is great but much more erotic unshaven.

i see erotic in her eyes from the very first time when we met. I never thought (with such smile and personality of her) we need to measure sensuality (eroticism?) by bikini zone as main, Gary. I just loved her always.

Astrud is without a doubt one of the best models. I just wish the set was worthy of her beauty, could have been better.

Astrud maybe the best model from Brazil in MetArt.

Astrud is the only model from Brazil currently on MetArt.

Astrud is not the only one


and more

There are other models from Brazil who have been published on MetArt, but Astrud is the only one that. Is still being published. No other Brazilian models have been published since 2011. Astrud is the
one and only, genuine article.

understood , thank you

Astrud is my favorite model you work with Rylsky (and you work with many of the top models).

Astrud has a gorgeous face, pretty eyes, a radiant smile, and a beautiful body.....and to top it off, she's always having fun.
I'm unable to give her a 10, but I will give her a 9.9 out of 10.
She is exceptional, an incredible woman.

By far my favorite of the day.
Excellent set, thank you Rylsky!

Thank you.

Astrud is easily one of the hottest brunettes on the planet. Her stunning smile and perfectly tone slender body are to die for. Her beautiful dark manicured bush and delicious pussy are amazingly arousing. I find the way her bush matches her lovely long brown hair incredibly sexy. This girl is a dream come true..

What a beautiful woman, and such a great derriere! Rylsky kept her very busy hopping in and out of the tub. Great perk if you live across the way. Thanks to Astrud and Rylsky.

Astrud is supremely beautiful, as always.

How can anyone give Neil's post a thumbs down???....and why???

Maybe because he said something nice about ME on another set...;o)

I've always thought that comments about the "model" only, belong on the model's 'home' page, unless they're part of a comment about the "set", but I've never tagged anyone for it. Maybe Neil's picked up a boo bird for something he said...lol

because tastes differ? or because he just stated something obvious?

hint: it was not me.

I understand people have different tastes, but why give a thumbs down when someone simply praises a woman without being sarcastic or controversial?
It's been stated many times that the models often read comments, I wonder if people take this into account?

Also, as of my post, someone even gave you 2 thumbs down's???....and all you did was state the obvious.

Yep...these and many more. You may agree completely with 'part' of a comment, and disagree wholeheartedly with another part of the same comment, but you have little choice when it comes to expressing your 'opinion' of the comment... "Up or Down" doesn't leave any room for "partial agreement"... So many comments that seem positive get a thumb down for a reason others may not recognize.

LOL Not much of a "hint"...

Astrud, you gorgeous thing, I'm still waiting to hear about our trip to Carnaval. If you're unsure about me, Rylsky can vouch for my character. I'm never less than a gentleman (mostly). Incidentally, this is a beautiful set, and the portrait shots at the end are heavenly.

P.S. Ryslky, don't let me down, man.

She is "Carnaval" for all of us even without Rio, Sailor.

So true, so true.

Thanks sailor...you inspired me to pull out my 'carnaval' music... I LOVE Sunday mornings with Carnaval!! The only thing missing here now is the astronomically delicious Astrud...The Center of My Universe...(at the moment...;o)

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