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Back to the beautiful location 'in the rain'.
One spot and the blue rain. Perfect.
Astrud is always a young goddess.
The color of his skin a little too saturated.

Astrud, my favorite Rylsky model:) Astrud is a magnificent woman, an exceptional beauty.
She's incredibly beautiful from head to toe, and IMHO she has the prettiest smile of all the Met Art models too.

Now about the "wet set".....I love it, great job Rylsky!!!

Nothing compares to the sight and smell of a beautiful woman as she steps out of the shower with freshly washed hair.
Her skin soft and smooth, with the aroma from her hair as that of fresh cut flowers, MMMMMMMMMMMM

Thanks Rylsky, very nice work.

Astrud is magnificent. I was amazed when I read her profile and found she is only 5'6" She has such presence and is so perfectly proportioned I thought she was much taller. She is a masterpiece of femininity not just because she has a great body and pretty face but because she has a personality that is sexy as hell and the ability to project an image of pure seduction. I have a feeling that this woman could charm the devil himself.

Love this model. Love this set. This set is an example of what brought me to Met Art and kept me here as a member for several years.

Astrud is totally Hot! I love her cute butt and long legs, and her beautiful face. Rylsky has captured her perfectly.

I am a huge fan of Astrud and agree her eyebrows are wonderful, as are her eyes and dark complexion and perfect, toned body.

Maestro! Can it get any better than this! Sheer perfection!

Hermosa cara! Astrud, Eres tan hermosa cuando eres está extendiendo tus piernas y eres sonriendo! Oh, sí! Veo tu bastante, mariposa de color rosa! Astrud, Gracias para extendiendo tus labios! ¡Gracias!

While I am far from thrilled by shower sets and water sets in general, I do gotta admit I like to see a gorgeous woman rock a tank top as an ultra-minidress... ( :
Astrud can definitely pull off that look!

Astrud does have great eyes. Her eyebrows naturally draw me to those eyes.

Ry, yesterday was fun. And again today you bring another of YOUR beauties. For almost two ears now he has as far as we know only been shot by you. I see you use her on your site also. The powers to be must love your work as much as the rest of us. How many this week alone, is it. Any way another thing about you, with the water set you use it tells me you have your own studio, that alone supports my assumption about your business ability and experience. By the way earlier tonight my, of age, Grandson read our string/thread from yesterday and impressed by it. He did have a question neither I nor with a call to his Aunt, my PHD daughter who has spent time in your part of the world, how to pronounce your name in English. Neither of us had any idea. About civility here. I finally figured out what a "butterfly" was and it is a much "nicer" word than some of our cruder posters use. It was a great shot.

BTW, I am sooooooooo impressed how members here on MetArt using tags for Кндылню They know me so close even so intimate? Look (for your neverending happiness) who am I from member's point of view!

..........awesome body, bare feet, barefoot, beautiful feet, ..... gorgeous, gorgeous feet, great smile, hairy, hairy armpits, inviting pussy, lickable feet, nice ass, nice feet, open labia, open pussy, perfect breasts, perfect feet, perfect pussy, pretty, pretty feet, sexy armpits, sexy feet, ... wet

OH YEAH, thank you members, but please don't tell us how did you know all this about Rylsky!

they don't!!!

you have no idea (ask grandson) how to pronounce "swplf2" in English and you will loose your breath trying to pronounce this in Russian or Vietnamese. Try it, but take care that doctor is near.

Just my guess, Reelskee-ee....or similar?

I know a little Russian (very little).

very close

Ironically the first this my daughter said to us was that without seeing it in Cryllic she wouldn't even try. According to you she was absolutely correct.

You are also correct swplf is unpronounceable (No vowel). Actually it is a acronym for what MY grandparents called me.

It's use predates here. It was my nom de plume when I started writing short stories.

I disclosed here after your hilarious comment a day or two ago that my real last name was POPE. If we could "change" our screen name, which according to Deltagamma we can't. (That's ONE of the reasons he gave for getting in trouble yesterday!) I would make it "the Pope!" I doubt it would get me anymore respect.

It might earn a visit from the vice squad.

Damn Rylsky, you have written some good rants before, but this one is EPIC.
( ;

our members are epic team who wrote all this about poor little Rylsky.


"using tags for Кндылню" = using tags for Rylsky.

Emily Bloom pronounced "Rylsky" correct. Soon we will see Taissia's video on RylskyArt - I am sure it will be correct as well.

Or you can use technology of our century:
type in RUSSIAN : Рыльский
click on icon of "speaker". it will be correct.

Thank you for the news that we will soon have a talking video of Taissia. The is wonderful news.

For almost two ears now he has as far as we know only been shot by you. Correction = For almost two years now, SHE has, as far as we know, only been shot by you.

I believe Emily Bloom pronounces it properly in a video on Rylsky Art. My EARS are not good enough to capture the nuances.

May I suggest, if you have a Russian Orthodox church near your home, visit it and ask the preist. He will probably be happy to help with Russian pronunciation. You may also discover information about up coming feastivals and craft fairs. Ethnic Russian food cooked by first or second generation American women is among the best cuisine in the western hemisphere.

...don't forget to explain to the priest that the name belongs to an erotic photographer. LOL
Make his day, give him a soul to save. ( ;


Also it was for Ukraininan writer in XX century, read wiki

No, priest will say it 2 ways. I already find that incorrect pronounce was used in en.wikipedia

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that I personally like all of Rylsky's wet studio shoots like this and the wetter the better. So I am very happy to see that the supremely beautiful Astrud has agreed to do this shoot. Astrud is so very beautiful, so very seductive and so very very sensual. Astrud is one of the most brilliant stars in the Rylskyart galaxy and reigns as one of the most supreme goddesses in Rylsky's pantheon.

Brilliantly stated.

Not usually a fan of water sets but this one works quite well. Probably because it's Astrud but I like the vivid blue drops against the black bacground. Yes Astrud has a delightful butterfly!

look how she worked with water in previous sets. We made so much because of her, of course. These eyes will never lie to you...
portraits in the final part of set

Thank you, I had not reviewed that set because I really don't like water sets but yes she is very creative in "fierce"

same with Caesaria: she always played this kinda sets very well and different

A lovely wet set. Love the butterfly in #93.

Yes! It's a pretty, little butterfly!

Astrud, you are a beautiful delight, even if you won't go to Carnaval with me. Keep turning out lovely sets like this, and I'll probably forgive you. (Nonsense, a woman with a smile like yours can do no wrong.) xoxo

Sailor, sometimes I think whenever Ry post one of "his" girls you fall in love again. Of his regulars, is their anyone of them you DON'T lust after. Yo quote Astrud "Be Happy!"

When you're not with the girl you love…

Truth to tell, I am in love with any woman beautiful enough to command my full attention at the moment—that is, make me temporarily forget other women. That includes a sizable percentage of Rylsky's roster. Some of his models—e.g. Virginia Sun, Nikia, Candy Rose, Feeona at al—inhabit a space right next to the Idea of the Beautiful. (Plato would understand.)

All of this, of course, is based on the fact that I'm horny most of the time.

I was starting to lose the plot before the last line. All this talk of Plato.... anyway what's the relevance of Disney's daft dog?

Astrud however and Sailors last line make so much sense. She is mind bogglingly (?) pretty.

Sailor, I've been in the same boat since my teens... always had multiple crushes on multiple women. Before I figured out who and what I am it caused me much misery, but now that I understand what makes me tick I can accept it and be happy with it. ( :
Women are wonderful, plain and simple... and if you can look at a beautiful, smart, charming woman and NOT fall in love with her, there's something ~ missing ~ in you!

Absolutely!!!!! I love them all, even the ones I don't like.

first is Sailor's comment about water set...
100% logic.

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