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  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

1 -- Astrud, I'd rather your you-know-what were grown out, but that's a cute picture -- you're lookin' fine :-)
2 -- I didn't know you were a mother! My goodness, you keep your shape well! :-))))
Fantastic background, btw.
4, 5 -- she is indeed a good-looking gal... :-)
6 -- a couple of kitties... 7 -- purrfectly content :-)
8 -- shows off Astrud's beauty...
9 -- it's great to have an assistant, isn't it, Rylsky? (to help with big fat lenses :-)
10 -- very very nice.
11 -- another side of Astrud -- sort of in-between a teenager and a mature woman....with beautiful skin.
12 -- she'd give Penelope Cruz a run for her money... :-) Now thatz how you use a portrait lens :-)
13 -- then you switch to your 35? Very nice use of the "killer combo" :-)
When you give them something interesting to look at they lose their self-consciousness...
14 -- honey, you should let your eyebrows go a little wild as well...you're going further than is necessary with the trimming.
You're a trim-aholic! :-) a condition that needs treating! :-)
15 -- the inner edges of your eyebrows are cut too sharp -- would be softer natural...
Sorry, Astrud! I know it's an aesthetic question, and we have differing tastes....but I really think you'd be more beautiful more natural :-)
16 -- that said, sexy fun :-) 17 -- excellent :-)
21 -- the blue cools the sultry Latina nicely... :-) I like the lenses! :-)
22 -- very suggestive. Shot in a hospital with exceptional nurses :-?
23, 24 -- quite sensual...
25-30 -- would be so much more satisfying with a full bush.
31 -- can't be a hospital with that ashtray in there! :-)
32 -- the patient (is going to get better :-)
33 -- fear not, sweetie -- I see life in your eyes! :-)
35 -- too late to grow a real bush? Maybe not :-)
36 -- probably :-(
Sorry to see girls permanently disfigured in the name of "beauty." Like with navel-piercings and pubic electrolysis.
But what you gonna do now (that you made a fateful choice)?
Too much "filler" here.
38 -- too smooth.
45 -- Astrud's hairy chest :-) Thank god she doesn't wax it! :-)
46 -- pretty complexion... :-)
47, 48 -- reminiscent of u-no-who :-) 49 -- also nice.
51 -- who's the smoker in this room? Not Astrud! :-)
52 -- cute! 53 -- love the slightly annoyed look!
54 -- pretty hot for a chick with a downsized bush and an extra belly button :-)
55 -- lovely exposure. 57 -- no monkey business! :-) 59 -- excellent...
60 -- also cool :-) 64 -- kinda hard not to like her impish smile :-)
65 -- wary chick lookin' for neighbors :-)
74, 76 -- saucy brunette :-) 87-9 - she's got a secret :-? Very nice.
112 -- statuesque. 120 -- cute! (and nice and sharp :-)

Golly, this set started like gangbusters and captivated till about 2/3 through, when it started getting routine and boring. I sympathize -- you're expected to provide 120 images or so. Using shots from different sessions -- a necessary evil?

Who cares who took the pics or what the set's like; It's Astrud and she IS drop-dead gorgous; a monkey could take pics of her and I'd save them all.

As others have already stated this isn't much of a "set"....but it is Astrud and she always looks fabulous.
She's been a near top favorite of mine since the first day I saw a photo of her.

If Rylsky/Met Art supplied us with a new set (a true set or not) of Astrud every week I'd never complain.

As always it's not possible to get really good photos of Astrud in landscape format - because of Rylsky's lacking learning-aptitude and stubbornness

Would be fine to see beautiful Astrud in photos shot by Leonardo like we've got them yesterday (Anna AJ)! Rylsky should look at this set, read the comments and learn!

Astrud 10/10.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Most of the best shots here are in portrait format, but see 13, 15, 17, 23, 31, 40, 59 for some good shots in landscape format.
Think you might want to apply that criticism of Rylsky to yourself as well.
I'm looking at the new Anna AJ set and wondering what is so great about it. Will get back to you if I have more to say. I find a lot of highly-rated sets here that to me are grossly overrated by people who apparently don't know better. I'm guessing it's because they like the model, and want to support her at any cost... :-)

One of my favorite models, yet this is one of the most boring sets.


Astrud is a beauty, that face alone can melt your heart.....

Astrud is totally lovely, a salute to Brazillian girls. Astrud is a Brazillian name,there is a large German population who came there after WWII.I wish we had more model portraits like shot #13, Astrud has such a lovely face.Also, like many of Rylsky's models she waxes the undercarriage and trims the pelvic area, thus looking like a grown woman. I never understood women wanting to look like babies, I do understand wanting to be neat and sexy.She is, of course perfectly posed against perfect settings. I gave Astrud and Rylsky both 10+++.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

They'd look more like grown women if they didn't wax the undercarriage and trim the pelvic area :-)
But I guess they're afraid of totally growing up! :-)

Astrud is totally lovely, a salute to Brazillian girls. Astrud is a Brazillian name,there is a large German population who came there after WWII.I wish we had more model portraits like shot #13, Astrud has such a lovely face.Also, like many of Rylsky's models she waxes the undercarriage and trims the pelvic area, thus looking like a grown woman. I never understood women wanting to look like babies, I do understand wanting to be neat and sexy.She is, of course perfectly posed against perfect settings. I gave Astrud and Rylsky both 10+++.

Ok, by reading most of the comments I know that mine will not be received well. I do believe that Astrud is by far one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. However, I do not agree with you about her sets at Met-Art. I am not a fan of a set where the majority of them are partial body shots. I would love to see at least every other photo be full body poses. Astrud should be completely admired, not partially!

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:

What a great photoset. I love it. It is almost like we get a chance to sneak a peek at Astrud's day off or vacation. I wonder who is playing footsie with her in photos 2 and 3. And who can resist the photos with the cat? I love the outdoors shots. Of course, Astrud is supremely beautiful and incredibly sexy. Just a wonderfully entertaining set. Great job to both Astrud and Rylsky.

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:

It is Caesaria playing footsie with Astrud in photos 2 and 3. Check out her photoset "Spectacular" published in March of 2010. She is wearing the same red dress while posing on the same blue upholstery. The same white calico cat is there too. Sometimes I hate having a good memory and too much time on my hands.

Learn your pussies Neil...this is not a 'calico'. Sometimes I hate correcting people, but cats are my passion...;o) And this one is a beauty!! This set is just a mess! Met must be cleaning out their stash...

The set is fantastic. Excellent variety superb pictures.

  • Neil
  • 7 months ago:

Sorry about my feline nomenclature, but I agree with you that it seems MetArt is cleaning out its closet. I like the individual photos of Astrud. But the set seems to be quite old, certainly as old as Caesaria's set. Four to five years.

No apology necessary Neil, it's a common mistake. I agree that some 'individual' pics are good here, but find it hard to believe that this was submitted as a "set". It seems very....disjointed(?)...lol Your timeframe looks about right though...

Rylsky has been specializing in what I would call, for lack of a better or more appealing sounding term, "mashups" for awhile, both here and on RylskyArt.
I think he is very very picky about which pictures he will publish, so he picks somewhere between 20 - 50 pictures from a given shoot, and then combines those 20 - 50 with 20 - 50 from another shoot. Lately I notice he's been piecing together 3 shoots sometimes.
It just seems to be the way his sets are evolving. Personally, it doesn't bother me much, because it gives us a more nuanced picture of the model. More of her personality can come through from multiple shoots.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

What I want to see is him and MA have the courage to publish "date shot." No more BS and convenient excuses -- there is no reason you cannot at least tell us the year, if not more.
It borders on unethical not to.

"Unethical" ?
That's taking things just a little beyond "too serious" IMO... ( :

"Taking things just a little beyond" is Dougs specialty...;o)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

We go the extra mile here :-)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I'm puttin' the pressure on (again :-)

What I think is unethical is to not tell us the real reason why date (or at least year) shot is not revealed, when we ask.

"Ethics"??? On a porn site!? LMAO!

Also, see below.

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

I think that if the real reason were revealed, it would reveal there's no good reason not to reveal date (or at least year) shot :-)
As I've said before, I think the season (at least) could be revealed too, without harm (except to somebody's ego, maybe :-)
Now, how would we know they weren't BS-ing us on that?
We already can tell with detective work more or less when many sets were shot. So if they didn't tell us the truth, eventually that would redound on them in a bad way.

Read my lips Doug.... "They don't care!"...

They won't tell us the year any set was shot because they hold some for years before posting them and they want us to think they are all "fresh". ;o)

  • Doug
  • 7 months ago:

Yeah, but I think more and more people are catching on, or will, to new sets actually being old. Some photogs here are up front about it -- some evade if not deceive. And that I think is at least borderline unethical, porn biz or not. I haven't asked management here directly about dates shot or other "proprietary" questions, so I don't know how they would handle them.
I'd made the case that their site would be a heckuva lot more interesting if date (season, year) shot were made known. Just as any photo is more interesting when we know when it was taken.

I enjoyed this set very much.
Astrud you are a Gem and you sparkle in so many ways.
Your smile warms me on a very cold morning here.
Well done My Dear!


Last Month when Astrud appeared was a day to remember for the comment section. At last count 72 comments. They were all over the place on many topics. Both Pro & Con about Ry. Actually very little about Astrud, herself. Today it is almost as if Ry, while still refusing to join us in the comments, is playing games with this set. It is all over the place. From showing us Asrud's four legged pussy on page one, to B/W shots dropped in at random. Casual shoots mixed with classic Ry posing. Some almost portrait head shots, some explicit, (Beautiful wings spread butterfly sequence.) Ending with Coffee/or tea. Thus a little bit of everything, Ry does. It will be interesting to see what today brings in comments.

Astrud is exceptionally beautiful in this set. There are portraits of her face that could easily launch a few thousand ships, and her smile is heavenly. This may be my favorite of all her sets. 10 easy. But, a note to Rylsky re image 7: that is NOT the kind of pussy we mean!

Astrud is always exceptionally beautiful but I agree I like this mix a lot. I love that slightly lopsided smile that says so many things in such endearing ways. When it comes to butterflies they don't get much better than that.

Speak for yourself, I thought it was PURR-Fect! Later he gives you the perfect spread lips you love, so patience. By the way did the new storm hit you in PA. I wonder how many catty comments we will get... Pass the brandy I better go to bed...

The new storm went through yesterday, Cars semi-buried. Seen worse. I'll feel less annoyed about it after I'm finished shoveling. Hope you were't hit too hard—again. Cheers.

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