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Great open bottom shot at the end of the set, to show off her very likable tasty looking chocolate Anus, Thanks to all involved, LBL

Astrud's greatest assets completely wasted in a very pedestrian set.

Merely somewhat pedestrian. Though nicely shown, our model's feet are probably not the main focus here.

Astrud is incredible. Of all the amazing beautys on Met she might be my favorite. Her athletic body is phenomenal and drives me wild. I love the way her beautiful brown eyes match her long brown hair and perfect brown bush. So sexy. and her ass is the best. Love this girl!!!!!!

I believe some effort will transform this photographic offering. I will arrange and transcribe till its true form be heard as "Melody for Mammary Merriment: -Magwich's first variation on a theme by Rylsky".

By retaining the salacious (31), the sublime (70), or the subtle (23); less will be more. I will prune a twig here. I will prune a twig there. Thus causing a bloom as beautiful as the love for an orange.

So the Romance of Russia still triumphs.

Apologies for the error in the title of the above-mentioned musical opus. It should have read: Magwich's "Melody for Mammary Merriment, Variation on a Theme by Rylsky-OnAndOff". (Many of these images are "on" and a few are "off".)
Also, there was no intent to impugn our photographer artist. Such talent merits three oranges, at least.

Incredible body ! Her feet drive me crazy !

Now I am certain I need A Piano!

Would consideration ever be given to skateboarding on that floor? Never! And never should keys of upright, baby grand, or grand piano be stepped on, sat upon, or stood on. Can the music the keys be not heard? "Don't tread on me......"

Empty prop or not, reverence is due to all who contributed to this; one of man's greatest creations.

I have that painting.

LOL Me too...

I envy you to the end of the world. I have admired that master work since first I laid my unworthy eyes upon it. Your comment gives me a small hope, having despaired that I could seek for myself such a treasure. Can such truly exist twice? Such simplicity so elegantly framed by glorious gold!

...not twice, but, upon this evidence, thrice!

All the photos of Astrud in her cute lingerie are beautiful. I love #31, like a celebrity "nip slip" that was caught on camera. I also have become very jealous of that piano!
Great photo set of a very lovely model.

Astrud's a beautiful girl alright, but to me it looks like all the praise that's been heaped on her has gone to her head. Too many shots here show a facial expression of arrogance and disdain... Maybe it's just me, but that's just what I see. And with all these "piano sets" lately, the Tchaikovsky International Competition must be approaching...?

After going through this set again I can see your point.
I wonder if Astrud is simply tired??? It's possible this was the last photo shoot she posed for the day this was shot and she was physically exhausted???

I bring this up because her smile seems to "say" one thing and her eyes another, in many of these photos.
We'll never know....we don't know how old this set is (it could have been shot well before many of her previous sets).

Since she's always smiling and having fun in her other sets, I will give her the benefit of doubt.

must have run out of paint, toes look real.

the nails, too

Heaven on Earth!

It only stands to reason that Astrud would do a photoshoot in this elegant room. By my count this the 23rd set presented in this location. So many of Rylsky's most beautiful models have done shoots in this beautiful room. Of course Astrud had to join this trend. And today is Ash Wednesday, carnival ended yesterday so it is time to have a visit with our Brazilian beauty. Astrud gives us an excellent piano recital, performing a wonderful concerto with a samba twist. I see that the piano is new. It is not the same one seen in previous sets.

Bravo Rylsky. This is another magnificent set. Astrud, you are beautiful.

The are many good attributes with this setting. I may despair, however, if the pineapple topped crocodile continues to inhabit the scene. Even here, I think I see it lurking in the back of the initial imagery. Pineappogators have started to haunt my dreams. Will I need to petition a court or official for injucntion? Surely a less vicious sofa would suffice.

Yes, Those chairs with the pineapple or pine cones on the top do not seem to belong in that majestic room, but Rylsky did not put them there. He has to use whatever is available.

May our photographer artist avail himself of a large sheet.

It seems to be a very large room. Rylsky has made many great sets with those chairs out of sight. Check out Taini's set Hypnos. Or if you subscribe to RylskyArt, check out Kei in Icy....or Orabelle in Kulta Ja and the tour de force Concerto with the beautiful Nikia. You can go back in time and find two sets done by Francine in that room here on MetArt. Almost all of the sets done in this room turns out great.

Model or photographer = instant download for me.

I must agree, Astrud is high on my list of the classiest models.

A lovely and elegant room for an elegant woman. This is the perfect setting for Astrud and I love the cute outfit at the beginning. It's always better to start with clothes and let us enjoy the suspense of waiting for the clothes to come off. Astrud in a white mans shirt and white cotton panties would be a dream set for me.

We are doubly lucky today be cause Rylsky's set today on RA is the lovely Kira in one of her best sets ever.

Bravo! Rylsky!

I must query... What does a "white man's" shirt look like?? ;o)

I agree hipshot 131, it's best if the model starts out dressed. To me it seems more "real"....admiring her as she undresses and slowly reveals all that she is.

I second your request for the set in a man's shirt and white panties!
I know, you're shocked... LOL

Not at all, I think that is a pretty universally sexy outfit and it would really look good on her.

The ever cute and smiling Astrud. IMO, one of Met Art's top models.
While this is not my favorite set of her, anything with Astrud is automatically good.

Astrud is beautiful, the photography is great....10/10!

Thanks Rylsky!

I absolutely adore her slightly asymmetrical smile. ( :
Like Emily Bloom's slightly malformed dentition, it is the charming minor flaw that proves that even a gorgeous beauty is a human, just like the rest of us who aren't gifted with such eye catching beauty.

This is finely stated just the way it is. I suppose you may have said -like emily's dentition, it is the charm that proves....., but we know what you mean.

Magwich has some experience here. The significant but adorable space between his two front teeth help inspire the occasional pickup attempt.

Alas, to the misery of Magwich, the attempts are always by those of an unshared persuasion. ): More than once has there been a search for a long discarded wedding band to convey what is wished to be obvious.

I don't consider these "things" a flaw....I prefer to say it is what makes each girl unique.
Have you ever seen a photo of a symmetrical face (one displaying a mirror image of both sides)?....the person looks very odd....robot like, not human.

I personally find a "lazy" eyelid, quirky smile, etc. to often be the "feature" that makes a person really attractive.

I recently met a young woman who is attractive (but not overly beautiful/gorgeous) who I found to be extremely adorable....simply by the way she rolled her eyes and used facial expressions to show humor.....and I must admit, it made her the prettiest woman in the room. I kept returning to talk to her just to see her adorable mannerisms again and again.

"Flaw" was a poor choice of words, in that it carries pejorative freight, which is absolutely not what I was trying to convey.
I totally agree with you that these are points of uniqueness. Points that are both charming and endearing and turn a woman who otherwise would be quite pretty into a woman who is downright gorgeous.

Yes, the imperfect perfection. That one small imperfection which makes her more than a Barbie doll.

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