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WHAT I'M LOVIN: Astrud as the bringer of facial fantasticness and bodily bodaciousness!!! Lots of views of her amazing legs, beautiful bum and other regions of wonder! Glistening ... And perhaps most of all, #77 As much as I enjoyed the numerous great images of Astrud's fabulous sittin' place and other wonders, this image of her countenance just melts me.

MY PREFERENCES: Commentators who do their homework before they strike.

this woman is perfect!!!

With all my comments gone,I will just say I gave Astrud and Rylsky 10++++ each.I might add that Astrud has e totally hot movei on RA where she doesn't forget fun as well as hotness

I loved this set because I had the sense that I was up close to Astrud's body with all the close ups and partial body images. I just kept thinking I was kissing every inch of her!!!! Well a Dutchman can dream, can't he?

This might be a biased statement, but so be it. I think Astrud is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Really like all the facials from #73 to 89 and the last three. Also the 4 photos of her beautiful butt. Personally I liked the little red slip, it went very nice with her perfectly painted red toe nails. Her hair was also done to perfection. I can never get too much of Astrud. This photo set is very nice, as are her others. Just always wondered, since she is Brazilian, does she travel to Rylsky or does Rylsky travel to Brazil??? Or did Astrud relocate?
I'm also glad to see that Rylsky set hipshot straight about the tattoo. I'll never understand why several viewers get so upset about tats anyway. They're just another form of "art" but on a human canvas, right?

I'll never understand why several viewers get so upset about tats anyway. They're just another form of "art" but on a human canvas, right?
IMO, this is personal. Our body is our own territory.
The problem here is that you paid for membership and you get photos, girl and you're the referee. You get bonus: you can vote for girl with 1 single click.
You're lucky that girl didn't vote for you. The only exclusion is yearly "voted best member's comment by models opinion" - it is contest we had on RylskyArt yearly.
No secret anymore - the prize is free subscription.



Just always wondered, since she is Brazilian, does she travel to Rylsky or does Rylsky travel to Brazil??? Or did Astrud relocate?
it was answered many times, including answered on MA:

7 months ago:

Your Opinion:

world have no borders anymore, people can move to any country and live there long time. and as example father is from Norway, mother- from Ukraine, daughter live and educate in USA or Russian University... So what must be written in her bio if she modeling during her education ?

the main in your comment was "Need to know ". let us all know why you Need to know it ???

Sunday, September 1st, 2013"

I think we need FAQ here

I think so too. And have the models write it, you can translate for those who don't know English,I don't know Ukranian,Russian,Spanish, Portugese, etc. so I'm just declaring ignorance.

the Language Of Beauty is something that we always accept as International, i think so.

Astrud is a beautiful woman indeed!

More accurately they're a form of self expression, "brought to life by an artist". So I suppose you could call it an "art form".

The reason I get upset is that I don't consider it art at all. I consider it defacing natures creation. With a beautiful creation such as Astrud man has no hope of enhancing this work of art by adding what he/she considers "art"

You're shootin' from the hip hipshot, and not very accurately.
It's foolish to suggest that an act of self expression is no more than "some man's" attempt to create art. You seem to have very little experience, if any, with people that have tats and/or the reasons they get them...

My experience with tats and the people that get them is limited to my two children. They both terrorized their Mother and I with threats to get tats when they lived in our house. My response was "if you get god awful, visible in everyday situations tats; I will get FUCK YOU on my knuckles"

That worked so long as they lived under our roof with free food, education, and all the trimmings ~ ~ ~ (whew).

When they moved out and paid their own way rather than living on their parents bank; things rightly changed.

My son now has a series of images from a favorite fantasy book collection that stretches across his back from shoulder to shoulder (took I don't know how many sessions and dollars to do and he returned to me daily for a week or so to rub on antiseptic cream each time. I smoke and he made me wear rubber gloves when I did my job - pimp). At least it is hidden under his shirt and didn't screw up any job applications or generate any customer comments / complaints.

Even my straight arrow daughter got a toonie sized red maple leaf 20 years after leaving home. At least is is on the nape of her neck and hidden by her hair.

My summary: I'm grateful that our children respected our wishes when they were getting a free ride. Now that they are on their own, it is their choice(s) to tat or not. At least they have the common sense to realize that their tats are liable to cause controversy in their chosen careers and satisfied their "needs" in a sensible way.

I'm afraid I'm not. I spent 14 yrs in the military two years in combat zones and I have seen just about every form of Tat you could imagine male and female and heard just about every excuse or explanation. I assume you are decorated or you wouldn't be defending it. Over 60% of people who have had tats for any period of time wish they had never done it and I am very glad I never partook of the enumerable opportunities I had to do so.

Oh thank heavens I'm an exception to that statistic! I've had my tat for 22 years now and my only wish is that I had enough money to a) get it touched up and b) get another two that I've had in mind almost that entire time... and there are a few more piercings I want too. ( :
Incidentally, I consider my tat(s) and piercings to be expressions of my deepest values. I don't take them lightly; I believe that nobody should get a tattoo that they haven't been planning carefully and deliberately for at least a year. Most piercings are an exception to that because one can always take the jewelry out.

I'm with hipshot on this one.

Other than to defeat the definition of 'nude', what was the purpose of the silly, distracting, irritating belly-band?

It adds to her feminine sexiness. Astrud certainly doesn't need it but it was a nice touch which attracts me to her even more.

Remarkable woman. Beautiful EVERYTHING. Ever notice her eyebrows? Just perfect.

I love her eyebrows....and pretty much everything else about her.

What a "horrendous" set name! Certainly not reflective of either Astrud or Rylsky's contributions.


Astrud is always movie star beautiful. I love her mesmerizing Latina features. Perfect.

Always lovely, confident, and the consummate pro. The lovely hair, big dark eyes, exquisite body and lots of style. Before you comment on the red sash not being removed remember Astrud has a small Tat in that area which remains out of sight throughout the set. Definitely not accidental. 8^) As usual this set is impeccable and I would expect no less from this bewitching beauty.

tat??? tattoo??? no, she has none.

I guess I was thinking of someone else. I could swear she had a small ferret on her pelvis. Now I have to go find who that is. My apologies to the fair and beautiful Astrud.

I think its Melena that has the ferret.

Hopefully you inspired her... ;o)

.....inspired her to never even consider a tattoo :))

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