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Astrud looks familiar, maybe some different website perhaps? She has a pretty, face, smile, legs, derriere, and body. She looks very good to me.

Beautiful girl. I usually find pool shoots a bit boring, but this young woman riveted my attention. Very lovely. Where do you get the references? #123 #165 etc. ?

Hide comments ... :)

I stopped looking at "outdoor pool" sets... Nothing "erotic" here.

You are free to stop looking at whatever you don't feel you like. We all have many likes and dislikes and no set can satisfy everyone. But I must differ with you on this. I find this set very erotic and not because of any fetish for water or whatever but because I feel Astrud is one of the sexiest women here. The set is not what counts. That is merely decoration. The important thing is the model and the way she communicates with you through the camera. If you limit yourself to only a certain type of set you are cheating only yourself. As long as the model spends most of the set out of the water I am a happy camper!

Actually the important thing is that each of us has his own opinion... Do our opinions always have to be challenged by someone that has a differing opinion? Are we all going to turn into doug eventually??

Sorry if you felt my comment was a challenge. It was not meant to be. When I said the set was not important In meant setting/location. Our own reaction to it is what is important to each of us. It is a very personal thing. As you say we do not have to agree and as for Doug--- He will never change his ways and he will never get me to think his way just as I will never get him to think my way. I think we are all too sensitive at times.

maybe my own turn-on will never be a pool with naked goddess, maybe I hate water because I swim very bad. it's always personal, once we made sex in a forest and if it was with insect sucking your blood from the ass - I'll hate forest photosets forever because my ass will remember this as worst minute in a lifetime

Maybe you are more than a bit sensitive about criticism after all...??? I only give my opinion...not final judgement ;o)

OMG, where do you see my response as for criticism. i only said that maybe something that we dislike based on our experience. NO offense, just a thought in FUNNY* way

*funny became boring or stupid after describing what was funny.

1. this is "indoor pool" set
2. is it also "nothing erotic"? link below:


Reminds me of walking through an art gallery with the artwork scattered across the walls - only this time they're all Astrud!

Stopped me in my tracks when I got to #68 though. Never realized Astrud had those very cute freckles across her nose until now. Was way too busy staring deeply into those big, brown bedroom eyes. Really nice head shots in this series.

One thing I missed was the classic "wet hair whip" shot. Maybe a couple of tries there but not quite. Maybe next time?

Thanks for the nice work - and thanks to Astrud.

Please to excuse my mistake..."indoor pool" it is! Still not erotic...;o)

Two girls together not erotic also...

Two girls together not erotic also...
final verdict. understood.
i think you'll change your mind after video footage of this photoset will be online on RA.

Rylsky, would it be rude to ask approximately when that video will be posted? I've been awaiting it eagerly ~ and kinda patiently ~ since the photoset... ( :

I just answered on RA, copy here: July 2014 on RA

Thanks, Rylsky, I appreciate the information. ( :

#123 is my favorite- with her cute little nose all crinkled up, she's just adorable!

She certainly IS! No arguing THAT point!!

If I could choose any girl, It would definitely be Astrud A. Her beauty is not just on the exterior, but comes from her soul.

Photoshopping is offensive.

she s wonderful, fascinating. I love her. She s the top. My everything, I'm serious.

Astrud is an incredible beauty, and Rylsky has used directional light and shadow to bring it out. I haven't seen shots like this since Voronin did Mixos with Jenya D. Caravaggio must be cheering in his grave, wherever it is.(He died in the swamps of Italy, no-one seems to know if his guards bothered to bury him)This is so beautiful that Astrud(ladies first,and child-like Met members) and Rylsky both get 10+infinity.

P.S. I don't see any airbrushing in shot 59. Astrud is one of those smart girls who wax the undercsrriage and only shave the pelvic area. It advoids a lot of the nasty razor accidents that send young women to the hospital every year according to the CDC

I really like collaborations between Astrud and Rylsky.

Astrud is so beautiful she makes my heart ache. Beautiful photos of one of the most beautiful models that I have had the privilege to look at. Astrud is the woman that lights up my life.
Can't say enough about her...

Shots 63 and 64 remind me of the "drinking problem" jokes in the movie "Airplane."


In every pose, Astrud holds herself with such dignity and confidence... one gets the impression she is very aware of just how gorgeous she is. ( :

....and when she breaks out that killer smile... ka-POW!

Astrud certainly does have a KILLER smile:-))

"My baby shot me down"

Astrud is one classy lady! There is not a thing that upsets the balance. Those standing poses are a spectacular show of her lovely firm body. Her legs & butt are absolutely mind boggling and her hair, breasts and overall body tone are top drawer all the way. I love those classic poses on her toes that show off the perfect lines of that superb body. This is a body that was made to be admired and is always perfectly groomed and immaculate. The Greek sculptors would have fought over the rights to carve her in stone for the ages. Luckily we have Rylsky to immortalize this Brazilian goddess for us so we don't have to wait years while they work the marble. I don't think I could ever tire of Astrud. She is our only South American lady but Brazil should be proud of this lovely dream.

Astrud is magnificent! A masterpiece set of images of this gorgeous woman.
Ever since she came onto the scene several years ago she has been one of my top models.....and looking at these photos it is apparent that Astrud has been taking great care of that fabulous body she was blessed with.

Many thanks to both Astrud and Rylsky for bringing such a beautiful sight into my life on this Friday morning.


Astrud has the most peaceful,beautiful face,so relaxed and natural.Looking at her is like listening to Bing Crosby. She enjoys the moment and transfers that to the lucky viewer.

Yikes!! You MUST be 100 yrs old!! LOL

looking at her is like listening to Bing Crosby.
it is mostly A.C.Jobim's Joao Gilberto's and bossa-nova. Music for sunny people even when it is sad as "Desafinado" or "How Insensitive" .

Thank heavens she's far prettier than Bing Crosby. ( ;

"for whom how":)))
tastes differs

Well, for that matter, she also happens to be far prettier than me. :D

nobody knows it. no way to measure what "pretty" is for everybody. Ah, yes, history lessons... somebody tried many times to kill those who disagree what "perfect and one and only", Religion as simplest example: "believe in MY God, or die". Simple, but not working for a long time.

On "pretty" ~ don't worry, I was being facetious. ( :
On religion: I totally concur. I should specify: those religions that claim that they and only they are right and every other way of life is wrong, for everyone.

["nobody knows it, no way to measure what "pretty" is for everyone]

Very true Rylsky.....but certainly Astrud is "pretty" to the vast majority of men (and women) worldwide.

She is GORGEOUS!!! You are one very fortunate man to be able to photograph such an incredibly beautiful woman as Astrud.

You have photographed many beautiful women, but in my opinion, no one is finer than the glorious Astrud:-)

I thank you for this fabulous set of photos:-)

Thank you.

Have a great weekend for all!

In image #106, does anyone else think Astrud resembles Marisa Tomei a little?

I always though Marisa Tomei had a gorgeous smile and I think most of would agree that Astrud surely does too:-))

Objectively, I must agree. Subjectively, I find myself trusting fer_realz judgement on the matter.

Make that two of us Magwich:-)

You two are VERY wise. ( ;

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