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no photoshop pliz

Absolutely unbeatable: ## 92 and 93!
Best poses ever!

In front of the gold and white background each pose well balanced - a precious piece of art.

I love the full frontal standing shots, #29, #30. #32. #29 adorns my
special collection!

I always love Astrud's sets she is perfect in every way.I just hope she doesn't have to climb the security fence,dash across the tarmac,and hide in the wheelwell of the trans-atlantic jet From Brazil to Europe.Some models will do anything to get a good photographer.In this case, I gave a 10+infinity to Astrud and the same to Rylsky

I just went through this set again searching for a favorite shot but it is futile! I don't think Astrud has a bad angle and each and every shot is mesmerizing. I love the standing shots of her amazingly perfect back and rear that would make any sculptor dream of capturing it for eternity. That splendid doorway has never been more elegantly adorned even though it has seen many beauties before it. #33, 34, for the perfect rear and 68 for the stunning visual impact of those eyes her warm Latin beauty.

I admit I have a soft spot for Hispanic women, all of them I've known are so sexy, and then there are those brown eyes! Astrud is a favorite here, and then to be captured by Rylsky and you couldn't go wrong.

I agree she does not have a bad angle, and I certainly appreciate all the standing poses we have in this set.

I was thinking the same thing hipshot.
I can't recall ever seeing a "bad" photo of Astrud (even where she models under different names).
Her smile is both beautiful and unique.....and her body is incredibly toned.
She's been a favorite of mine from the first day I saw a photo of her and she hasn't disappointed me since.

And those other names?

Hey hipsot, Astrud has been modeling for a while and there are photos of her on several different sites (sites in competition with Met Art).
I don't believe it would be proper to name these sites, or even give Astrud's aliases.
I would imagine you could find these aliases (and sites with these photos) by doing a google search on "Met Art model Astrud A".
I haven't been a member of any other site for a while now, but I remember at least one of these "competing sites" had multiple sets of Astrud under a different name.

Good luck if you decide to research this, it should be rather easy.

Phrases like breathtaking and jaw dropping get thrown around pretty loosely. There is a reason those terms exist. When I look at Atrud, I really do involuntarily gasp. Just perfect.

VERY beautiful woman, indeed. Her body expresses an "easy grace" -- quite comfortable with her own allure.

As an aside -- in these days and times it is a bit uncomfortable to actually see a troop convoy on the move. It saddens me.

I spent many a day/night sitting on the Czech border looking through field glasses at another human being staring back at me through his field glasses.

FOOLISHLY -- I had hoped we were done with all that.

Thank you, Rylsky -- for a moment of beauty.

Thank you for this comment, I appreciate it

Peace, Brother.

I am really pray daily for the peace

Juuuuust as I'm thinking to myself that there seem to be an awful lot of shots by the traffic sign, here comes the payoff (shot #25). Well done! Well done indeed.

...a nice shot indeed, sometimes it pays off to be in the right place at the right time. ( :

It only stands to reason that Astrud would visit the majestic white and gold room. So many of Rylsky's very best models have adorned this magnificent room. Astrud is supremely beautiful, with her gorgeous latina features and absolutely perfect body. She is in that very elite sorority of models who have worked exclusively with Rylsky to produce a large body of wonderful erotic photography. I liked the photos on the street with the convoy of military vehicles passing by. As a veteran, I am sure the soldiers appreciated seeing Astrud.

Sure soldiers enjoyed the show... evidence?


From what I can see, it appears they are looking at the camera man instead of Astrud.....why???

camera and Astrud was on the one optical "line"

I wasn't trying to be rude Rylsky....it was just my observation when I look the eyes of the soldiers in the photo you mentioned.

I apologize if my comment did come off as being rude.

Don't be modest Rylsky. I am sure you have a very impressive camera. :)

got me again! yes, during this shoot I was werad in rainbow print t-shirt and pink bikini was on my body too... my high heels was 5 inches high... nothing else was on me. I had long red hair on my head and it was brilliant smoky eyes makeup on me + macho's stylish red beard... Soldiers was just in love with me, yeaaah

Amazing! :)

Now that is the Rylsky sense of humor you are famous for! :))

What soldier would not enjoy a look at such beauty? Especially coming home from a long field exorcise! This would make any young or old soldier eager to get home.

Astrud...MMMMM...Astrud. That smile:)), I like Astrud:))

Astrud shows her warmth and smile, but also a regal side. As usual, I cannot help but be impressed.

Bet you got a ton of cat calls from those truck loads of troops going by!

Astrud never fails to start my motor purring and starting out outside with some great up-skirt shots is perfect. I love this woman. Lovely, bright and happy. Always a smile and a downright fantastic body. Those big brown eyes and that 1000w smile are real winners but that body is powerful beyond fantasy. Those legs, that awesome heart shaped butt, those cute breasts and those abbs! a perfect 6 pack with just enough softness to make her a vision of perfection. I could look at her all day!

Thanks Astrud for taking such good care of that magnificent body and Rylsky for bringing her to us.

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