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Love her smile....I don't recall ever seeing a bad photo of Astrud (or under any of her other aliases either).

Love the "I'm bored ... let's do something different." look in frame #1.

I have to agree.

In my opinion, the hair are not the best thing of Astrud.

Gaetano maria .... yeah I like bald women too

Not quite sure of your underlying meaning but Astrud's hair/hairstyle is an integral part of her "package." Sometimes, it frames her face perfectly, sometimes it's used to partially obscure a shoulder or breast to provide a more 'tantalizing" hint at something more. Much like Zelda's quintessential "bangs", Astrud's hair IS part of the whole package that is Astrud. This is another one of a few women whose head-and-shoulder shots I could look at all day long.

Wanna test? Try to say she is not perfect...

Please open links and say your advices to HER when you look into her eyes:


"really? am I not perfect?"


Perfect is in the eyes of the beholder. Personally I think this hair style and the way it gets tossed in this set is perfect. It really brings out her Latin heritage and an almost virginal feel. Is there a best part of Astrud? I would say the whole package is the "best" part. With her all the parts blend and interact to produce a vision that is beyond description or rating. I will say however that the hair and the way it frames her face and enhances that playful smile and sparkling brown eyes is one of her best parts and I hope she never changes it!

I am thinking that maybe gaetano agrees with your general assessment and is meaning to say he wants to see more than her lovely tresses.

More polite like, than "MORE FEET, LESS HAIR!!" Or, "NEVER USE A BOW LIKE THAT AGAIN!!", (just as example)

I must mention that this is nice variety of facial expressions very well captured: The 50 Star Smiles of Astrud.

"really? am I not perfect?"
You are perfect like a dream.

Astrud is one of my favorite models.
For his doe eyes and her smile that enchants.
I think wonderful her curls and perfect her breasts.
I am not a fetishist nor hair nor of the breast.
For this reason, I notice when one of her beauties is emphasized more the others.
If Astrud had been a 'melon' girl would have emphasized her breasts, and then, I would have said: "In my opinion, the breast are not the best thing of Astrud."

with great sympathy. gm

#119 does it for me- What a smile!

Astrud is one of my favorite models, but I am disappointed by the boring poses and composition of the shots used. So much opportunity to show off her beauty and athletic body wasted.

Wonderful model but just average poses.

Great comment! We will ask trainers from Cirque du Soleil how to pose to make you happy.

thank you.

It would help your reputation if you took criticism a little better...;o) It's all "opinion"! Why upset with an opinion?


BTW, please choose:

1. good boy who always accept anything from everybody. but you don't care what pictures he can create with his camera...
2. dirty drunk bastard who answer F*** words to all people around him, but you love his pictures.

let me bet that when we love what guy created for us (to hear, to see , to taste, to smell) - we never care was he nice or not, SIR.

opinion on WHAT? i need microscope here to find anything useful.

Exquisite! I had the impression the photographer took his time with this little beauty. I know I would have!

It's clear now that you're absolute "right kind of guy", sir.

As beauty matures so does reluctance in willingness to reveal the baser sexualities? - Is that it Astrud? Rylsky? Fortunately, there are previous sets with more exposure of these pleasures. However, these only pics guys! A little less inhibitedness please! After all, fantasies are of many varieties! That is are true purpose here!

Astrud is, of course, displaying her qualifications to be a major Model on both Rylsky Art and Met-Art. Face check, smile check, figure check, trim check, petals check, I think she's in! I gave Rylsky and Astrud a 10++++

Astrud is ridiculously gorgeous in so many ways. She has such a lovely mouth. I love it when she touches her lips.

A woman who smolders with sensuality until her incandescent smile bursts your heart into full flame... who would not be touched by passionate desire at the sight of the seductive Astrud? ( :

Encore ! What beauty !

Astrud has always been one of my favorite models on MetArt.

She is just lovely with an incredible body and an absolutely beautiful smile.

Love the shots from behind.

Yum Yum.

Love the shots from behind too and also her lovely pussy ....

The incredibly beautiful Astrud at her very best. Perfect!

Astrud is the best model on met art .Australia has voted.

Australia played soccer in Brazil better than Russia. Russia and Brazil "has voted".


with a face as exquisite as Astruds it makes your job very easy,you capture a real beautiful girl but importantly a beautiful spirit ,talk about Helen of Troy.

Astrud is as gorgeous as always. I love this Brazilian beauty! Those big brown eyes that lovely smile and a simply fantastic body. Smooth as a babies bottom with delightfully pink and full labia and when she spreads them into that tasty looking butterfly I cannot resist the desire to taste her sweet nectar. Astrud has a personality that is so endearing. Warm, real and sweet.

Another great set from the team Rylsky and Astrud at least a 12 or 13 :o)

Far too many shots with hair obscuring her lovely breasts, its lovely hair but we want to see her breasts

"We"??? You must have a friend with you... ;o)

Woulds't that thou would cut off her offending hair? How about #6 & #11? Hack off the offending arms and call her the Second Coming of Venus de Milo?

Well aren't YOU the smartass!! I like you!!! You're funny!!! ;o)

Patience little grasshopper. All good things come to those who wait.

Actually that's not always true... I've waited my entire life for Astrud, and she hasn't shown up yet...:o( I have to be happy with her pictures! ;o)

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