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Astrud is beautiful!! :-)

Now THIS is a proper "water set"...;o) Very creative! Well done!
Astrud is maturing in a stellar manner! "Super Star" would not be inappropriate. Good stuff R! ;o)

Astrud = GODDESS !

I think Astrud is undoubtedly one of the beauties of met-art. She has probably honed her modeling skills in Brazil,a country the has produced many famous models. I had to give her and Rylsky a 10++++

Astrud and Lily on the same day is almost too much.

Near perfection I would say.

I am struck by Astrud!

What a delightful set with a beautiful model. Well Done!

Undeniably one of the sexiest girls on Met. Fantastic body with a set of the greatest legs shown off in grand style. Fantastic job to both Rylsky and Astrud!


#s 45 & 46 La Belle au bois dormant - would that it were that I have it within my power to awaken such a sleeping princess ...

thank you




#81 and 82 might be the best bum shots on this entire site. Certainly in the top echelon, anyway. Wow.


Astrud definitely has a great bum and those two views of it are, indeed, very nice. I would say she is definitely eligible for inclusion in Magwich's ORPP!

And Rylsky included three more views from behind of Astrud's superb butt cheeks, for our perusal.

Practically begs to call out "Bite me, please!" doesn't it?

In the absence of further objection (and there better hadn't be any), I think Recognition will no doubt be forthcoming at the next meeting.

What a wonderful day! 4 beautiful models in 4 nice sets.

You can't lose with Astrud, Our only Brazilian model and a natural wonder for all of us. I love this girl, her eyes, her smile, the beautiful dark hair all conspire to send a message of knowing sexy confidence that is irresistible. Her Russian/Brazilian heritage is a rare the wonderful combination and her fiery personality makes my heart pound. I am so glad that Astrud models for Rylsky often

I can, indeed, lose. I can be at loss of speech. I can lose a few beats of the heart, or the whole thing altogether. As for money, well, she is welcome to bring me to ruin.

Well said, sir.
A set like this leaves me with a certain... longing... that it were possible to know a young woman who lives on the other side of the planet... ( :

Another beautiful and captivating set from Astrud.

The incomparably lovely Astrud has seldom looked better. Congratulations to both Rylsky and Astrud on an amazingly magnetic set. In every photo, I wanted to open up my computer screen so I could dive in and be with Astrud. ( :

A tip of my hat to Mr Rylsky.A splendid set.Astrud is breathtaking as always.I liked very much the background.It adds more sweetness to the already sweet Brazillian beauty.Also the lighting is very good.

The Seller

I wonder did the Mona Lisa have such a lovely ass as Astrud...

oh happy day,this must be met art heaven with astrud and lily on the same day!Astud has a stunning yummy body but her face is magic she would not look out of place in the louvre next to the Mona Lisa the same half smile,those lovely knowing eyes with a hint of mystery.She is fascinating,I'm in love.

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