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Excellent set

Augusta is more than gorgeous. her boobies are amazing. her body is stunning.

good work Rylsky

augusta you are awesome keep on making beautiful pictures

Hello Rylsky

Keep your this style.Your model choice best...


As a fan of both the artist and model in this series i find nothing that appeals as different or unique here. At this time the rating is 8,31 with 232 votes counted. This is a fair reflection that this is just-another-set, and no geat leap forward. I know it is too much to expect great art erotica in every set, but not unreasonable to expect it of these two.

How do these people get so upset and critical when there is a beautiful naked woman in front of them? Calm down, or get a DSLR and try to get a gorgeous woman to take her clothes off and let you photograph her... in different settings every week. Just enjoy it.

Delicately delicious.

Augusta Crystal always looks good. I like the water pictures, but with colored lighting against a dark background, and maybe a beat up old table or chair. Many people think these are repetitive, but I do not. Buy varying the light and how it hits the model, you can bring out many aspects of the model and her personality. Just ask Caravaggio or Orson Welles. However I think in one respect I'm not too sure of this shoot, I get the feeling Augusta Crystal is carrying it instead of working with it. She has to looks and skill to do so, but I can't tell if that was Mr Rylsky's intent. Maybe that's me

Fix the leak in the roof or get the bar stools out of the shower ...oh and give that girl a meal ...

I am pretty sure those are shower stools? And that lovely woman eats plenty, just not at McDonalds! :)

One of the prettiest faces and best bodies in Rylsky's portfolio. I'm not crazy about this set, but then I'm not "crazy" either, as some here seem to be... It's impossible to please 'all' the people, anytime!

Hello Rilsky:

When are you planning to do some genuine,original, fresh piece of work?It´s
not fair to classify al the negative posts as useless.Don´t you really think this set is in the filler category?Don´t you realize that the same
old formula with the same old model and the wáter repeated a million times is something worthless to pay for?Would you like to login as a member,to watch such a boooring thing again?
You have a chore of worshippers.Don´t listen.They don´t seem to Know what
tey are looking for

The seller

well, feel free to describe useful moments of this comment ("useless").
and I am always feel that negative is different vs. useful CRITIQUE.
Imagine somebody enter some ballroom for waltz dancers ceremony in sportswear and baseball cap. You can say:
1. You are idiot (bastard, crazy asshole)
2. Please change your wear and welcome. I can describe what wear is welcome here.

feel the difference.
it cannot be useful when 1st.

Beautiful girl!!!

Excellent work! Beautiful model (I love that girl), great setting - I enjoy indoors much more than outdoors sets. Photo 47 is very sexy!

congratulations, Rylsky!

I wish you could do a photo shooting with Katy or Candy A - one of MA models. They have Agusta's body type. That would be awesome



thank you for your compliments, Marcello.

I think model can choose who she wanted to work with, if I have a chance and model want it and was already presented at Met-Art - then why not if we both have time for шею
KATY D or CANDY A was never in contact with me.

But I hope that I worked with many gorgeous models already. BTW, did you ever count them? Do you think i have not enough beauties in my models list? Shame on me...

lol I discover new ones often... The list must be endless.

"шею" = "it"
sorry for Cyrillic typo

Hello again Rylsky, I meant to also ask you if you are planning to release any more photo sessions with the beautiful model Michaela A ?

She along with Paloma B are two of my all-time favorite models that you have photographed so well in the past and I would very much like to see some more sets of them.

Michaela A's appearance seemed to change with each of your photo sessions and all were very erotic and stimulating.

I would very much like to see more of her soon.


PALOMA+MICHAELA... I think I understood finally...
blonds with brown eyes and some "Asian (eastern)" addition in their look...
I bet you liked also CAESARIA, MARINA C...

Oh, my. Marina C, one of my all-time favorites. Now you've got me thinking about her again...

Not me, Zakk! It's her everlasting beauty.
I miss her as model too. And I just happy that I can talk to her, see her in her real life but not make photosessions unfortunately.

Both Caesaria and Marina C are 10s! I do like Palome B and Michael A the most. Paloma's set with the red scarf is one of the all time tops on MA.

I will have to check into your website again. I belonged last year for a short time. If Michael has some new sets on there I will be there as well!

Take care. What a life you live my friend! :)

1st set of Michaela on RylskyArt - in September'2013
Next set of Paloma - planned in September as well.

Sure we will not update any Michael on RylskyArt. Girls only.

Michaela will be on RylskyArt for sure. Not sure about MA.

Hello Rylsky,

I for one really enjoy and appreciate viewing your sets on MetArt. Your erotic poses and original ideas are appreciated and enjoyed. Not all are 100% perfect, but then what is?

One of my favorite erotic poses you do so well is the pose where the model is standing over your camera and it gives me as the viewer the sense of being right there. It is erotic to me to view the lovely model's vagina with her abdomen and thighs framing such a lovely part of the model's body.

Keep up the excellent work and realize as you do that far more MetArt subscribers appreciate your work than the few who are so critical of your work without posting an intelligent reason for their displeasure.

Thank you, I feel members support daily, but I never thought everybody loves my work, it's impossible.

конечно :)

Rylsky brings us photo-sets of many beautiful ladies and Augusta is certainly one of them. The set appears to be an older one and both he and August worked well back then too. Thank you both.

Typical Rylsky bullshit!

well, another useless comment

Not necessarily, Rylsky --

I MUCH prefer your "dry" work.

And -- looking back at your material -- it seems a bit repetitive.

You are welcome to post a link here of ANY photographer who is not repetitive or LESS repetitive vs. Rylsky.

I am serious, no sarcasm.
In work questions I do prefer facts, not words, its my weakness.

While all that may be true dread, and I agree in part, the fact remains that a comment like "typical rylsky bullshit" is not very constructive, and adds nothing to any reasonable or civilized discussion of the merits of this set...it's just a decenter's "opinion" that might have been expressed a bit more politely. Or in other words, it's "useless"... lol I have to agree with him on that...;o)

I must confess that i personally like any and all of Rylsky wet studio shoots. In fact they are one of the reasons why I joined RylskyArt and later MetArt. So I am decidedly bias. I would have perfered more water, much more water. As for Augusta, well I think she is wonderful, I love her tall, slender body and cute and charming face. She has exquisitely beautiful blue eyes. So, great job Augusta Crystal good set.

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