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  • bobr
  • 8 months ago:

This set is tragically underrated.

Augusta Crystal is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Dear Mr. Rylsky!
Please take a look at the very first photo. It is pale and faded like it was made 50 years ago. All others look same. Would you please explain your photographer's philosophy - why do you produce looking-pale-and-faded photos?

In addition to the body, this girl has the face that should be featured as Anna Karenina or Lara in Dr Zhivago.

I agree that if this is her first nude modeling, that explains why she is looking a bit stiff or over-posed in some shots. But she is absolutely gorgeous, she will relax and with Rylsky's great photography, we have a lot to look forward to!

Спасибо to Augusta and Rylsky!

Uh no... just no. Everyone can be as polite as they like, but unfortunate asymmetry exaggerated by the photogs choice of angles leads to poor results.

Just not good.

the first page alone is so full of win.

and then the wtf moment:

she looks so small and petite - and is 175cm (aka the perfect height) tall. O.O

But seriously image 8 and 9. So cute.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the most arrogant blond of them all.
Well it's me, Augusta looking into my crystal ball and seeing what my future holds for me. Let's see, Headlopper looking at me, Corvette and mini skirt. Driving Augusta around, where do we go ? A Russian corvette you could drive around all night long. The arrogant Russian blond on the two lane road of life. Headlopper a advocate for détente between the arrogant Det. Headlopper and the arrogant Russian blond. Mirror, mirror on the wall, what do I do ? My crystal ball is fogged up, I can't see my future to clearly. Is it laughter or anger or both. This Headlopper is making me confused. I'm a student of the world of confusion. I'm sexy, I'm woman, wait, Headlopper thinks I'm a Russian corvette, A car ??
When was the last time Augusta (Russian Corvette) Crystal had her car serviced. Now what's he talking about, me or my sports car or both ??
Maybe we need to take both into the shop and tune them up, change the oil in both of them. The Headlopper Advocate of fine Russian Corvettes
is available to service you All Night Long dear, the real car will have to wait until the shop opens up in the morming.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, now my crystal ball is really screwed up.
Headlopper running around in my crystal ball now.
Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Maybe I need to have that Headlopper refection in the mirror with my beautiful reflection too.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, I need some help with my crystal ball.

emm, what are you trying to say?

it is perhaps more sad that we could not understand you if you were to say it in Russian. I find both your English and your photography very good and in Augusta Crystal you also have a very good model. It hardly matters that this was her first set does it?

As I said, it was her first ever made erotic nude set.

the first set is dated 05 07 2009 ?

Beauty, gracefulness, and a natural charm -- she is underrated.

Excellent photography, as always with Rylsky.

Augusta Crystal is totally herself. The more a woman knows about herself,the more mature she is in other words, the more beautiful she is in my opinion. Augusta got her good looks from her parents. Her beauty is what she has done, mentally and emotionally.

Lovely pink clam.

It shows a bit shy a little cheeky nice and quiet.
A set almost schoolgirl fresh and enjoyable.

Augusta is a slender, beautiful young woman. Imho she is slender and beautiful enough that she could very easily transition to being a fashion model. In 9 her face reminds me so much of Koika. Does anyone see a facial resemblance between Augusta and Koika?

No, not Augusta muist be sister of K.
Look at Yelle's face. It is more convenient and more like they are from 1 family.

Thanks for your reply. One thing is certain; all three are very attractive.

A brilliant set with a beautiful glowing girl. It shines.Like it

The seller

Model: perfect. Photo setting: perfect. One word to describe this work: perfection.


Augusta Crystal, beautiful tall blonde woman, with a magnificent slender feminine figure. Such beautiful long blonde hair. Lovely, charming eyes and bright, warm and inviting smile. Such a wonderfully captivating young woman. Augusta's biography profile states that she is a student but will become an "advocate." I wonder if she means she will be an attorney or lawyer. A very nice set of photos of this remarkably attractive lady. Great work, both Rylsky and Miss Augusta Crystal. Warm regards Augusta, and best wishes for much happiness.

I think you will be interested to know it was our first work and it was her first erotic set ever made, Neil.

If this was Augusta's very first time nude before your camera, she is clearly a natural and very talented erotic model. Good for her. But that would mean that this set is several years old. And I find that troubling to me.

I understand that once the photo is taken, it becomes the property of the photographer and is a commodity that can be stored, sold or traded, just like barrels of oil or precious medals. It is understandable but it is a harsh reality. I would perfer to believe that you and the beautiful young lady made the photoset yesterday and gave it to MetArt for free so that they could post it just for me. If the illusion is nicer than the truth, believe the illusion.

I agree completely. She has a great personality and is a natural in front of a camera if this was her first time posing.

Oh, yeah....and she's a beautiful woman too! She has a great body and gorgeous blue eyes.

Good comment Neil.

Neil is always so thoughtful in word. Rylsky has said he is his favorite commenter. I would assume that is both here and at RA.

Neil said he joined MA after RA. that's why I knew him earlier than MA commentators saw his first comment. And I said that Neil voted as best commentator of the year by my models opinion. I think I have no rights to said taht I have my fav commentator, it would be not fair at all. All I can say that I am proud to be in one club with this Gentleman. I really appreciate his attention to our work and his respectful and very wise way of building his comments.

Sad I can't describe it in Russian here, my English cannot display what I tried to say all about it.

Rylsky, your English is very good.
I believe everyone who reads your response understands your appreciation of Neil and the respect he always displays.

Neil IS a gentleman....You sir, are a true gentleman too.

Oh my goodness. Thank you for the very nice compliments. It is very kind of you. I do not know what to say. But I believe writing nice comments lets me feel better about myself. Rylsky is a gentleman and his remarkable young women are ladies. I enjoy being in the wonderful world they have created. The most beautiful place in the world is where Rylsky's talent meets the natural youthful beauty of a young woman who wants to be a model.

Neil, I was a member of Met Art years ago (well before the message board) but I have read through many comments and I agree with Rylsky that you are always respectful of the model (I would guess this is why the models on RA voted for you). I look for your comments (and a few others) when I enter this forum.

I've also read many of Rylsky's comments and I admire that he demands respect for the woman he photographs. He puts their safety before anything else. I've even read a comment in which he defended a model who was photographed by another photographer.

This is why I consider both of you true gentlemen.

Thank you.

You are welcome Neil.

Thank you.

Augusta is a tall delicious sexpot, no two ways about it—beautiful face, beautiful feet, beautiful everything in between. She's today's second discovery for me, and I'm delighted. By the way, gorgeous, I'd love to see you in a mini skirt and high heels.

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